Sunday, December 8, 2019

What's on top? The Los Angeles Winter.

Lobster and Cat by Pablo Piccaso
My cat, Jeh Pan (Trial) stood up, hunched his head over the green bucket and looked down at the black water. He reminded me of a Turkish gypsy looking for love. She gazes into her brewed tea, desperately hoping answers will surface for her in the tea leaves.

What was Jeh Pan looking for in that water? What questions could a cat even have?

Jeh Pan pawed at the dark water in the bright green bucket, pressed his nose into it, and then licked and tasted the dark water. After deciding whether he liked the taste or not, he excitedly came to me and sat between my legs and watched me siphon off the dirty aquarium water into the bucket.

I haven't changed the fish tank water in awhile, and by the looks of it, it was time. For some reason, my cat tends becomes fascinated when I clean the aquarium. He wants to bond with me during this time. I still don't understand his thrill with aquarium water changes.

It was a lazy Sunday. And I woke up with a refreshing and amazing deep sleep. I ran 7 miles yesterday out on the streets. Friday, it was the same. I usually run in the hills, but with all the rain that's been pouring, I decided against it, because rain makes mud, and mud destroys shoes.

I know. My last pair of boots were destroyed in the mud. It's because of the suction created by the mud and the force of lifting your foot out of it. That's what you call real wear and tear.

I have a new pair of running shoes too; so, the last thing I wanted to do was destroy my new running shoes. Perhaps, when they get older, I'll worry about them less.

I needed a long run. I was reading a book about the children of alcoholics yesterday. The testimonies were powerful but disturbing and sad.

For instance, I read the story of a bulimic, who turned into an anorexic, who turned into a kleptomaniac. She married an abusive man, who cheated on her and blamed it on her weight. Every time he did, she purged. This in turn led her to be 6 feet tall and 105 pounds. Her teeth were dissolving from her stomach acid, which she spit out. She was killing herself to feel loved.

It only confirms my theory that the children of addict parents are cursed. They either become addicts themselves or co-addicts.

Not a happy read; so, forcing myself out to run, in the rain and cold and night was grueling. But I called on that Korean discipline inside of me and just started running. I remember how many times my Korean judo instructor, a woman, would tell me: "Did you know, I had to swim in ice water at 6AM to start practice? So I don't ever want to hear you complain about practice." Oh, she was tough. Real tough.

Today, outside, it was dark and cloudy and rainy. I enjoyed watching the water spray against my window. The tiny drops reminded me of beads of crystal translucent pearls glued to glass. I was at peace to hear and see the pitter and patter of the rapping rain against my window. It sounded to me like a soft drum roll.

Earlier in the week, I sparred. It didn't go well. My opponent, someone significantly taller and heavier, hit me too many times in the head. He was 30 pounds heavier than me.

I picked it up in the second round, as I wasn't expecting him to be so aggressive in the first. My coach was much happier with my performance then, as my focus concentrated and I changed tact and strategy and landed a number of body shots and a hook. Nonetheless, I should've landed more punches and harder ones at that.

I was disappointed in myself. Inside my chest, I felt a burning shame for not doing as well as I could've. Even though the people who saw the matches were my friends, I still felt the pain of a bad performance watched. I analyzed what went wrong and decided I didn't have enough experience in the ring. There were too many factors that I didn't encounter enough of.

But that's life. You can't win them all. I told myself that the experience could only be salvaged, if I had learned something from it all.

And guess what? I was back the next day at the gym, to work on those lessons without pride or motivation.

The next day, my head paid the price too, with a headache. And to make things worse, my car transmission had failed.

I had work to do too. The work never stops.

In any event, I managed to get through the week. The mechanic loaned me another car. Before that, this week involved a lot of walking.

But even with my failed car, I was touched and grateful that each day I had a ride from someone at the gym. That was very kind of the people who made the extra effort for me.

On the news front, this weekend the Tribune wrote a story on the First Amendment lawsuit, regarding hanging a banner of him as a jackass. I was quoted in the article. I said: "This lawsuit is about protecting the people’s democratic right to openly and freely criticize our elected officials without censorship".

The phrase: "people's democratic right" reminded me of North Korea's official name. (Incidentally, my mother is North Korean.) The official name of North Korea is the People's Democratic Republic of Korea. Ironically, there's nothing people or democratic or republic about that place.

Finally, besides working on litigation, I've been reading a lot. In the last 10 days, I've probably gone through 9 books. Four left to go. My current topics are on addiction, substance abuse, recovery, and tea. I've quit coffee; so, I'm drinking tea instead now.

What have I learned from all this reading? My insight and conclusion on all addictions is this. The root cause of all addiction is pain, shame and guilt. The root solution of all addiction is being forgiven and forgiving others. The latter statement is important, because I haven't seen this proposed in anything I read. I propose that forgiveness is the remedy for addiction.

(I haven't read this directly, but this is what I conclude. Probably at some point, I can write an article about it - but like most of my innovative papers - the current establishment will probably disagree.)

Regarding tea, I find jasmine tea to be beautiful. I also enjoy oolong but need more experience to learn more about her.

Soon, I'll have a whole series of new topics I'll learn about. And that's always exciting.

Well; that's it for now. Tomorrow is new day and the beginning of a new week. Apparently, it'll be sunny tomorrow and that's always a good thing in my book. Perhaps tomorrow morning, I'll find Jeh Pan walking in circles in the dining room. I'll pick him up and squeeze him. He'll meow. And my mom will hear it and scold me, saying, "Stop squeezing the cat."

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Baldwin Park City Attorney, Robert Nacionales-Tafoya, Sanctioned $36,037.54; Potential Bar Discipline May Follow

City Attorney for Baldwin Park and General Counsel for
West Valley Water, Robert Tafoya aka Robert Nacionales-Tafoya,
(c) Los Angeles Times
On October 2, 2017 - the Los Angeles Superior Court sanctioned Robert Nacionales-Tafoya - attorney at law - $36,037.54 for filing a false disability lawsuit for plaintiff Lorena Cabrera against the defendant, Popchips, Inc. The court found that Tafoya hired a doctor with an ex-felony conviction to testify about the plaintiff's disability. The problem was that the doctor never actually examined the plaintiff himself. How can an attorney like this continue to practice law?

Not only was the trial court shocked by the doctor's contrived testimony, the court found that the lawsuit was completely "concocted" and sanctioned the plaintiff and attorney Tafoya $36,037.54. On September 11, 2019 -The Court of Appeal affirmed the sanctions with its opinion.

On October 28, 2019 - Tafoya filed a late petition with the California Supreme Court. On October 29, 2019 - the Court denied Tafoya's excuse for filing late and refused to review his petition. Now, Tafoya and the plaintiff are on the hook for $36,037.54. Also, Tafoya may be subject to bar discipline.

Currently, Tafoya acts as a government attorney for the City of Baldwin park and the West Valley WaterBoard. For the former, he's a contracted city attorney. For the latter, he's general counsel.

According to the court sanction documents, Tafoya and the plaintiff pursued the case to trial, even though they didn't have the facts to support a jury verdict. Their strategy was to prolong litigation, marshaling "scorched earth tactics". In short, even though Tafoya didn't have a case, he was hoping that the defendant would settle with them, because he was driving up the legal fees for the other side.

The defendant, Popchips, decided not to settle and proceed to trial. At the second day of trial, without any explanation, Tafoya left at lunch and never returned. Another attorney, who didn't have sufficient knowledge of the case, had to proceed. At trial, the defendants prevailed.

The Court of Appeal agreed with the trial court. It stated, The plaintiff's "first cause of action for disability discrimination was frivolous because she did not have a disability." It also affirmed that the disability "was completely concocted." The court noted that Dr. Woodward, the "defrocked" doctor who testified at trial . . . never examined" the plaintiff.

This isn't the first time that Tafoya has abused his position as an attorney to defraud the courts and taxpayers. Tafoya's law firm submitted questionable billing at the Central Water Basin. Tafoya defendant an alleged rapist and serial sexual predator. After losing at trial, he cost his client $7.3 million. In a case against my client, Tafoya misrepresented my signature.

Currently, Tafoya is being sued personally in a whistleblower lawsuit. According to the San Bernardino Sun, Tafoya awarded "lucrative" contracts to his friends.

Also, "Tafoya’s law firm, Tafoya & Garcia LLP, paid for certain board members to travel to Mexico, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Miami; arranged and paid for NFL games, golf and expensive meals; made campaign contributions to Taylor and Crowther, and hosted a fundraiser  for Crowther at the Los Angeles Athletic Club."

Finally, in exchange for alleged corrupt acts and nepotism, the Kaufman Law Firm gave "Tafoya lavish trips, event tickets, expensive meals and other gifts and payments, paid for Taylor, Tafoya and Crowther to attend a football game,".

Tafoya may be facing bar disciplinary action. This is because state law and the attorney's code of ethics requires Tafoya to self-report his sanctions within 30 days. (Bus. & Prof. Code, § 6068(o)(3)). Given the way he operates and Tafoya's history, this most likely did not have happen.

Also, the law prohibits the filing of a frivolous lawsuit. (Bus. & Prof. Code, § 6068(c) and California Bar Rule 3.1).

This type of egregious conducts carried out by licensed attorneys require discipline for three reasons. One, filing of false claims wastes the court's resources. Think about the judge and jury time and defense counsel's time and work all wasted on this case. Two, the courts cannot mete out justice or fair decisions with deceit and dishonesty being admitted regularly. Three, the public loses trust in the justice system and instead turns to vigilantism.

For all the above reasons, no wonder why there's lawyer jokes that go like this. What’s the difference between a vacuum cleaner and a lawyer riding a motorcycle? The vacuum cleaner has the dirt bag on the inside.

*Lawzilla first broke this story.

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Baldwin Park Sued for Fining Activist $12,400 for Hanging Jackass Banner of Council Member Ricardo Pacheco

Anti-Corruption Pacheco Banner
On November 18, 2019 - Plaintiffs, Baldwin Park Free Speech Coalition and Robert Elhers - filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Baldwin Park, because the City fined Elhers $12,400 for hanging a jackass sign of Baldwin Park Council Member Ricardo Pacheco - accusing him of being corrupt, a liar, a bully, and an abuser. First and foremost, the complaint alleges that the City's law is attempting to control Free Speech, by retaliating against those who would criticize the city's politicians. Second, the complaint alleges that the City has violated Due Process by blocking Elhers from a fair chance to make his case on why his banner is not violating the law. Third, the complaint alleges that the City is excessively fining Elhers $12,400 - which is grossly disproportionate to the alleged crime of hanging a banner.

For these reasons, a court order (called an injunction) will be sought against the City's sign law again. This is the third Free Speech lawsuit in federal court against the City. In the second lawsuit, also involving Ricardo Pacheco, the federal court declare Baldwin Park's sign law illegal, not just once, but twice.

On or around March 17, 2019 - Elhers hung the anti-Pacheco banner on his commercial property. Elhers felt compelled to do so, after a jury found that Pacheco had sexually and racially discriminated against the former police chief - Lili Hadsell - costing the City around $9 million, which is unprecedented in the City's history. (This includes damages and attorney's fees.)

The allegations of Pacheco's corruption continues. Around June 18, 2019 - Ricardo Pacheco was accused of directly or indirectly charging his water board credit card at strip clubs.

On or around November 8, 2019, it appears, as a result, that Pacheco was suspended and pushed out from his job as assistant general manager at the West Valley Water Board. The Board paid him for three months of suspension and six months of severance pay. Pacheco makes $190,000 a year.

For hanging this sign, from March 17, 2019 until now, the City has cited Elhers in various amounts ranging from $200 to $2,000. The total amount the City has fined Elher is now $12,400.

Also, twice, the City has threatened to place a tax lien with California's Franchise Tax Board.

Elhers believes that by displaying the anti-Pacheco banner he is doing his duty for the public, by notifying them of Pacheco's belief and values. He hopes that if enough citizens see the banner, that they would vote him out of office and vote for someone, who is more honest and public-focused.

The lawsuit also seeks to have the City permit people to present their case to the city manager, in the event that they're fined. In doing so, the City could dismiss fines it issues in error. According to the complaint, city administrators actively blocked Elhers from defending his citations.

Finally, Elhers seeks to stop the practice of the City making up outrageous fine amounts for petty offenses. $12,400 for hanging a sign is excessive.

Regarding the spirit of this case, George Orwell had it right when he said: "Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear."

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Baldwin Park School District Requests Prosecutor File Felony Against Me; Cook Alleges False Accusation and Retaliation

Tiger and Snake by
Eugene Delacroix
Around November 13, 2019 - the Baldwin Park School District - most likely by Superintendent Froilan Mendoza - filed a complaint with the Los Angeles County Prosecutor alleging I extorted then with the threat that if they didn't drop my citation, I would out Poe and all her dirty laundry. The school district hopes to slow me down by fighting a criminal case or hoping I spend some time in prison. It's clear that the school board members want to punish me for filing a lawsuit against them. I write this so you can see the true nature of our school district: violent, truth-haters, and thieves. In short: They're evil.

Instead of spending the time to think about reforms and how to improve the terrible education the students here are receiving, the members of the school district are angry that they've been exposed.

The administrators have placed Baldwin Park's children at risk by hiring an ex-felon, fraudster, and serial sexual predator to be around our students. Now Poe is alleging that the school board members have been permitting a pedophile to be around our children too.

These are all signs of rampant corruption. We really need to ask how much is are the school board members and administrators stealing from the taxpayer funds?

And what school districts even have a police department? Have you ever wondered why?

Baldwin Park School District has a long history of corruption, violence, and intimidation. For instance, the school member Margarita Vargas, would extort undocumented parents for money (in the form of gift cards). Vargas would figure out which parents were undocumented by last name and whether their children were on free lunch. One parent had enough, complained to the police, and Vargas had to resign.

Other officials have used the school police department to intimidate parents, who criticized the school. Furthermore, there was a time, a few years ago, when the school police would racially profile parents when they dropped their children off at school to snag parents who didn't have drivers licenses. They would then tow the cars, impound the cars for 30 days, and then the cars would sell at auction. The school district profited.

Hence, it's time for change and justice and a new start. The residents and parents need to know the truth about how this district has really been operating, all the wrong they've done, and how much they've stolen from us. Only in this way, can we start allover.

The lessons here? For the activist, remember; when evil government officials get desperate to stop you, they have to retaliate, but without legitimate means, the way they do it is through false accusations. Be prepared. Be strong.

No wonder why the Proverbs say: "A false accusation is as deadly as a sword, a club, or a sharp arrow." (25:18, GNT).

The solution is to not lose heart and to fight such charges to further shame and further expose the nefarious nature of those in charge - who think they could do whatever they want at our expense and our future.

This isn't the first time I've braved through these false accusations before. Remember when the Mayor called me violent and dangerous and filed a restraining order against me to discredit me and to shut me up? I fought him and his attorney. They lost. (It was my first case I won after getting licensed.)

Lucky for me, this time, the Jill Poe story's already gone viral. Hence, killing the messenger won't kill the message. The people already know something is really rotten at Baldwin Park's schools and that change is required.

And if the school board members and administrators think that they can intimidate me with their bullying or threats, they're delusional. They should know my ancestor once said: "The soldier who fights to the death never dies, but the soldier who fights for existence never truly exists."

Well; the people already know what this is all about. So, "[h]ow terrible for [Jill Poe and the school district] . . . You hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look fine on the outside but are full of bones and decaying corpses on the inside."

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Baldwin Park School Police Chief Jill Poe Fired; School District Sued by Poe and Parent-Activist

Disgraced and Fired
Baldwin Park School Police Chief, Jill Poe
On November 12, 2019 - the Baldwin Park School District fired its police chief, Jill Marie Poe for undisclosed reasons. It appears, however, the District was forced to fire her after the Legal Lens, on September 4, 2019, exposed Poe as a an ex-felon, fraudster, and serial sexual predator. The District immediately suspended Poe after publication of the article.

Recently, Poe retaliated against the school district by filing a wrongful termination suit against the District. In her complaint, she alleges that she was terminated because she's a lesbian. Poe points to the fact that the District permits an employee accused of pedophilia to work there, but because of her sexual orientation - the District fired her and not him. Poe also accuses the Legal Lens of extorting her over a traffic citation.

Nonetheless, Poe's allegations are false, and it appears that the fired police chief is having a difficult time coping with the fact that her sordid past has been exposed.

Poe alleges that NBC news, “painted a horrible picture of Poe alleging that Poe should never had been hired". Apparently, Poe believes in her mind that serial sexual predators should be allowed to work with five year old children. She was also stunned that the school district did nothing to defend her in the story.

Troubling for the District, Poe's lawsuit wasn't the only one filed against it yesterday. John Rios, a resident, activist, and father of a child who graduated from Baldwin Park School District, also sued the Baldwin Park School District, the Superintendent Froilan N. Mendoza, and Jill M. Poe.

According to his lawsuit, the school district is failing to release records under the California Public Records Act by denying release and stalling. Most important in these records requests is how Jill Poe passed her background check. Also, the school district refuses to release information as to whether the school police have received proper training required under state law.

Rios is suing for a court order to freeze operation of the school police department, because its officers are not meeting the state requirement of proper training, minimum moral character requirements, and minimum requirements of having policies and standards in place to operate a school police department.

Greg S. Tuttle, long time city activist and small business owner in Baldwin Park, served the complaint to the school district yesterday in front of teachers, parents, and administrators. During public comments period he said, "The school district should shut down its police department. It should stop wasting money on a useless police force and start investing money in education." After speaking, the audience applauded.

The school district's performance is abysmal. U.S. News ranks Baldwin Park School District at 4,418. It says only 17% are college ready. Only 51% are meeting minimum literacy requirements. And only 17% are proficient in mathematics.

Prep Scholar ranks Baldwin Park in the lower 50% of schools with regards to standardized testing - such as the SAT or ACT.

These scandals rock the school district at a time when it is discussing closing down three schools. Parents are now asking where all the school district money went.

The District has a history of corruption. Even in the late 60's, according to a California Supreme Court case called Serrano v. Beverly Hills Unified School District, "Baldwin Park Unified School District expended only $577.49 to educate each of its pupils in 1968—1969; during the same year the Pasadena Unified School District spent $840.19 on every student; and the Beverly Hills Unified School District paid out $1,231.72 per child."

Hence, it appears that properly running school districts are investing over twice as much per student in their children than Baldwin Park is. Both Beverly Hills and Pasadena do not operate their own police department. Furthermore, it's without say that Beverly Hills and Pasadena school districts are in the top quartile of preparing their students for university.

Transparency is required to account for all the missing money that has been skimmed over the decades - especially in the form of hundreds of millions of issued school bonds. A state audit by the controller's office is necessary.

It's been said: "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy". So; it's all of our jobs to drive out these locusts, who are destroying the next generation from even having a future.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Baldwin Park Mayor Lozano Cheats LA County of $10,000 of property tax and refuses to pay $25,000 back to the City

Mayor Manuel Lozano being sued
for filing a malicious prosecution claim against activist.
For the last two and a half years, Baldwin Park's Mayor Manuel Lozano is currently cheating both Los Angeles County and the City of Baldwin Park by shorting the County approximately $10,000 or $3,900 a year. He's also not paying back a $25,000 loan his father borrowed from the City. This is how Lozano's scam works.

Lozano's father, Guadalupe R. Lozano has title to a house on 14509 Hallwood Drive, Baldwin Park, CA 91706. At the time the property was purchased on March 18, 2004 - the property was valued at $99,290.

On August 23, 2005 - Guadalupe received a WHEN PROPERTY IS SOLD OR TITLE TRANSFERS." $25,000 loan from the City. Lozano was mayor then. The City approved the "Residential Rehabilitation Loan Program" application for $25,000 at 1% interest a year. Although others have a monthly loan schedule, the City made an exception for Lozano's father - and never required a payment schedule of him. Instead, Guadalupe's contract states that he doesn't have to pay back the loan "

14509 Hallwood Dr. / Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Note: the 9 cars parked in the yard and driveway
Here's the catch. Guadalupe Lozano died on January 3, 2016. What Mayor Lozano doesn't want you to know is that he's defrauding the City and LA County and all the taxpayers by pretending that his father is still alive; so, he doesn't have to pay increased property taxes and the loan and interest back to the City. At the time of Guadalupe's death, the assets should've been transferred in probate, and the Hallwood property should have a new title with new owners. So, Lozano's committing a big scam.

Terms of Lozano's $25,000 contract of 1% loan,
and no monthly payments
How much is he saving? Good question. Redfin estimates the value of the house at $490,353. Hence, he should be paying a 1% property tax of $4,903. But he's only paying about $1,000 of property taxes, since the house was valued at about $100,000 at the time his father held property.. Hence, every year, Lozano is cheating the county of $3,903.

Since Lozano has been committing this fraud, since January 3, 2016 - for about two and a half years, Lozano has cheated Los Angeles County of an estimated amount of nearly $10,000. Some of the services LA County provides are library services, transportation, public safety, and social services.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all save $10,000 by scamming the County as the Mayor does?

Lozano's position as to why he shouldn't pay the City loan back, which has now become a conflict of interest, because he's the de facto beneficiary of the property, is because the property hasn't been transferred or sold yet. But that's only because he's illegally not doing it. He's father is death. Therefore by law, this should have been done almost two and a half years ago. Hence, he cheats the City of the money it's owed.

Also, wouldn't it be nice if we could all get $25,000 loans for our mortgages we don't have to pay back?

Incidentally, the Chief Financial Officer of Hawthorne was fired for borrowing a secret $25,000 loan from the City of Hawthorne. (Now he's the CFO at West Valley Water Board, where Taylor, Pacheco, and Tafoya work.)

Mayor Lozano has been Mayor of Baldwin Park for 20 years. No wonder it's been said that "Diapers and politicians should be changed often. Both for the same reason."

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Should Unqualified Sergeant Johnny Patino be Promoted as Chief of Police? Special Council Meeting to Decide.

Council Member Ricardo Pacheco, Sergeant Johnny Patino,
and Mayor Manuel Lozano (top row - from left to right).
Baldwin Park City Council appointed an unqualified Sergeant - Johnny Patino to be the temporary police chief after the former and Police Chief Michael Taylor was fired for the second time. Today, the Baldwin Park City Council will decide by special meeting whether he should permanently be appointed to the position. Even the temporary appointment is controversial, because the police rank and file consider Patino to be incompetent, as he can't even pass the standardized lieutenant test.

Furthermore, officers point to Patino's lack of experience to become chief. This is because chiefs are usually promoted from captains, who respectively are promoted from lieutenants.

Generally, minimum requirements for the chief job requires at least three years of experience in administration. Patino has almost none.

Hence, the City Council leapfrogged Patino two positions to make him chief. This is not a surprise, given Baldwin Park's scandalous and tumultuous history with its chief of police hirings and firings.

These corrupt practices can be traced to at least 1999. In 1999, Chief Lili Hadsell was promoted from lieutenant to chief. She never held the role of captain. Around October 15, 2013 - concerned residents questioned Hadsell's leadership when her 19-year old daughter was caught with a 23-year old man with illegally possessing narcotics outside of a Motel 6 in the City of Chino.

Shortly after this incident, a new elected city council fired Hadsell around December of 2013. She held her position for approximately 14 years.

Hadsell sued the City of Baldwin Park and on March 26, 2019 - the court and jury awarded her a $7 million judgment against the City for sexual harassment and gender discrimination. After attorney's fees, the City is now on the hook for $9 million. This is the largest judgment attached against the City in its history. Hadsell's case is currently pending appeal.

Then, there was Michael Taylor, who was fired twice. The first time, Taylor was fired for being a racist.

After his second hiring, the LA Times reported on his controversial contract, which stated that Taylor could only be fired for being convicted of felony, such as murder, rape, or robbery. Taylor increased his pay in his contract to make himself an extra million in retirement.

Taylor was also caught accepting drug money to run for public office. Some even question whether Taylor was a pederast.

Employee witnesses allege that Taylor showed up to work drunk and worked less than 30 hours a week, for which he was paid over $234,000 a year.

Also in between Taylor's tenure, there was the hiring of Inglewood's Lieutenant David Salcedo. Notice again how the City choose a lieutenant over a captain.

Salcedo appeared to be a problem employee in the City of Inglewood. Although he was a Captain, he was demoted to Lieutenant in December of 2017.

Baldwin Park's rank and file allege that he appeared to have anger mental health issues and would repetitively snap a rubber band against his wrist to keep in control. Thankfully, Salcedo was hired for only 49 days, before he was fired around September 20, 2017.

The LA Times reports that Salcedo alleges that Council Member Ricardo Pacheco ordered him to retaliate against citizens who were criticizing Pacheco with signs and banners characterizing him as a jackass. Salcedo, like Hadsell, filed a lawsuit against the City of Baldwin Park and Ricardo Pacheco for $10 million. The lawsuit is pending.

Patino's temporarily hiring has impacted Baldwin Park's Police Department. Since Patino has been chief, a number of Baldwin Park officers have left the force to other cities. Rank and file allege that Mayor Lozano prefers hiring hispanic brass over anglo managers - who can pass their exams.

Currently, California state controller's office is auditing the City. It's routine for audits to look at hiring and performance evaluation practices of public agencies.

Perhaps, its findings will confirm a quote by Daniel Alarc√≥n: “Nepotism is the lowest and least imaginative form of corruption.”