Sunday, June 10, 2012

Meeting Objectives and Stress

I'm meeting my objectives.  I am 22% complete regarding my weight loss goal and 28% towards completion of my bar goal.

First, my weight loss goal has been within the scope of what I projected.  I ran 62 miles and lost 2 pounds of body fat in 14 days.  Life's not fair that I have to exercise so hard to lose so little, but that is life.  In my last post, I go into the basics of my weight loss approach.  Let me talk to you about plateau.

Many, as well as I, struggled with plateau.  It's when dieting and exercising isn't working for you anymore.  Your body has stubbornly stopped losing weight.  Here's why.  It's mainly because of the exercise portion of restricting calories not the dieting part.

When you lose weight, it gets harder because you burn less calories per day.  Yes, although you're more efficient in whatever exercise you were doing, you also weight less.  Hence, you are carrying less on you.  Hence you are exerting less energy.  For instance, if you lose five pounds, and you run five miles, you now need to carry five pounds on your body to burn the same amount of calories.

So - when you lose more weight you need to step up the diet or the work out or both at a certain point where your calories in becomes the same energy as calories out. That's where I'm at and so excessive running appears to be the only way.  Anyways - it is working.

Regarding studying for the bar, I feel  very stressed.  My virtual bar adviser told all of us we need 8 hours of sleep everyday.  Like, I didn't know that, but thank you for the advice.  Further, they got peeved at me because I kept asking questions on real property, namely on some obscure ancient concept that is called rule against perpetuities.  My bar provider test you on a lot of multiple choice questions on this complex subject, but when I asked for an answer they said, "Don't worry about it."  =( I felt like strangling someone and asking why I keep getting tested on it.

It's good to take a one day break.  Just one day out of the whole week.  I pickled salmon.  Yup.  Like pickling cucumber pickles.  I brined the salmon and egg overnight.  Afterwards, I made a spice mix and dumped it into white wine vinegar and sugar. 

My mother smiled as she said, my older sister used to pickle things like you're doing.  I said fish is commonly pickled in Germany and Scandinavia. 

For breakfast, she fried for me tempura zucchini flowers fresh from her garden. MMMM...  I then made myself a mimosa out of champagne, pineapple and strawberry juice.

For lunch, I bought dried ice and used the blender to make myself whiskey ice cream.  MMMMM. 
I felt the stress leaving. 

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