Sunday, July 24, 2016

Coming Home - Lessons From This Holiday

After traveling for fourteen and a half hours straight, my mom picked me up from the bus station, and as I entered the door in my house, the cat was excited to see me. He ran up to me, and I picked him up. He purred.

I was home.

I learned a lot on this trip; I really feel like I'm getting a lot better at traveling. I know how long to stay at one place, how much to bring, and how to enjoy myself. (I even made a formula for how many books I should bring on a trip; you have to remember, books are heavy - so you shouldn't bring more books than you can read.)

Justice Brandeis once said that every lawyer should take a one month vacation to unstring and restring the bow of the mind. In other words, Brandeis said that a one month break is good in terms of resting and sharpening the mind, as a knife require sharpening with flint. This advice doesn't apply just to lawyers - anyone with a high pressured job should take a month break; it really helps.

Brandies also stated that to keep a mind sharp, one needed at least one trial a year. So, for this year, I've had my Tuttle trial and my one month break. Hopefully, that'll keep my mind from dulling.

Now that I'm back, it's time to work hard. Play hard will come again.

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