Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Court of Appeals Rules Against Casas - Holding that City Doesn't Need to Tell us the Truth

Moses and Aaron meet Pharaoh and Aaron turns his rod into a snake.
by Robert Leinweber. January 01, 1850
Last week, the Court of Appeal of the Second District ruled against Julian Casas, holding that the trial court was correct in ruling that the City complied with court order to release records, even when the City made misrepresentations to the court and us, that they didn't have any records (when in fact, Casas proved that they were lying about it all). In other words, Casas was trying to get the rest of the records from the City, but the courts have said that the City doesn't need to release the outstanding records, which would show who took millions of dollars from the towing scandal Mayor Lozano and his men were running.

The main reason the court said that Casas didn't have a case against the City was because Casas didn't present evidence that the City had evidence (but he did). That was the whole point of the case: After a court order issues, does the requester of records have to prove that the City has records, or does the City have to assist the requestor about whether records exist?

Here, the court said, once again, that the requester has to prove that such records exist. (Think about this, if we could prove all the records the City had, why would we need to sue them for records in the first place?)

In any event, of course I was disappointed in the court's decision. But it doesn't mean the conversation between us and the courts are over yet; so, don't lose hope.

According to the Book of Exodus in the Torah, ages ago, a slave and a shepherd (the lowest of the low in Egyptian society) dialogued with the King, known as Pharaoh, and asked him to release God's people from slavery. The back-and-forth conversation included cruelty, miracles, magic, and a contest between holy and evil powers.

Like Casas's case, the whole conflict started with something small. In Julian's case, we just asked the City to extend the boxing club hours, and they said no. In Exodus, Moses asked Pharaoh if the people could have a party, celebrating their God for just three days. (So for those of you who think religion is all about being dull and not having fun, think about the fact that God commanded his people to throw a Burning-Man kind of party in the desert for three days.)

The dialogue ends with Pharaoh releasing the Hebrew people and giving them the Kingdom's wealth for their departure. Pharaoh, a king and a god in his sight, also had to finally ask the slave and the shepherd to bless him and his people.

What's the point of the allegory? To point out, I have no idea what's going to happen next. I only hope it's exciting, because I certainly don't want to be bored.

I also hope that those in power will return to the ancient ways of their ancestors, have faith, and live a life reflected in nobility and honor.


  1. Those in power in Baldwin Park have human sacrifice in their DNA (think ancient Mexican cultures), not nobility and honor in the modern sense.

    While it is apparent that God wants his people to enjoy themselves and the bounty of the blessings he has provided, Both Hebrew and Christian scripture would indicate that he does not approve of much of the debauchery at Burning Man.

    I know Moses; and Mr Cook, you sir are no Moses. :)

  2. I never claimed to be Moses and still do not claim to be him.

  3. Hola Pablo,
    Que tal?
    So Retardo Paychecko has re formed an alliance with Susan and Cruz. The entire city council and their lil puppet shannon are morally bankrupt. The new chief wouldn't be Retardo's or cruz' or Susan's biotch so he is out. Do you know the back story? Throw back a few with the cops you used to be so chummy with and they well tell you.

    Paul you should start lobbying Susan to be the new City attorney. It would be a nice change for the city to start winning cases. I say lobby Susan because with her state office aspirations she is going to need the SGV Asian vote, and you could be proof that she is not a racist.
    Best of luck, and when is your next post?

  4. Hi Anonymous,

    I'm reflecting through everything, including Easter. When I have something, I'll write a post. Also, working on my petition for review.

    Thanks for asking.

    I don't know the backstory. Share, if you can.