Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Former Baldwin Park Chief of Police Awarded $7 Million

Former Baldwin Park Police Chief,
Lili Hadsell
The jury has awarded Lili Hadsell, the former Baldwin Park Police Chief, $7 million. Council Members Ricardo Pacheco, Susan Rubio, and Cruz Baca voted to fire Hadsell and replace her with twice-fired Chief Michael Taylor. The complaint was based on firing and retaliation for sex and racial discrimination. It appears that both Michael Taylor and Ricardo Pacheco perjured themselves on the stand, as text messages later revealed that they loathed and despised having a female police chief.

Given the high damage award, I predict the city will likely appeal the case. Since having Robert Tafoya as city attorney, the number of lawsuits and resulting damages have increased extraordinarily. He was appointed as attorney immediately after Hadsell was fired.

You heard it here first.

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