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Is Council Member Raquel M. (Monica?) Garcia a Criminal Too? - Identity Disorder Series Part IV

Raquel M. Garcia's Mugshot (Back then: 200 lbs)
From a Government Texas Database
Was Raquel M. (Monica?) Garcia (also known as Jazmin Hernandez) an ex-felon as well? According to the databases, all of which have disclaimers on the accuracy of the information, one would say: Yes!

The mugshot on the left was pulled up of a Raquel M. Garcia from Texas, when she was 200 plus pounds. In present day, she's lost most of the weight, but I'd recognize that face anywhere.

Before we get into the details of why I believe the mugshot of the girl on the left is our Council Woman Raquel Monica Garcia, I'd like to point out facts that suggest Ms. Garcia misrepresented her past.

When I first met Ms. Garcia, she claimed that she attended Olive Middle School in Baldwin Park. She also alleged that she graduated from the University of Southern California. Finally, she called herself "Monica" instead of Raquel, which is allegedly also her first real name. None of this added up.

First, if my newspaper sources are pointing to the correct person, Garcia can't be from California. She originally attended school at El Paso, Texas. Hey! Sounds familiar isn't that where Manny Carrillo is from, and like Raquel, didn't Carrillo also claim to come from Southern California? (People, are we seeing a pattern here? I think so.)

According to the Del Rio News Herald, dated Feb. 13, 1985, Raquel M. Garcia actually made Honor Roll in the Seventh Grade at San Felipe Middle School. The young teen, who at that point seemed to have a potential academic future, runs into some problems during high school.

What happened to her in high school is a mystery, as it appears from certain articles that she may have ended up in continuation school. According to one database, in 1988, the family moved to Glendale, Arizona in Maricopa County. The only thing that I feel certain of is that the picture in the yearbook is matching the woman, who calls herself Council Woman Raquel Monica Garcia. Again, we see that she's overweight for her height in the picture.

A source tells me that she told him she went to USC. The source said he went there too. But then, Raquel couldn't talk about any of the classes she took or any of the landmarks on campus.

Another story confirms that Raquel never went to USC. Several Baldwin Park employees went to USC and Raquel was to give them a tour of campus. They met at campus, and she said she was going to her car to get her walking shoes. She made the employees wait for an hour, and at that point, they realized she wasn't coming back.

Like our friends: Manuel Carrillo, Manuel Lozano, and Robert Tafoya, why do people misrepresent who they are and their past? Because as we've been seeing, they don't want you to know their real history.

A search in the Texas Criminal Database pulls up 51 criminal filings for Raquel M. Garcia, which tend to have the same pattern of crimes: property theft. Hey - then we put someone as a Council Woman, and then, we have the same thing happening - except our City Council steals from the taxpayers instead of from individuals or stores.

In 2004, our darling, is still in Arizona with a baby. She's lost significant amount of weight at this point. The mugshot above, where she's overweight must have occurred between 1988 and 2004.

Raquel never told she had a child. Why am I posting this picture? Now, I know people would say you don't involve family, but hey she posted her child's picture for everyone to see in the Arizona Republic - not me. I'm just pulling up an old archived news clipping.

Does it matter? Yes! I come from a Judeo-Christian belief that states that you should not lead the people, unless you take care of your family first. Raquel never mentions her child. She's never shown her child in public to the people of Baldwin Park (a strange thing, no?). Therefore, the most likely probabilities are that the child is not with her anymore, or that she's too ashamed to mention she has one.

Now, one as devil's advocate can argue, well, perhaps a fatal tragedy happened to her child? Sure, but in general, people who lose their children through fatal tragedies still tell people that they had a child and that he or she was tragically lost. Hiding a child usually indicates some type of shameful past. But hey, I don't have all the facts, I just have enough to write on and enough to publish pictures of.

(Just as an aside, I learned in law school - thanks to Professor Binder - that almost all evidence is circumstantial. And furthermore, in general, circumstantial evidence is more powerful than direct evidence. Remember that, these small pieces of evidence, in my view are more insightful into seeing the truth to me than a direct piece of evidence, like a film - which can always be doctored.)

Anyways, again, looks like we have another criminal from Texas running the City of Baldwin Park. If she's following in the footsteps of Mayor Lozano, it's also very likely that the two of them are undocumented.

As Aesop of Aesop's Fables said, "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."

Yearbook Photo of Raquel M.? Garcia (Glendale High School, AZ?)

Lost lots of weight, with her baby - where'd she go and how come she never talks about her?

Photoshop and plastic surgery does a lot for a photo

Copyright San Gabriel Valley Tribune
This is how she really looks today

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