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Was Michael Taylor - Chief of Police - a Pedofile? Identity Disorder Part V

Mugshot of Michael Taylor
Baldwin Park Chief of Police
Does it get anymore ironic that the Chief of Police of Baldwin Park, Michael Taylor may have been a pedophile (and perhaps still is)? According to the Texas Sex Offender Database, Michael Taylor had sexual intercourse with a 12 year old girl. Now, my disclaimer is that I base my factual allegation on the state database. Certainly would fit the profile of two victims, who have complained that Taylor sexually harassed them.

In any event, besides having multiple bankruptcies, a Michael Taylor from Rialto has been indicted for mail fraud by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The fraud worked by a Michael Taylor collecting unemployment monies under Michael Taylor Jr., while Michael Taylor St. (same person) worked in a job.

Michael Taylor, it appears, spent substantial time in Waco, Texas. He originally went by the name of Robert F. (J.?) Weathers. Weathers was a part of the Jaycees and used to be a radio host. Picture posted below of Robert Weathers.

From Lubbock Avalanche 1976
(Looks creepy to me)
Like the rest of the Baldwin Park Council Cronies, looks like Taylor-Weathers had a bit of plastic surgery, and like Raquel, lost a significant amount of fat. Though, reports are telling me that his alcoholism is catching up to him, and he's becoming porky again. As they say, you can lipstick on a pig, but it still makes him a pig.

A number of reports have been coming out from Baldwin Park City Hall that the Council Members and Mayor have been unhappy with Weather's performance as Chief of Police. As a result, the unofficial message is that the's been forced to resign before the end of the calendar year. Evidence seems to substantiate this claim.

If you can't be a crooked chief of police, why not become a crooked politician? That's right, Michael Taylor (Robert Weathers) is running for the Rialto Waterboard now. http://www.votemichaeltaylor.com/ And why? Because he knows his days in Baldwin Park are over.

Weathers tenure is one of Baldwin Park's most shameful. First, he arrested and jailed an undocumented person and held him in jail for days for "being an illegal." He reinstated Baldwin Park Police Department's racially motivated DUI checkpoint programs to steal cars from the undocumented. Did I mention as Captain, he had Royal Coaches (the police's towing company,) do free auto bodywork on his vehicles? Now, in this city, let me tell you - nothing is really free.

Weathers also fired a boxing coach and signed off on it. He conducted two police investigations on whether there was sexual impropriety with a minor - you know something he might do. And when there was nothing, then he hired a private investigator against the coach and myself. And when there was still nothing, he trumped up charges. By the way, this was all because the coach who worked there for 17 years received a 40 cent an hour raise.

Weathers, however, may have been collecting two pay checks while in office. For about seven months, he was acting city manager and chief of police. Was he collecting two paychecks? Once again, the City refuses to release the documents to me. Again, why hide something damning, unless it's true? Can you believe he did all this in less than two years? Is this what a Chief of Police is supposed to do?

Furthermore, Taylor, knowing his days are done, was attempting to manipulate the City's financial database to collect even more money (illegally) before his departure.

My most controversial article on this blog was my article on previous Chief of Police's daughter, who was caught at Motel 6 with a strange man and drugs. I received comments saying it was the best piece I've ever written and the most unprofessional one. I stand by it because it did what a good journalistic piece did, it provoked a conversation and the question was: Families are separated by over-prosecuting drug offenses everyday, but should a different standard apply when it's the Chief of Police's own daughter?

Now, Taylor wasn't my source (so I could out him). But he did plant that evidence against the former Chief of Police; so, that my source could find it. By doing so, he shamed the former Chief of Police - so he could take her job - just like he's taken so much else.

If you know anything more about Michael Taylor aka Bob Weathers aka Robert Weathers aka James Weathers, please let me know. I have evidence that a Weathers murdered his former wife and a prostitute, but I'd like to confirm it's the same Michael Taylor/Weathers we have in Rialto and Baldwin Park.

Regarding this shameful Chief of Police - I can say with certainty that a pig is a pig is a pig is a pig. But Orwell beat me to that punchline: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

If you want to know more about the secret society that Taylor belongs to, download this Methodist Journal. Method 1975 Journal (This guy was just so sloppy, it was easy to trace this evidence down.)

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