Wednesday, January 13, 2016

City of Baldwin Park Pays $67,500 to Settle Lawsuit Against Attorney-Activist

Baldwin Park Police pays $67,500 to settle a federal lawsuit with attorney activist, Paul Cook. The lawsuit was filed in response to the shameful behavior of the Lt. Mark Harvey and his men, arresting and jailing Cook for leafleting at the park and booing at Manuel Carrillo Jr. for being a money launderer. The suit also included a claim against a woman officer - who made him strip to his underwear and patted his buttocks.

Cook was happy with the result and said, "It's shameful to see that the Baldwin Park Police Department received raises this year for attacking and sexually abusing its own citizens and residents. I just don't know how that happened, especially in this country - which is supposed to have Free Speech Rights."

He added, "In any event, you just have to make the best of something that went totally wrong. I try to be grateful for the experience because it really helped me understand how the police pick on the poor and helpless, like the undocumented and homeless. I also know what it feels like to be abused by the people we trust in authority. I, truly, felt violated by Michael Taylor and his men and women. I know in his personal life, Taylor's been accused of sexual harassment, but there's no place for it in his professional endeavors. Let's hope that they've learned that they can't get away with such misconduct and abuse in the United States of America."

Included as part of the settlement, was an agreement that the City would expunge Cook's record and clear him of all wrongdoing. Cook considered it a step in the right direction. The settlement amount includes a good portion of attorney's fees and court costs.

Cook wished to thank his attorneys on the case - whom are dedicated to the protection of the rights of the people. Thank you to the boxer - who also caught the entire incident on film - bravo, for changing the world.

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