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A Time to Shine - On Getting Noticed

El Monte Chief of Police - David Reynoso
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I live in Los Angeles County, and when I lived in the City of Los Angeles (and attended school there), I met a number of people who wanted to be seen or noticed. Everyone, in LA wants to be a star. People from time to time ask me how to get into the papers; which isn't as important as the bigger question I want to answer: How do you get noticed?

And to start off answering that question, I want to acknowledge someone I noticed - and that's Chief of El Monte Police Department - David Reynoso. So why am I recognizing him?

Well, because he appeared to tell the truth in court. Now, that might not seem like a big deal, but you have to understand the backstory as to why it was important - at least for me.

I had to go to trial to defend my client, Greg Tuttle, against Mayor Manuel Lozano, Council Member Ricardo Pacheco, and Council Member Raquel Monica Garcia from obtaining a restraining order against him. The LA Times version of the story is here: Baldwin Park officials lose battle for restraining orders against critics It's clear from the court ruling that these politicians were doing this to my client because they wanted to punish him for investigating their dirty business dealings. And if they were able to obtain a restraining order, they won. Either Tuttle had to stay away from them for a few years or be arrested if he was ever near them.

In order to get their restraining orders, the attorney - Jimmy Gutierrez and the politicians - all agreed to get their story straight and sully the reputation of a hardworking, business person. They alleged he was a violent stalker, which for the record is not true.

(As an aside commentary, you see how an evil organization operates - it needs everyone to agree that they'll all lie for each other to protect each other because they're all stealing from us to enrich themselves. Then, when you figure out what they're doing - they try to label you a "gadfly, conspiracy theorist or radical - to discredit you. And when you still have the credibility to levy accusations against those running the organization - and they get caught - they admit to the Nuremberg or Nazi Defense - I was only following orders (more on that later).)

Well - we had to go to trial because the purpose of a trial is to get to the truth. And to get to the truth, we needed witnesses to appear. And three witnesses just decided they were above the law, and weren't going to appear, even though the court ordered them to do so: Teri Muse, Waste Management Consultant; Michael Taylor, Baldwin Park Chief of Police; and Mayor Manuel Lozano - who was one of the petitioners seeking a restraining order. But Lozano did submit a declaration, defaming the reputation of my client, but failed to appear; so he wouldn't be questioned on those allegations.

The Chief of El Monte Police - David Reynoso - a witness to one of the incidents decided to appear. And that meant a lot. He didn't try to dodge service. He didn't let his title or position go to his head. Furthermore, he knew all of the parties involved in Tuttle's lawsuit because he used to work for Baldwin Park. But, even then, he knew he had a duty to the court. And he was going to serve that duty. And his appearance was felt in court. (It was disgusting to see the other side constantly question him on what he was going to say - which we never did. I could hear Reynoso, however saying, "I'm here to tell the truth and that's all."

I argued to the court that during the alleged violent incident, a Chief of Police - Reynoso was present, who is also here today. He could make an off duty arrest. If Tuttle was actually violent, couldn't Reynoso have effectuated an off duty arrest against Tuttle or at least drafted an incident report.

At that point, Pacheco's fat cheeks were turning as red a tomato.

That's because when one person says, "Hey, I don't care what you people all agreed to do. It's not right. And I don't agree." It just shatters the entire plans and lies that the evil organization hatched.

So, I wrote to the City Manager of Baldwin Park this week. And I write the same to you. Don't go along with the evil scheming ideas that people try to force you into. Say No. So, just because your boss tells you to do something (the Nazi Defense), doesn't mean you have to do it. It wasn't a defense when they were asked to kill Jews, and it's not a defense when someone asks you to do something that violates your conscience.

Sure, there are consequences. Sure, you may be fired. But you know - at the end of the day - you have to live with yourself, and the future will remember you for what you did and who you were.

I understand that it's scary when someone says they're going to take away your paycheck if you don't do the evil deed or help with the cover up. I get that. But, whatever the price, it's too cheap to buy your dignity and character.

And what does this all have to do with shining like a star? Simple. In life, we all do our business as usual and make the decisions that we do, believing nobody really notices or sees.

But somehow, someway, when you don't expect it, the time comes - where the pressure and the environment comes upon you - and the next thing you know, you're on the world stage. And either your character is prepared for it, or it isn't. Only one of two things happen then: you either shine or be shamed.

And I believe, the moment that tests who you are happens in everyone's life, and sometimes it happens multiple times. We all know now the Chief's character shone through that day. I hope in the future, yours will too.

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