Monday, March 7, 2016

Open Letter to Mayor Manuel Lozano

The Real Manuel Lozano
March 5, 2016
From: Paul Cook
To: Manuel Lozano

Re: Complaint on First Amendment Retaliation and Wasting Taxpayer Money

Dear Alleged Mayor Lozano:

Will you please stop picking on citizen's that pay taxes in the City with frivolous temporary restraining orders? If you remember in Lozano v. Cook and Cook v. Lozano, the court warned you to stop filing frivolous restraining orders. I had to defeat you then and I defeated you now. 

Currently, I've never met a person as unique as you. You have an amazing ability to not be able to learn from your previous mistakes. Unfortunately, your misconduct and pettiness and bullying are costing the taxpayer of the City and the court's time to review your meritless filings.

So, please respect the rights of the citizens and stop your bullying. We know that you don't have much to be proud of recently, but that's no reason to take it out on hardworking and productive members of society. Thank you.


Paul Cook

Visiting Scholar at UCLA School of Law (2015-2016)
Go Bruins!

My blog: The Legal Lens <>

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