Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Casas Appeals Trial He Loses; Cook Also Appeals His Attorney's Fees

Julian Casas, former head boxing coach, through his attorney, Paul Cook, filed two appeals against the City of Baldwin Park this week.

The first appeal regards the issue of whether the City could state that they didn't have records, two and a half years after Casas filed a lawsuit against it. This is the case, in which Casas and his attorney discovered that Manny Carrillo, the director of Parks and Recreation was running a sham nonprofit corporation - which he laundered money by buying Walmart gift cards. In response to proving where that money went, Carrillo sent out what looked to be a falsified list of children's names. Then, after two and a half years of dragging out the lawsuit, Carrillo just says - sorry, we don't have any records. Something has to be wrong with that.

The second appeal regards whether the City has to pay attorney's fees after losing three more times on a Public Records Act lawsuit. Cook had to sue thrice, to get the the towing records in that case. And he won on each of those motions. So, the City has to pay. That's just the name of the game.

In any event, that's what's on top. Let the appellate battles begin. 

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