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Did Michael Taylor Hire Incompetent Council Member Ricardo Pacheco for Money? - TaylorGate

Our police chief - Michael Taylor
(c) LA Times
Baldwin Park Chief of Police and West Valley Water District Board Member Michael Taylor just hired Baldwin Park Council Member Ricardo Pacheco as assistant general manager at the water district. It's obvious that the reason behind this is the money trail (which we'll get to later). Can the corruption get any more in-your-face and offensive?

For those of you new to the story, let me explain what's happening. Baldwin Park Chief of Police, Michael Taylor, a character for his known corruption (he fired a boxing coach that worked for the city for 20 years and had me arrested and strip searched for protesting him) ran for water board in his home city.

The first time, he failed miserably. Then he got fired as chief - which was a great relief for all of us, as temporary as it was. Somehow he manages to come back as chief, asks for corrupt and outrageous raises and tries to make a million in retirement and now has a contract that says he can't be fired unless he commits a felony. (We wonder what he has over Mayor Lozano.) This means he has to be convicted of something like murder or rape or  grand theft before they fire this guy.

After marijuana money enters Baldwin Park, Taylor enlists the help help of ex-state assemblyman Roger Hernandez and city attorney Robert Tafoya and receives various amounts of drug and contraband money to run for public office.

Guess what? This time he succeeds and his first move is to fire a number of committed workers at the water board.

Ricardo Pacheco upset to be defeated in court.
(c) San Gabriel Valley Tribune
The first people Taylor has to hire are those that helped him in get into office. So like himself, Baldwin Park City Attorney, Robert Nacionales-Tafoya (who was fired from the water board) becomes the new attorney at the water board. And what did he do? Well, he drafted Taylor's contract. Well known for deception, Tafoya denies such an allegation, but my copy of the contract specifically states it was drafted by the "City Attorney".

After, Tafoya comes Pacheco. The board hired an inexperienced and incompetent Baldwin Park Council Member, named Ricardo Pacheco, from a pool of 25 applicants. Does anyone see a problem that Baldwin Park employees are infesting another public agency in San Bernardino?

(For you legal experts - it makes me wonder if a legitimate public agency can run as an alter ego of another public agency? Food for thought. And we know what alter egos do: launder money.)

Although the board website alleges that Pacheco has a bachelors of science from Cal. State Los Angeles, Pacheco has never shown proof of this. Perhaps, he took one class there. But given his inability to write or do math, I highly doubt he graduated with an engineering degree there. (Let this be a lesson to all of us: Question what your politician says about his qualifications. Always.) On top of his make-believe degree, Pacheco also alleges he works for Cal Trans. We need to see the proof. In fact, I stand by my story that Pacheco is most likely an undocumented sex felon from Texas.

And yes, Pacheco did work as a public works director in South Gate - where he was forced to resign because of his bullying and accusations of sexual harassment. Council Woman Cruz Baca has also accused Pacheco that he physically pushed her once too; the district attorney declined to press charges. Witnesses have observed how high school girls are loathsome of Pacheco and disgusted by him when he approaches, including even his own daughter. A number of witnesses have seen the Sunday school teacher and married Catholic at the strip bars on Valley Blvd in the City of Industry. (Several witnesses have also alleged that Father Mike of Baldwin Park's Catholic Church also asks for "big donations" from this marijuana scheme.) The pattern and all these circumstantial facts are in line with the theory that he's a an ex-felon convicted of sexually related crimes in Texas.

Regarding his judgment, Pacheco has proven himself vindictive and wasteful with city money. To shut up local activist Greg Tuttle, Pacheco sued Tuttle on an estimated $500,000 in legal expenses of city money. In the first case, Pacheco lied under oath to get a temporary restraining order against Tuttle. Pacheco lost that case. Then, in the second case, Pacheco attempted to code enforce Tuttle and ruin his credit rating. He lost that case as well. Both instances now only show how wasteful Pacheco is, but his inability to control himself and his temper.

So, why is Taylor hiring someone as incompetent and mean-spirited as Pacheco? Well, first, Pacheco voted for Taylor's exorbitant contract and also his clause that he can virtually never get fired. But second, let's not also forget that Pacheco is part of the phony California Education Coalition Political Action Committee that laundered drug money to get Taylor elected. As we keep saying in Baldwin Park: Follow the money. It certainly lead you to interesting places.

New 2018 Lincoln Navigator
Well - our "public servant" is living the high roller life now, even while being incompetent, uneducated, unethical, spiteful, mean, and wasteful. After the injection of marijuana money into the City and his new job, Pacheco bought himself a new 2018 Lincoln Navigator, laser eye surgery, and a new suit.

The students at the boxing club used to ask me how to become wealthy. I would tell them the truth: "I would tell you to go to school and get a good education. But it seems that being corrupt is an easier and faster way to do it."

To end this piece - I wanted to answer a question asked of me a long time ago. Someone asked me: "Why should we care about corruption?" I mean it seems obvious why, because it's wrong and bad for society. Well, I'm in a better position to answer that question now.

The ring of corruption in Baldwin Park
and West Valley Water Board
Now that I'm in South Africa, I'm witnessing the unraveling of the social fabric and trust of civic society. This results is the loss of business and people being unable to make money to house and feed themselves.

And one reason this happens is because of these corrupt public officials - who are too lazy and incompetent to make their own way in life. So, they lie to us, and then turn around and steal from us, instead. And here in South Africa, it's turning into a hopeless society where everyone just preys off of everyone else, because there's no business.

Is this where we really want to head?

The solution to this problem is that these individuals needs to be investigated, the truth needs to be exposed, and they need to be justly charged and convicted. Only then can we start all over and have a government for the people, by the people.

So, I encourage all of you to do your part in being outraged and active by the cancerous growth of corruption rooting and infesting itself in our presence. It makes me wonder if we've entered into where there won't be economic growth in the Western World for the first time since the Dark Ages. 

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