Sunday, June 16, 2019

Beach with the hippies

Manu, me, Andres, Arturo, and Monse
(From left to right)
"Can I go to the beach too?" I ask.

"Sure," says the manager at my hostel. Arturo takes me in a van, which has a mattress inside.

I wave hi to the people passing by.

Art says, "Stop doing that. We're in a van. They'll think you're trying to kidnap them."

Soon, a Portuguese girl comes with us.

We drive to the beach.

There, an Argentine, named Andres joins us there. He's surprised that I've been to Argentina. We talk about it.

Then we all swim and play in the water. We have with us banana bread, wine, mescal, and beers. Some of them smoke weed. I stick to the wine.

And that's all we do. Play.

I remember when I was a kid, I played a lot and loved playing. Then somewhere along the way, authority told me playing all the time was not a good thing.

Especially in America - it's all about work. How boring.

So, I'm playing again.

Actually today, I've been invited to a full moon festival. I wonder how it's going to be.

Happy Father's day to everyone!

I miss everyone at home. See you soon, but first: More playing.

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