Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baldwin Park Fails Again to Release Documents

Even after a judge tentatively ordered the City of Baldwin Park to release documents, once again, the City lied and didn't do it. I mean, really?! What else do we have to do?

Last week Julian and I went to view documents in City Hall, remember the place that the Mayor and City Attorney tried to get a restraining order against me from visiting? When we went, I viewed the documents and so much was missing. When the City Attorney found out, he stated, "Tell him to come to my office in downtown, Los Angeles."

I replied, "Not gonna happen. And the government code says that the viewing needs to be made available in City Hall. If Tafoya knew the law, maybe the City wouldn't get sued so much."

This was despite the fact the City Attorney told the court over and over again everything was ready and has been ready. Word on the street is that they thought we were just after money and not really the documents. Not true - we want the truth.

Anyways, I had to send a letter to the evil and unintelligible Mayor and Council Members (three of them barely graduated high school) again letting them know that they're violating the tentative judicial order. I didn't get a response.

Well, that's what the City Attorney wrote. He can't control himself and he says the stupidest things. (Let's not forget that he forged a document with the court.) When I told him not all the documents were there, and I offered him a second chance, he said, "The City does not need a second chance. The documents were made available to Mr. Cook yesterday as required by the Court." 

This was another lie and a dumb one at that because to that, I responded: "The City Attorney’s letter is an express rejection and clear intent that the City believes all documents have been produced." We disagree. So the City could go back to court and the judge could sign off on a formal order for them to produce documents. I also told the City Attorney and the Corrupt City, I'm no longer answering anything regarding the matter. We're just going to court.

Of course, City Attorney, by email threatens and shouts and bullies more. He's on permanent ignore. In his latest defense, he said, that I'm not a real attorney because I still live with my mother. I read that and thought, Does his garbage ever end?

Before we went to trial, he wrote to me: “I do look forward to plying my trade against you.  It should be interesting. I am sure you are a worthy opponent and there is nothing like a good trial.” 

I guess he was right. There's nothing like a good trial to show him how evil and stupid him and his clients are. All he could ask the judge was if he lost. He sure did!

Anyways, I know I'm just summing up the garbage Baldwin Park is spewing out again. The point is that this City couldn't behave, even when the court, who it is obligated to listen to, tells them to. That's how bad they are.

I talked to an old timer activist attorney today and told him the recent happenings about Baldwin Park. He said, "Sounds like you need to convince Jackie Lacey to prosecute them. They're [the Council Members] never going to listen to anyone because they're criminals."

I nodded and asked him how to go about it doing it.

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