Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter and Forgiveness

Peter Paul Rubens, Saint Sebastian
(C 1614AD)
I've been reading through a lot of the opinion editorials today. In the Western World (not in Russia), it's Easter Sunday. Easter comes from the Old English Estru - which actually means Resurrection Sunday.

I know most of my readers are probably not Christian; so, if you don't want to read on - I understand. (But this isn't so much of a religious article either, it's more of a relational one.)

Easter represents the day in which a person's wrongdoing between him or herself has been wiped clean before God. God has essentially forgiven that person of all his or her debts. For us Christians, today is the day to remember how much God loved humanity, and in turn, we should let go of the wrongs others have done to us. It frees us and frees the other person.

Likewise, I decided today that I wanted to bridge any relationships that have been worn or torn. Come on, we all have them. And, I'm going to make the effort to reach out and make the relationship restored.

Life's way too short to hold grudges. If there's that friend or family member you know has been nagging in your heart, maybe you should bite the bullet, and flick that first email or make that first call.

After today, though, my usual articles will begin again.

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