Wednesday, April 8, 2015

How to Get $175,000 or 50% Off Your House - Be the Mayor of Baldwin Park And Sell the City Away

Mayor Manuel Lozano
He's been exposed again! Mayor Manuel Lozano likely got a $175,000 kickback. That's a 50% discount on his house. Read how.

He purchased his home in Baldwin Park for $175,000 less its assessed value. $357,201 was the assessed value of his home on 15378 Kenoak Dr., Baldwin Park, CA 91706. $175,000 was what the Mayor paid. (Proof copied and pasted below).

Hence, the Mayor got a deal by only paying half price. He saved $175,000.

The Mayor Shocked and Exposed as a Bankrupted Security Guard
It's highly doubtful that this was a legitimate deal. A bankruptcy expert told me often times people play this kind of game to launder money or to run away from creditors. We already know that the Mayor is really a bankrupted security guard.

I suspect that this was a kickback or a bribe in some form, unless the owner of the home was "gifting" the $175,000 - which would be an extraordinary gift. Let's say you're a contractor, and you need to buy a vote from the Mayor and you want to buy his vote. Well, you don't really want to leave a money trail for people to spot. So, the owner of the home, wants to sell the house for $350,000. How about if the contractor gives him the $175,000. Presto. No money trail.

 The Mayor takes a mortgage of $175,000. Then, the contractor pays the owner of the house the rest of it.

See, how it works?

Now, it's possible that the Mayor paid $175,000 in cash for the other half, but the deed would reflect that the total he paid for the house was still $350,000. Furthermore, if he had that kind of cash on hand, how did he file bankruptcy? If he was paying cash, how did he get this money?

Also - as a security guard - how did he make the downpayment? This is all super sketchy.

Now, if all of us can abuse our position like the Mayor, we'd all have our homes half off and save $175,000. For the average American, that's five years of not having to work. It's a lot of money. Proof below.

The sad part is that people have been calling me and telling me that he doesn't live in Baldwin Park. He's been sighted often in Chino and Chino Hills; so, his residence is most likely in the 909, the Inland Empire.

Thank you "Snooper" for providing me this information.

You can read all about the Mayor's bankruptcy here. Mayor Is Really a Bankrupted Security Guard

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