Monday, July 6, 2015

From Tokyo to Malaysia to Bali

Kula Lumpur, Malaysia
From Tokyo, I took an eight hour flight with Japanese Airline to Kula Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. The flight cost $50, but I had to pay something like 22,500 British Airway miles. Who knew it was an eight hour flight?

I was lucky to have a free pass again to the admiral lounge. the Admiral Lounge in Tokyo is awesome. I ate some cod roe in miso soup with egg and rice. I ate three bowls of this because it was so good. I also took a shot of cognac to put me out for the flight.

My concluding thoughts are that I want to come back to Japan, but not to Tokyo. I'd like to see one anime museum that was totally booked. Other than that, it's way too crowded for me.

An eight hour flight. I just didn't think South East Asia was so far away from East Asia. It seems so close. I've added a map to show you where I've been.

I've been flying nearly 24 hours now: 5 hours to Hawaii, 10 hours to Tokyo, and 8 hours to Malaysia.

I stayed one night in Kula Lumpur. I had enough points to pay for a free hotel there. I ate some Muslim food at night. I had 8 hours of sleep. Then, I woke up and boarded my flight to Bali, Indonesia.

This is my first time in a Muslim Asian country. I've been to Lebanon and Turkey before, but Islam in the East is a bit different. For one thing, it's not as conservative, as in the Middle East. Women don't need full covering. But being in Kuala Lumpur, it strikes you as a Muslim country - as they frown on pork and alcohol almost everywhere. Also, people kept looking at me, being a bronzed Asian, wearing shorts and not abiding by Muslim culture and tradition.

I'm flying Malaysian Air, now. They have issues. I'm scared. I'm praying not to get into a plane crash. At every point of my travel, something went wrong with Malaysian Air. Its internet booking didn't work. Its phone number didn't work. It's kiosk checkin didn't work.

If they have so many problems with electronics in dealing with the customers, you can imagine how it it in the cockpit for the pilot.

You get the message. Malaysian Air is broken. Don't fly with them. It's scary.

Praying to God now not to get into a plane crash.

My Trip "Purify" - Starting from Los Angeles; Honolulu, Hawaii; Tokyo Japan;
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Bali, Indonesia (Final Country Destination)

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