Friday, July 17, 2015

On an Island in the Sun

Gili Island at Sunset, taken by Paul Cook on an iPhone
We hired bikes and rode West, chasing the sunset, in an island in the sun. There were seven of us: one American, five English, and one Italian.

We rode our bikes for about two miles, across the jungle road, called Sunset Blvd., and sat at a beach, and watched the sunset. We ordered drinks. We drank. We watched.

The red sun slowly sank and lit the sky with different hues of pink, orange, and sky blue, and dark blue.

We talked about how we've been doing this every day now and how nice it was.

The first star that appeared wasn't actually a star - it was Jupiter. And below it, there was Venus. Afterwards, we ate food and bought waffles with chocolate and bananas and talked about our days in Indonesia.

Then, they went out and drank and danced out on the beach, while a bonfire roared. They danced and drank until the morning sun came out.

It's been a festive time because the fasting period of Ramadan, the Muslim period of fasting from dusk till Dawn is finally over. You hear the firecrackers all over the island and the children laugh and play with glee.

There's an entire backstory to all this, and I'll try to update everybody about what's happened. The Italian left us today. He always seemed happy and wanted everyone else to be happy.

Well, I'm coming home in a few days now. I can honestly say the days went by fast.

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