Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More days on an island in the sun - Gili Air

Gili Air
I woke up for breakfast and to my surprise Luke and Ludo were fit enough to have breakfast with me. We all went back to the same restaurant, right on the ocean, and ate breakfast.

Lauren was ill from food poisoning. She was about to leave.

The group decided to go to next key called Gili Air - meaning (Key Freshwater). That's because apparently there's freshwater on the island.

It was time to check out. Since it was 9:40 AM and we were supposed to be out by 10, I gently woke up everyone. At that point, Kira, being hung over and wasted, swore up a storm and started cursing like a sailor. I didn't appreciate it. She swore a lot.

In any event, the group woke up slowly but surely. They joined us. Queen Bee looked rather hung over and wasted.

Because Kira was Indonesian, we trusted her language abilities. She chartered a speed boat to Gili Air, which cost each of us something like $5 USD.

After breakfast though, she made us wait for two hours - not telling us the real reason. What happened was the man she hooked up with was leaving in two hours, and she just had to be with him. So, she made the whole group wait with her - while not telling us the real reason.

Lauren left. I didn't get to say good bye. She wasn't feeling well. I felt kind of sad I didn't get to say bye to her.

The speed boat ride took about ten or fifteen minutes. We landed on the island. We didn't have a place to stay. People had a lot of luggage.

Kira, however, went running after her man. I said, "Kira, two of them are behind us. We should wait."

"They can catch up!"

I thought a lot of foul thoughts I can't really write about. But I was rather upset she was making everyone else suffer because she was lusting. I thought, why don't you just go with him alone and stop dragging us along. (Essentially, this did end up happening.)

I looked at Ludo and said, "There's no way they're going to have a place for 15 of us. The others will have a place, but we won't."

The idea made no one happy. People were hot and sweaty from carrying their baggage. When we arrived at their housing, it was just as I said. There was no place for 5 of us.

So, I asked Ludo, Will and me to all come with me. Luke and Daisy stayed behind. We searched for several hours for a place. People were rather grumpy about the whole thing.

I was upset at how selfish Kira was. We could've booked our own place, if she just let us know that her only intention was to bunk up with the new boy she met. I kept telling myself to get over it. It wasn't worth stressing over. But it kind of was. We had no place to stay - while they did. And it didn't have to happen, had we known.

In the end, we found a very nice place. It was bungalow and it cost $10 a night. It was very clean and a 3 minute walk to the beach. Breakfast was included. We had a hammock and air conditioning too. I loved it there. It was clean. The toilets ran. There was space. The beds were huge. I wanted to live there for eternity - or as long as I wouldn't get bored anymore.

Ludo, Luke and I had one Bungalow. Daisy and Will had the other. I would lie if I didn't say that I was so happy to be rid of Queen Bee. It was like a millstone I no longer had to drag around my neck.

* * *
Gili Air was much different from Gili T. It was much more peaceful, serene, and not crawling with backpackers searching for sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll.

Although we were only supposed to stay two nights, the five us of agreed to stay four nights. The island brought healing and rest to all our souls.

We didn't do very much on it though. We ate breakfast. Did an afternoon activity, such as biking or snorkeling. Ate lunch. Napped. Then chased the sunset. Watched the sunset. Ate dinner on the ocean. Slept. And the day would start again.

On one of the nights, we asked Daisy to sing with the live band. After a few drinks, she agreed. I bought a few of the drinks because good news had arrived that day. (I'll write more on that in another post.)

In her island dress, the band played. She took the microphone and sang beautifully. I couldn't believe the voice she had. We all were impressed and so were the islanders. Everyone clapped. I was proud of her.

From the distance, you could see the fireworks light up the island sky in bright flowery colors. Ramadan was over. The days of fasting were over. People could eat again.

On the last night, Rich (who was with Kira's group), joined us for dinner. He introduced us two of his English friends he met in Singapore. They told us a foul story. I can't write about it here.

Then they showed us a foul video - while we were having dinner. I can't describe it here.

They partied the night away. I went back. And Rich left the island the next day. I saw Queen Bee that day. I didn't even say hi. I thought I should've, but I disapproved of how she treated us.

On the last day on the island, Ludo and Luke went their own ways. Ludo was going back to Italy. Luke was going to explore more of Bali.

I knew in my heart that my vacation was coming to an end. I so wish I could've told Lauren good bye. But I told myself that one shouldn't get attached so quickly to people. From time to time, though, I told them, I wish Lauren was around; she always had a way of making me laugh.

The next day, I walked Ludo to the port. I waited for his speed boat to come in. I gave him a lucky charm. I was kind of sad he was going too. No more breakfasts and chats, I thought.

I sighed. I knew that there was only work ahead of me after my holidays was coming to an end. And, everything was pointing to the fact that my holidays were ending.

I had two nights left. I'd follow Will and Daisy to our final island. 

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