Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is Baldwin Park's Mayor, Manuel Lozano, Undocumented?

Mayor Manuel Lozano
Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park may be undocumented. If he is, should he be deported? Well, first, he may need to serve time for his little bankruptcy stunt.

What did Mayor Lozano get caught for this time? Well, after getting his bankruptcy file, I've discovered that the Mayor's social security number has been issued under a temporary worker's visa, entitled California SSN 02. Also, the social security number was published in 1974. But one of Lozano's alleged birthdays is on December 2, 1958.

But the Mayor's from Brownsville and he wasn't born in 1974. So, why does he have a California social security number?

In short, the question is why doesn't the Mayor have a normal social security number from Texas? Is it because he's undocumented?

Also, how did he get this California social security number?

According to the Brownsville, Herald, published on February 15, 1972, Federal authorities found that Manuel Lozano was NOT a U.S. Citizen but a Mexican Citizen. The question is whether Lozano has ever naturalized.

What is also proven is that the Mayor filed bankruptcy with this social security number. If the number was taken as a part of identity theft, it makes him a party to bankruptcy fraud. (It's a well known fact that social securities numbers can be purchased off the black market in California.) Perhaps, this is the reason he was whining to everyone I partly published his social security number, though it was done by accident at the time.

Now, I know why he's nervous about the entire affair. (In any event, the 10th Circuit said that activists can publish public officials' social security number.)

In general, the Manuel Lozano has proven himself to be an unlawful person. Let's not forget how he violated the First Amendment, not once, but twice, but thrice. Remember when he tried to a get a temporary restraining order against the hardworking businessman, Greg Tuttle. He also tried to get one against me. Both times, the court told him we have a First Amendment Right to criticize him. (He still doesn't get it.) Perhaps, that's why he failed to appear to his last hearing, because of the shame he suffered from the first one.

On top of that, he had me arrested and jailed for leafleting him at the park. Then, he cost the City $67,500 for his bad judgment. Once again, he's poor judgment reflects more of how criminals, and not normal people, make decisions.

And you want to know why he's such a bad decision maker? Because, it looks like he's a felon from Brownsville, Texas. There's  Russian proverb. If you're born foolish, you likely grow up and die foolish. This is apt to Manuel Lozano.

To be honest, and this doesn't reflect my views on other undocumented people, I'd have no problem if Trump prosecuted and convicted Lozano. Afterwards, he needs to return back from where he came. Given his past history, for the protection of our people and the Mexican people, he may even need to be sent to Antartica. Better yet, Putin can have him in Siberia.

Given his previous record, this is because Lozano is not your typical immigrant, who works hard and is trying to make an honest living. I mean, he got his house, which he doesn't even live in, for 50% off from an attorney. What's up with that?

If you're a conservative activist, I request that you do more research on this case. Manuel Lozano may be your perfect poster child for your agenda.

PS: I'm willing to apologize and retract this article, of Manuel Lozano provides proof of his naturalization from a Mexican citizen to an American one. 


  1. My Friend what is Mayor Lozano's SSN? I have some in depth research into his identity and this will be a great help.
    Mike Taylor

  2. Feel free to share on this forum everything you know.

  3. Paul, keep in mind that, at least back then, virtually no one got or used a Social Security number at birth. Usually back then, one got a SS number when they got their first job. So, if Lozano was born in 1958 and received his SS number in 1974 at age 16, when most persons get their first job, this makes perfect sense. Lozano is definitely a criminal who stole the election from Cruz Baca, among innumerable other crimes, but this is how SS numbers worked in his younger years. I still don't know why there isn't a commission to compare the relatively small number of votes cast in Baldwin Park to the addresses of registered voters who voted. Surely, that will prove he cheated and should be prosecuted and removed as mayor.

  4. All that is true, BUT,

    1. Brownsville Herald has stated that Lozano is undocumented.

    2. His social security numbers relate to temporary working visas, NOT a legally born citizen.