Monday, February 6, 2017

Julain Casas Ends Manuel Carrillo's and Baldwin Park's Non-Profit Corporation

Manuel Carillo aka
Manuel Carrillo Jr. 
After Jualin Casas's (a resident and former employee of Baldwin Park) lawsuit, which is still pending, Manuel Carrillo killed his non-profit corporation the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation and washed his hands clean of it. In March of 2016, the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation (BPCCC) has now been dissolved.

Although Rose Tam is listed as the service agent, let's not forget that Carrillo has been running the non-profit as president since the early 90's. It's most likely that he changed the name to Rose Tam, the City's Finance Director, so that people later wouldn't be able to track the nonprofit back to him. (Well - too bad, Casas is not letting that happen.)

The lawsuit filed by Casas alleges that Carrillo was using the non-profit to hold sham events in the name of poverty stricken children and enriching themselves by buying Walmart gift cards. Tens of thousands of dollars, if not hundreds of thousands, have been laundered by Carrillo through the BPCCC. The event held annually was called Santa Clothes.

Baldwin Park City Manager
Shannon Yauchtzee
To counter the death of their non-profit, Mayor Lozano and Council Members Ricardo Pacheco and Raquel Monica Garcia ordered the City Mananger Shannon Yauchtzee to start a new non-profit. Shannon Yauchtzee incorporated the Baldwin Park Charitable Relief Foundation on August 24, 2015. (The Mayor and his friends, apparently, didn't want Carrillo screwing it up again - although they apparently gave him a big raise for all the stress he endured.)

According to the Casas lawsuit, Carrillo and the City were fronting the non-profit as a mechanism for bribery. The money would come out washed in the form of gift cards at the end of the year. Citizens wonder if the Yauchtzee non-profit has been set up for the same purposes. What is clear, is that the Mayor and the council members vote on the non-profits activities at the council chambers, as well as city business. (Doesn't it sound like an alter-ego, once again?)

In any event, it's a victory for the people to have killed the BPCCC, an illegal non-profit that's been harming the public since 1974; that's 42 years. I end with the words of the song they played at my high school graduation: Good Riddance.

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