Friday, December 15, 2017

LA Times Paint Chief Michael Taylor and City Attorney Robert Tafoya as Corrupt and Incompetent

You can look be this porky
and be Chief of Police in Baldwin Park
(c) LA Times.
This just in! Well, the Los Angeles Times finally wrote up Taylor's corrupt employment contract drafted by City Attorney Robert Tafoya; it's the first contract anyone has ever heard of, in which you can only be fired for committing a felony. That means that Taylor has to commit a crime like murder, rape, or commit grand theft to be fired. Baldwin Park just keeps degenerating into the abyss. Like I said, this is happening because these people (Council Members and administrators like Carrillo and Taylor and Tafoya never get punished for being bad.) This is just like the City of Bell - de ja vu.

In any event, here's the LA Times article.

"When Baldwin Park rehired Michael Taylor as its police chief, the city included a provision in his contract that makes him exceedingly difficult to fire. Taylor can only be terminated from his $234,000-a-year job, according to the agreement, if he commits a felony."

. . . This police chief can only be fired if he commits a crime. It has to be a felony

Robert Tafoya - not a surprise -
On file at LA Superior Court - you can see
he misrepresented by signature in court.
(c) LA Times
(Let's hope - for everyone's sake - some kind of justice happens.)

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