Thursday, February 22, 2018

Cloud Forests, Good Bye Colombia, Hello Argentina

Swimming in the pools (again).
I spent my last days in Colombia in the northern cloud forests of Colombia. I loved the sense of peace I had there. But I could feel that the time was coming to say good bye to Colombia.

The little village has wonderful coffee; it's also where coffee plantations first started in Colombia. I also enjoyed the wonderful Italian food they had; it must be the best pasta I've had in over a year. I ate at the Italian restaurant every day; my favorite food was the tortellinis with pesto.

Yummy! MMMM!!! And I love that a glass of red wine from Argentina was only $3 with it. I wonder if it was coincidental that I watched The Godfather for the first time.

I went on a few hikes in the forest and went for a swim for the first time in the pools since that boat hit me.

I've also for the first time found the value of mp3 books. I listened to books on tape in the past (less on cd). But, the value of mp3 book is that you can do other things, while going through a book - such as walking, riding a bus, or being on an airplane. So, that should help me speed up some reading, which it already has been doing.

Like I've said before - I could feel the time slipping through my fingers, and I knew my stay in Colombia was ending. I felt sad about it. I enjoyed Colombia, even though I didn't see much of it. I didn't even see Medellin, the famous city that cocaine built, or Bogota. But, I'll have to come back.

I had a rough journey leaving Colombia and coming into Argentina. Had to wake up early in  morning to catch a flight into Bogota. I listened to more of my audio book on the plane. Then, I had to wait at the airport for 7 hours, where I was able to catch up on some errands. I would land into Buenos Aires at 03:00A. That wasn't that fun. I wouldn't sleep for over 30 hours.

But I made it. I'm in Argentina now, visiting some friends. It makes me feel like Che Guevara in Motorcycle Diaries. When Ernesto and Alberto leave Buenos Aires, they visit Che's girlfriend and relatives.

Pool I went swimming in

Me: After my swim.

A baby scorpion; it jumped on me.

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