Sunday, February 11, 2018

Foiled Robbery: On Luck & Signs

Folk tales Korean Tiger WaterColor
by Jeremy Yong
Korean tigers are supposed to be lucky
and ward off the evil spirits.
Years ago in New York - I met up with my German friend Volker, who told me that I had to be luckiest person he ever met. I remember the incident well. I didn't want to pay for a bus tour - and right then and there, I found a tour bus ticket someone had lost. I asked the crowd if someone lost their ticket, but when no one reclaimed it - I took it and didn't pay for the tour.

I have a friend who we'll call KS from New Zealand - who also told me the same thing. When I was in high school - my mother told me once - "I think you have a lot of luck, Paul. It's not normal."

In Mexico, my brother once told me - "There's gonna be a day when your luck runs out, Paul." (I think he likes to cry bitter grapes, though.)

And I told him, "I'm like a cat. I have 9 lives."

"You keep telling yourself that."

* * *
I received a text message a few days ago. It said in Spanish - "You need to leave. It's a risk for you to stay there."

I gave the key to the hostess's brother. He didn't look too happy.

I was confused. No explanation. Kind of disruptive. But it was time for me to leave anyhow. I had finished recovering at the beach.

I took a taxi to the local clinic and had my stitches removed. The nurse was not gentle. It was like she removed my stitches in the most painful way. After, I went to the city.

Later that night, my host meets me for dinner in the city.

Jon explains, "There was plan to rob you. That's why you had to get out of there. Ingrid's brother has no money, because he spends it all on cocaine. He told someone on the island his plan, and they told us. So we told you - get out of there."

"Oh," I said. "No wonder why he didn't look happy when I left."

"Yes, because you ruined his plan. He's a bad person."

"I know. I saw him and Ingrid get into an argument."

"Yes, today, he punched her in the chest, today. We filed a police report. He's run away to the next town.

"Oh, no. Ingrid was crying so much."

Later, Jon also tells me that a Panamanian drug dealer was asking about me. I've never seen him, but apparently he observed quite a lot about me. Good I got out of there.

In my head, it was hard for me to believe this, especially after avoiding a near death accident so recently.

* * *
I text my brother and tell him: "Jeffrey's come back."

"Who's Jeffrey?" He asks.

"It's Jeh Pan's [our cat's] friend. Mom told me he ran away for a month, and both Jeh Pan and Mom got sad about it. They lost hope about ever seeing him again. But Mom said he just came back, and the first people he wanted to see was Mom and Jeh Pan."

My brother doesn't answer back.

I tell him, "You know it's a lucky sign. It means that whatever we've lost is going to come back to us."

He still doesn't answer. I don't expect him to.

* * *
Before I left the beach village, I found a jaguar cub on the streets. I thought that was funny, because the Scriptures say that the lazy man won't even go onto the street to work, because he says a lion prowls it. But, I actually found a jaguar cub on the street. How amazing!

A guy was carrying it around, and holding it like it was his baby. It was beautiful and had the largest blue eyes. I should've taken a picture. But I petted it. It tried to bite but stopped short of doing so.

The guy let me hold it. It was heavy; really heavy; heavier than a human baby of that size. And it was purring, which was nice. It was a beautiful creature with exotic colors and ring patterns on its fur.

I wonder what it means if you find a lion cub on the street. I think it's lucky if you get a chance to hold it.

* * *
From time to time, I think about luck. It's a real phenomenon that academic scholars recognize some people have a lot of, though to my knowledge, there hasn't been a good study as to why some people have more luck than others. It also appears certain individuals know how to increase their chances of being lucky.

The ancient elite consulted with oracles and seers to read the signs about battle. It makes me wonder if the world does give us hints about the future. Something to think about. Something I don't know much about.

Those are my recent thoughts. Enjoy your weekend.

From Colombia,


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