Saturday, March 7, 2015

Eating Vietnamese - the Best Pho

I had the best Vietnamese food yesterday.Usually, I'm not a fan of eating at Vietnamese restaurants. Not because the food is not good, but they charge a low price and usually means the quality is bad. Broths usually taste like they're made from chicken cubes and not actual soup.
Pho - Beef Noodle Soup

But yesterday, my friend and I were just looking for a quick bite and some thing reasonably priced. Our usual place was crowded, so we settled to try this new Vietnamese restaurant. We ate at Pho Bang on 8450 Valley, Rosemead. I wasn't expecting much, but I was curious when I saw that it happened to be an East Coast restaurant that was reviewed by New York Daily (one of the top five newspapers).

The spring rolls were out of this world. The skin was crispy and golden. And when you bit into it, it had such a nice, hard crunch. Then when the spring roll cracked open in your mouth, the hot steam filled your mouth and immediately, you could taste the soft and chewy pork. It was the best spring roll I ever had. I was impressed. I want to go back, just writing about it.

The noodles tasted fresh. And as I tell people, nothing, I mean nothing, beats freshly made noodles. But I couldn't believe it. It wasn't that expensive. Were these fresh noodles? I asked the owner, and he confirmed that they order fresh noodles every other day. I knew they were fresh.

The owner brought me my French coffee. (Vietnam was once a French colony.) It had that wonderful smell of dark, roasted coffee and when I mixed it when the condensed milk, it was so wonderful. It was really balanced between that nutty coffee taste and sweet, creamy milk.

So, some of you are international readers. Go check out a Vietnamese place and have fried spring rolls and Pho. If you're in LA, Pho Bang is highly recommended. Get the French Coffee too, if you're a coffee fan.

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