Thursday, March 19, 2015

Mayor Lozano Has Hired Criminals Before Too - Just Discovered

Baldwin Park's Mayor Lozano, Inept and Insidious
I've just discovered today that Mayor Lozano has hired criminals in the past to work for the City. Just after one year of being a City Council Member in 1997, Lozano hired William H. Kraus as City Manager (also known as CEO) from the City of Norwalk. Another one of Baldwin Park's dirty secrets is that Kraus was a convicted money launderer. That's right, another money launderer. But when LA Times' Richard Winton, Pulitzer Prize winner reported it, Lozano said he didn't know. Baldwin Park Hires Money Launderer as City Manager

According to Lozano, he defended the hiring of the money launderer Kraus and said he had no idea about it.

Money Launderer, Manuel Carrillo Jr.

Now the facts are coming together. Guess who else comes from Norwalk and launders money? If you guessed Manuel Carrillo Jr., the underperforming Parks and Recreation Director - who gets paid $200,000 a year, you'd hit the nail on the dot. Carrillo is a money launderer.

It's also not a coincidence that Carrillo was hired as Parks and Recreation Director at about the same time that Kraus became City Manager. Most likely - they were both hired for the same skill they possessed - laundering money. And it appears that they probably both learned it at the City of Norwalk. That's the real reason the City Council doesn't fire Carrillo - it's because he lines their pocket with our money.

Also, no wonder why Manuel Carrillo hires criminals to work with boxing coaches. The City's been practicing this since the days of Lozano. And such criminals, like Kraus, only get fired when someone brings up their record. When Rene Zepeda got fired, because I had to bring it to their attention, Carrillo said that it didn't come up on the background check; so, it's the new HR Directors fault. How did I get the information then?

It's the same lie as Lozano used to tell. The pattern of these City Officials and Administrators stay the same, even after 18 years. My predictions are, however, that the cycle of lying, cheating, and stealing are coming to an end for some of these politicians and administrators.

Sadly, in the end, we the citizens are hurt. When we have the two Mannys trying to fill their own pockets by stealing from the city bank account, it means they're not doing their jobs. And as a result, especially for our youth, we're not getting good quality services that we're paying dearly for.

Let's face the truth: my city is run by a nest of vipers.
A Nest of Vipers: the true spirit of Baldwin Park Management

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