Monday, March 30, 2015

Top Stories of the Legal Lens

Here are the top stories I've written on in the year.

1. Here's the story that started it all and Google keeps reporting it as a top hit. This is how the Baldwin Park protested the corrupt City and the Director of Parks and Recreation, Manuel Carrillo Jr.

The boxers of my City became small town heroes and local celebrities by taking on the City.  We were able to get the Mayor on the record to promise a meeting with me, their representative.  Now, I feel so run down with all the councillors, mayors, and local political leaders who want a meeting with me.  But just yesterday, we were nobodies.  Here's how we made our presence known.  The Baldwin Park Grand Showdown

2. Read about how after the Mayor got annoyed with he filed a Temporary Restraining Order Against me.

Today, I received notice that Mayor Manuel Lozano will file a temporary restraining order against me.  The emergency hearing will be held tomorrow in downtown, Los Angeles.  His claim is that I threatened him, though at the moment, they're not telling me what I actually said. Mayor Files Temporary Restraining Order Against Me

3. I like to write letters to my boxers to encourage them.

Letter on why its important to work hard. Letter on working hard.

4. After speaking out against the Parks and Recreation Director, Manuel Carrillo Jr., the director and acting City Manager fired Julian Casas. Both of them make close to $200,000 a year.

Parks and Recreation Director Manny Carrillo Jr. suspended Juilan Casas, head boxing coach, with pay, pending an investigation.  Carrillo stated that he couldn't tell Casas what the investigation was about, only that somebody filed a complaint.  He stated he would no longer be allowed on the premises and to not speak to employees or the boxing participants. Evil Bosses Fire Boxing Coach Who Worked for City for 17 years

5. In an unrelated Baldwin Park case, read about my client, and how Eric Holder deported her babies. And those babies were American!

On January 7, Elizabeth Valdez left half of her heart in Zacatecas, Mexico. She spent Christmas and New Years with her deported husband and two daughters, but returned to solitude in Seattle. Anglo Mother Suffers Because of American Deportations (If the Washington State Senator, Patty Murray, advocated to the Department of Homeland Security, she could get her family back. But at the moment, we just keep getting stonewalled.)

Finally, if you have any information on these people, please email me:

-Manuel Carrillo Jr. - Corrupt Parks and Recreation Director
-Craig Graves - ex-Finance Director of Palm Springs and current Finance Director of Baldwin Park
-Michael Ray Taylor - Lives in Rialto - Crooked Chief of Police and Former Acting City Manager of Baldwin Park
-Shannon Yauchtzee - Former Public Works Director of West Covina and Current City Manager
-Robert Nacionales-Tafoya aka Robert Tafoya aka Robert Nacionales - Current Contracted City Attorney

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