Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What Baldwin Park's Mayor Has in Common With Slime Eels

Manuel Lozano, Mayor and Shame of Baldwin Park
I bet you never thought that mayors could have so much in common with slime eels (also known as hagfishes). Before, we get into what Mayor Lozano, aka The Shame of Baldwin Park, has in common with slime eels, we have to take a Paul-Cook biology lesson into slime eels. (For those of you who don't know, I was trained as a scientist and biologist in another life.)

Hagfish, also known as a slime eel
Hagfish (see picture below) are literally the bottom feeders of the ocean. They are the only animals in the world that have a skull but no backbone. Hence, scientist like to debate as to their origin and their classification. Is it that they degenerated from a higher order or that they evolved from creatures - like our leeches? Nobody, really knows.

In any event, slime eels have a role in the world. They scavenge the ocean floor, searching for dead animals to eat. This is how they survive.

Nature is efficient. Everything that dies in the ocean ends up on the floor, even the smallest pieces of organic matter, called marine snow. Although marine snow appears to suspend in the water, it's actually sinking at a very slow rate. In some cases, it could take centuries for it to reach the ocean floor. It could take up to a thousand years if ocean snow sinks near the Mariana Trench - the deepest part of the ocean in the world. The Mariana Trench is about 7 miles (or 11 kms) deep. Can you imagine that? It's seven times deeper than the Grand Canyon of America. Just think of all the pressure that's at the bottom of the trench. If you dropped a car down there, the pressure of the water would crush the car into a tin can. But somehow life persists on the ocean floor.

And all animals die. When it reaches the floor, the slime eels scour the ocean floor - hungry and looking for something to eat. So, if a baby whale dies and sinks to the floor, the material of that whale has to be recycled back into the ocean into its constituent parts, such as nitrogen, phosphorous, carbon, sodium, etc. That's where the hagfish comes in and sucks the dead energy out of the carcass and defecates the elements back into the ocean. So, see such animals have a purpose.

The defense mechanism of the hagfish, when a predator captures it, is to produce copious amounts of slime. 5.25 gallons approximately. That's a small barrel of slime. It covers itself in it and slips away, escaping the jaws of life.

Well, Mayor Lozano is no different than a slime eel. There are numerous examples I'm going to publish about how he's a bottom feeder of Baldwin Park and how he's used his position to scavenge off the people and their money.

Interestingly enough, his sliminess has been shown in how he slickly escaped accountability on a number of occasions.

In 1998, Lozano wasn't prosecuted for election fraud. LA Times Writes on Lozano's Election Fraud Also, in 2007, Mayor Lozano used his position to get an all expense paid trip to China. Lozano Gusta Mas Chinitos de Hispanicos Porque Ellos Tienen Dinero Now, in 2015, Lozano wasn't held liable in civil court for slandering my reputation and abusing a judicial process when he got a temporary restraining order against me.

Well, hagfish are prehistoric creatures that have survived over the eons because of their successful adaption mechanisms. Although not the noblest of creatures, bravo to Lozano for choosing survival strategies that have enabled him to survive as a corrupt politician for so long.

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