Saturday, March 7, 2015

Mayor and Cook in the Newspapers Again

Mayor Manuel Lozano Standing Outside of Small Claims Court -
where Paul Cook sued him.
Copyright of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune
Well - the San Gabriel Valley Tribune wrote a story about our trial. I thought it was a good piece.

Reporter Melissa Masatani wrote the story.

I like the quote they picked out for me: "[The court's decision] encourages people with more money and power to pick on those who tell the truth and not be held accountable for it, especially when those people are spending others’ money,” he wrote in an email.

When Mayor Lozano says that he's going to sue me again, now is that going to be on his money or our taxpayer money again? How many times do we have to tell him not to use the city bank account like his own credit card? (The most recent rumor about the Mayor is that he collected city money to go to a conference in Santa Barbara. Then he didn't go, but kept the money. Hey - now isn't that theft?)

Word on the street is that Council Member Ricardo Pacheco was gleeful that the suit got dismissed. That's because Pacheco stiffs bills at Baldwin Park restaurants and mechanics. He was afraid other people could sue him. Guess, what? You, could. If a Council Member doesn't pay - he or she doesn't get free food or services. And don't let them tell you otherwise.

If you need help suing any of these people in small claims court, I will help you. In some ways, this was still a victory for the people because the court never said that the Mayor was being sued as Mayor. In other words, the court still held him personally accountable, meaning if the Mayor lost - it was going to come out of his own bank account - not the city's. That's a good thing. So, if these politicians are administrators take advantage, contact me, and I'll teach you how to sue them personally too.

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