Sunday, September 28, 2014

District Attorney Withholds FIling Misdemeanor Against Me

The LA County District Attorney didn't file misdemeanor charges against me for disturbing the assembly. I was arraigned earlier this week. When I saw that my name wasn't posted for a misdemeanor hearing, I walked into the District Attorney's office to get proof that I showed up for court. The clerk told me I wasn't in the system. That told me that Baldwin Park most likely didn't hand over my file to the District Attorney.

Earlier in the year, after the City of Baldwin Park fired the head boxing coach, I booed the Director of Parks and Recreation at a city event at the city park. I also leafleted. Five Baldwin Park Police (aka Bullying Park Police) grabbed me, put me an arm bar, and threw me onto the streets. When I walked back into the park, I was arrested; strip searched by a woman police officer, who taunted me; and was left in jail for three hours. All this, because Princess Mayor Lozano couldn't stand me passing out articles that told the truth. The Director of Parks and Recreation launders money for the city.

I want you to stop and think about what this city has done to us innocent citizens for trying to make a difference in our community. First, the City of Baldwin Park trumped up charges against the boxing coach, accusing him of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. He worked there for fourteen years and was on minimum wage. For all this time, he was given a forty cent an hour raise. All the boxers did was protest this wasn't right. Now is there anything wrong with that?

But for doing that, they also arrested me, jailed me, and then attempted to destroy my reputation. The Mayor filed a restraining order against me because I was an alleged stalker, harasser, and perjurer. Well, none of this worked because the incompetent City Attorney, Robert Tafoya, kept losing to me - over and over again - in court. (Someone needs to go back to law school.)

I want my readers to know we live in New Tijuana. Baldwin Park had a memorial that said, "It was better before the Whites came." The statement drew so much outrage from Americans, it forced Council Member Puerco Pacheco and Princess Lozano to take it down.

I think these public officials and administrators forget we live in America - where we have a Constitution. I know they want this to be Mexico City - where they can be dictators - but here, in the United States, the common citizens have rights and a Constitution. The Constitution is an agreement between the government and its citizens about what it won't do to harm us. What don't they get about this?

My insiders tell me that the Council Members were trying to get something out of the fact that they didn't prosecute me on my misdemeanor. Just for the record, I was going to take the whole case to trial to be vindicated by a jury of my own peers. It's ridiculous that these public officials were trying to get something out of me for something illegal they did against me. My guess is they were trying to use it as leverage so they could get a better deal out of the case they lost against the boxers. I'm so outraged at their tactics, I wish I could tell them to go screw themselves.

They really are criminals, all of them: Susan Rubio, Cruz Baca, Puerco Ricardo Pacheco, Corrupt Raquel Garcia and Princess Lozano.

Last year the Baldwin Park Police were complaining that they were such good protectors of our safety and rights, and that they didn't deserve to be replaced by the Sheriffs. The truth is there are some nice officers there and were sympathetic to me that day. But I think all of them need a reality check about what they're jobs really are and what their duties are. Violating the Constitution is not one of them. But when these goons, the Baldwin Park police, arrest and jail you against your Constitutional Rights, it becomes evident that they're the real enemies. That's why they should be known as the Bullying Park Police - get it I was bullied at the park.

And get this, the Chief of Police -the infamous Alcoholic Michael Ray Taylor - twice divorcee - and twice bankrupted - still wants more pay - after he fired a boxing coach (he was acting and wasteful City Manager at the time) who asked for forty cents more. Furthermore, the Baldwin Park Police are all complaining they don't get paid enough when they're average salary with perks is almost $100,000. Why do they deserve such a great pay raise when they pick on innocent citizens, abuse their power, fire the dedicated, and don't even understand our Constitution?

All of this is unbelievable. Baldwin Park is truly the Shame of the San Gabriel Valley and should be renamed Nuevo Tijuana.

PS: If you think my language is strong, imagine for one second that all you were doing is writing the truth about the largest criminal organization of your life: The City of Baldwin Park. And for telling the truth, you have five police officers grab you, arm bar you, arrest you, jail you, and try to arraign you on misdemeanor charge (for not doing anything wrong). Then, the Princess Mayor of your city writes a bag full of lies to try to get a restraining order against you from all city property. Almost everywhere is city property. Remember; we're supposed to be living in America.

In any event, I'm grateful to God that none of their evil schemes materialized against me.

Personally, I've been really busy with my cases and in court often. I'll write more soon about what these goons have been up to, since winning our trial against Baldwin Park (Nuevo Tijuana).

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Baldwin Park Fails Again to Release Documents

Even after a judge tentatively ordered the City of Baldwin Park to release documents, once again, the City lied and didn't do it. I mean, really?! What else do we have to do?

Last week Julian and I went to view documents in City Hall, remember the place that the Mayor and City Attorney tried to get a restraining order against me from visiting? When we went, I viewed the documents and so much was missing. When the City Attorney found out, he stated, "Tell him to come to my office in downtown, Los Angeles."

I replied, "Not gonna happen. And the government code says that the viewing needs to be made available in City Hall. If Tafoya knew the law, maybe the City wouldn't get sued so much."

This was despite the fact the City Attorney told the court over and over again everything was ready and has been ready. Word on the street is that they thought we were just after money and not really the documents. Not true - we want the truth.

Anyways, I had to send a letter to the evil and unintelligible Mayor and Council Members (three of them barely graduated high school) again letting them know that they're violating the tentative judicial order. I didn't get a response.

Well, that's what the City Attorney wrote. He can't control himself and he says the stupidest things. (Let's not forget that he forged a document with the court.) When I told him not all the documents were there, and I offered him a second chance, he said, "The City does not need a second chance. The documents were made available to Mr. Cook yesterday as required by the Court." 

This was another lie and a dumb one at that because to that, I responded: "The City Attorney’s letter is an express rejection and clear intent that the City believes all documents have been produced." We disagree. So the City could go back to court and the judge could sign off on a formal order for them to produce documents. I also told the City Attorney and the Corrupt City, I'm no longer answering anything regarding the matter. We're just going to court.

Of course, City Attorney, by email threatens and shouts and bullies more. He's on permanent ignore. In his latest defense, he said, that I'm not a real attorney because I still live with my mother. I read that and thought, Does his garbage ever end?

Before we went to trial, he wrote to me: “I do look forward to plying my trade against you.  It should be interesting. I am sure you are a worthy opponent and there is nothing like a good trial.” 

I guess he was right. There's nothing like a good trial to show him how evil and stupid him and his clients are. All he could ask the judge was if he lost. He sure did!

Anyways, I know I'm just summing up the garbage Baldwin Park is spewing out again. The point is that this City couldn't behave, even when the court, who it is obligated to listen to, tells them to. That's how bad they are.

I talked to an old timer activist attorney today and told him the recent happenings about Baldwin Park. He said, "Sounds like you need to convince Jackie Lacey to prosecute them. They're [the Council Members] never going to listen to anyone because they're criminals."

I nodded and asked him how to go about it doing it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Boxers Win Trial Against the Corrupt City of Baldwin Park

Yesterday, the Boxing Lawyer knocked out the City Attorney of Baldwin Park. The stubborn attorney had to be knocked down twice, actually. He finally stayed out for the count of ten after his second knock down by Judge Chalfant.

Upon arriving into court chambers, Judge Chalfant issued a tentative ruling that declared that the Boxing Lawyer had tentatively won his petition. In simple English that means that the Judge was going to order the City to release the records to Julian and I. It's just really embarrassing to have a judge tell the City that it misbehaved, and that the corrupt little city was wrong.

As Tofu, (short for Tafoya) read the tentative opinion, he looked like he was about to barf. He asked the clerk if he could walk outside to use the restroom, but we all suspected he made a phone call to someone. He also brought his junior attorney with him this time. I wonder if the City has to pick up the tab on that one.

When the judge finally called our case, the judge told Tofu to release the records to us.

He said, "Well - your Honor they've been ready since last year." That was a big, fat lie.

Anyways, I figured this guy's strategy out. Since he can't win on the facts that applies to law, he just lies, meaning, he just makes up new facts, hoping the judge will buy it. This judge didn't buy it. (Yes, a few records were ready last year, but not all of them. And Judge saw through it and said just that.)

Getting back to Tofu's comment, I replied, "Your Honor, I'll be ready to inspect them next week."

The Judge said, "Good. Anything else?"

Then City Attorney had to answer his mouth. It would've been better if he just kept it shut. But he said, "Is Petitioner the prevailing party?" In simple English he asked, "Did I lose?"

The Judge said, "Looks like to me, obviously the Petitioner is the [winner]." And then he told him to pay my attorney's fees. That was the second knock out for Tofu, and that one, finally after all these rounds of defeat kept him down for the count of 10.

I mean the question was stupid on a number of levels. It made Tofu look self-interested in being the winner or loser, instead of caring about his clients. It made him look like he didn't read the tentative ruling. And most of all, it made him look like he didn't understand that his defense wasn't a legal defense at all, meaning it looked like he didn't know the law. And as I've been telling people - Baldwin Park is in lala land, thinking it could make up it's own law. Hello - we are in the United States, after all! American law applies. It was just so embarrassing (for Tofu of course).

Tofu said, "Well - your Honor, we produced the documents, and Mr. Cook didn't want to view them until September 9th."

I said, "Your Honor, he's just repeating himself. I'll be viewing them next week."

The Judge ordered us to settle our attorney's fees; otherwise, I could bring it before the court, for the judge to decide. I took control of the conversation, and asked the judge how he wanted us to proceed. Tofu just stood there, listening to both of us, saying nothing. (As I'm writing this, even now, I'm shaking my head that this all happened.)

After the trial was over, Julian, Erik, and I went to Pasadena for a quick bite. This time, we had duck sauce and homemade pasta. It was rather yummy. We sat outside Old Town, savoring the last moments of summer and talking about our trial.

I felt exhausted though. All the trial preparatory work took a toll on me, emotionally. So, I didn't really feel any happiness from victory. I just felt relieved and drained from the exhaustion. Even as I write this, a day later, I still feel tired. Thinking through every angle of a trial is hard. And it really wears you out.

Anyways, in the evening, a friend had a surprise for me. I got a new white Siamese kitty. I named him Jeh Pan, (pronounced like "Je" in Jelly and "Pon," rhymes with Ron - JePon). It means Trial in Korean. Mom saw him and said, we'll give him a week to try him and see if it works out.

So - I guess Trial's on trial. He's a very intelligent kitty, that's playful and likes humans. Sadly, I read white Siamese, because of inbreeding, have bad eye sight and hence poor hunting skills and live shorter lives than other cats. So - we'll see.

The Tribune wrote about the trial before I got to it. It's a good article. It really shows how bad Baldwin Park is.

Baldwin Park Loses in Court Again!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Boxer's First Trial Against Baldwin Park Tomorrow - Updates from Court

Tomorrow will be the first of the boxer trials against the City of Baldwin Park. The trial is deciding whether Baldwin Park has to release records.

The City Attorney's main defense is that they were the good guys and that they really were trying to release the records. The boxers were the bad ones and didn't want for them to release the records. Take a second to think about this. Is this even believable? Jeez.

Let's talk about another skirmish battle. Several days ago, I filed another emergency hearing against the Mayor for filing a dismissal without prejudice against me for his temporary restraining order. If you weren't a lawyer or knew the law, this might seem like a harmless move. It's not. The Mayor and his goons wanted to hold onto the right to get another TRO against me! If it's file with prejudice, the Mayor and his goons can't filed another TRO against me. Can you believe that?

So, I filed another emergency hearing against the City Attorney. The case dragged on and on, as no judge really wanted to hear the "Mayor's Restraining Order Case." It got transferred three times. In total, the case, since the beginning, has been transferred four times.

The last judge said it was alright for them to dismiss without prejudice because he ruled that temporary restraining order wasn't a trial. I argued it was a trial because evidence and counter-evidence was presented. The code is clear that when evidence is presented, it is a trial. It was an interesting hearing, as the judge obviously didn't want to rule that a TRO was a trial because it has other downstream consequences for the entire court, not just for this case.

The judge didn't want to hear the case. That was his first question to me. I answered that the case was in his courtroom because there were a series of transfers for unknown reasons.

Then he said that the dismissal was warranted because it was under a certain part of the code.

I said the other section of the code applied. I read it.

He said that it didn't apply because it wasn't a trial.

I said it did because evidence was presented.

He asked what evidence.

I said the newspaper article attached showed the evidence.

He said the newspaper article wasn't reliable evidence.

I said the evidence code allows newspaper articles as facts.

Then the judge did something I wasn't expecting. He threw the evidence code at me and asked me to find it.

I said, "If I could have five minutes your honor, that would be sufficient."

He said, "Sure."

I found the section of the code and said:

"Business record exception?"


"Official document exception?"


"Reliability catchall exception?"


"I got one. If a ruling denied a restraining order against me, there's a presumption (meaning a heavy assumption) that facts were presented."

The judge stayed silent. He changed his facial reaction. Yes, I thought. Got out of it!

I bet he's done that to a number of attorney's who never get out of the pressure of having to go through that. But I was happy with myself, I was able to do it. By the way, I knew the evidence code too like the back of my hand. Now, I don't every Californian section of the code, but I had a great professor at evidence who taught me.

The Judge, who seemed tired of the entire oral argument, said he was going to chambers. He came out and ruled against my ex parte.  After he ruled against me, I did say for the record how unfair it was because Tafoya and Baldwin Park keep filing illegal documents in court without my permission, and unless they are held accountable, they'll keep doing it. Tofu didn't appreciate what I said in front of the judge, but it had to be said.

I thought about it. I was ready to appeal to the case; as I'm sure the law was on my side. But then, the next day, I got a filing from the City Attorney that they dismissed my TRO with prejudice. So, I don't know what to make of it all. Is it win or a lose? Well - at least the City finally did the right thing.

Anyways, tomorrow, is the first of the big battles. It's trial with Baldwin Park. I'm ready.