Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Questions and Answers and Feedback Regarding Covid-19

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I've been getting a lot of questions and answers and heated and encouraging feedback on this alleged coronavirus pandemic. Since it's taken work to answer all these questions, I thought it's best to post. I've summarized some of the questions to save time and answered them below.

Question 1:
The best question I got was from Ludo in Turin, Italy. He read my article on the Coronavirus not being any more dangerous than natural causes then asked what about the additional deaths caused by corona?

Question 2:
Ismael, from Istanbul Turkey, disputed my account of coronavirus not being a super virus, because it fails Koch's postulate. He's hearing reports, and a 38 year old pharmacist allegedly died by treating it.

Question 3:
Anne from Hannover, Germany asked isn't the shut downs worth it to save a few hundred lives. Ludo from Italy made the same point.

Question 4:
From Los Angeles - Can the coronavirus be vaccinated against?

Question 5:
A supermarket worker from Los Angeles County. It's real. My friends had it. They have a dry cough, exhaustion, and it's not a phlegmy cough. But they all recovered.

Question 6:
From Wellington, New Zealand, what's a cashless system?

Comment 1:
A close friend from Goettingen, Germany told me that I was wrong and that he had no time for my articles.

Comment 2:
A friend from New Zealand said I lost it, and she's no longer reading my work.

Comment 3:
From the Bay Area, California - Stop publishing information unless you partner up with a nonprofit or a scientific institute.

Comment 4:
From Los Angeles, my articles are insensitive to the front line workers, but I'm right - this is no more dangerous than the flu.

Comment 5:
From Ian in South Africa. Your articles have presented a balanced view.

Question 6:
Most readers from around the work are saying what I write is interesting and even brilliant.

Answer 1:


The data shows that Covid-19 doesn't add more deaths than the natural mortality, at least from the dataset I worked with from January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2020.

I looked at NYC only; since I have other work on now.

In NYC - the CDC reported in 2017 that 12,000 people from influenza and respiratory disease. In my 29 day study, from March 1 to March 30th, 914 people died from Covid-19. Projected numbers from the CDC 12,000 count says it should be 1,287 deaths. So, it's still lower than the number of people dying from respiratory problems (though the statistics have changed since then, and I'm no longer paying attention to this panic).

Also, it's important to keep in mind that Covid-19 doesn't have the mortality rate of something like SARS. SARS was killing 17-21% of everyone infected. Numbers of mortality from Covid-19 is however going up - but a number of journalists have criticized how people dying are being counted.

In fact, I took a walk on Sunday night to the local hospital, Kaiser Permanent, and it looked like a ghost town. The death rate of Covid-19 compared to the expected mortality rate per region vary incredibly. In my 29 day study, Covid-19 was responsible anywhere from 0% to 300% of deaths (Los Angeles and Diamond Princess, respectively). And now Kaiser is not allowing visitors inside, so who can verify whether their statements are true?

Anyways, still stay cautious, as new information comes out everyday (real and fake). Although a novel disease may be out there, it's looking like environmental factors and other factors are more at play than a mutated super virus.

Answer 2:


Can you please send me more information on the pharmacist that died at age 38? A 21 year old Madrid Spanish coach died of the coronavirus, but it's been shown that he also had leukemia.

According to Bloomberg, 99% of people dying in Italy from corona had underlying conditions.

Answer 3:


This is a hard question. But the government also has to look at whether shutting down the economy is actually saving lives. Sweden, South Korea, and Taiwan are not shutting down their economy. There are conflicting reports that Sweden is doing well, but it appears that South Korea has everything under control.

There's also herd immunity strategy. Why can't the elderly and sick be quarantined, while the rest of us gain herd immunity to Covid-19? That seems to be sensible to me.

Reuters is predicting a rising trend of suicides, which the media isn't reporting. This has to be balanced against those dying from Covid-19.

Answer 4:

Regarding vaccinations, Bill Gates is saying the entire world should be in shutdown until he creates a vaccinate and maybe the world will return to normal. Reports from China, Japan, and South Korea are saying that people can be reinfected from the virus. We don't know how many strains there are as well.

At first, I believed this was a super virus too. But the evidence, which is becoming more and more overwhelming by the day, suggests that this virus is triggered by environmental factors and is not a super virus. If this is true - vaccination is not possible.

Take this thought. If infection confers lifetime immunity - why are people getting reinfected? Answer: Because the environment hasn't changed in their lives.

Answer 5:

Regarding the new symptoms of Covid-19, I haven't observed anyone with Covid-19, which is a weakness in my assessment of it. There are a number of allegations that Covid-19 manifests itself not in a wet mucous cough, but a dry cough. The infected apparently also are continuously gasping for air. This coworker was the first person to tell me that exhaustion is also a symptom (but that's also a common symptom of the flu as well).

A number of scientists have said that 5g radiation may be the cause, because it changes people's ability to absorb more oxygen from the air.

I don't know enough science about oxygen and 5g radiation.

It's been proven, however, that 5g radiation is an effective pesticide, kills bugs, can penetrate chitin and heat up water. This suggests that it can penetrate through skin and harm our white blood cell counts.

I haven't personally observed anyone with this new disease. So, I can't really say.

Two new causes to investigate are whether 5g radiation changes oxygen absorption or weakens the immune system or both.

Answer 6:

A cashless system is where you won't be allowed to purchase anything without a debit or credit card. All transactions will have a record and can be tracked.

Re: Comments 1& 2:

I'm just presenting my interpretation of the facts. You can choose not to believe them. No one's forcing you to read my work. Nonetheless, a search for the truth should include all hypotheses, and by a process of elimination we should eliminate the ones that fail various tests.

Re: Comment 3:

Actually, I'm the founder and CEO of a nonprofit organization. I didn't know that in the United States, you needed a license to publish your thoughts now. I think that's prohibited under the First Amendment under the doctrine of Prior Restraint.

Re: Comment 4:

Regarding the frontline workers, it's amazing that we have men and women ready to put their lives on the line for the sake of others. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean we can't question the gravity of what the government and media are telling us.

Re: Comment 5 & 6:

Thank you for reading my articles, sharing them, and encouraging me. I'm doing my best too to get to the truth.

Final Thoughts

I don't believe this is a super virus. It may be a new type of virus. It can also be the flu. If this is a new type of disease, I believe it's being environmentally triggered.

More testing and investigation needs to be done.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Covid-19 - Not a Super Virus under Koch's Postulates

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Under Koch's postulates, Covid-19 is not the lethal super virus that the media and governments are telling us it is. At the turn of the 20th century, Robert Koch formulated a four part test to determine whether a disease was pathogenically driven. It's now known as the famous Koch's postulates. The third element of the test states that the virus, when isolated and introduced into a healthy organism must cause the same infection as the host that had it. But here, three population studies in United Kingdom, Iceland, and Germany prove that Covid-19 is not the sole cause of this alleged pandemic. Hence, it is not a super virus; hence, a virus is not the cause of the Covid-19 pandemic.

 Let's start with the facts. In Gangelt, Germany, scientists conducted a randomized antibody test and found that 14% tested positive for the Covid-19 antibody, but only 2% actually manifested symptoms. In fact, according to the report, "Data from coronavirus deaths in Gangelt suggests an infection mortality rate of 0.37 percent, significantly below the 0.9 percent which Imperial College has estimated, or the 0.66 percent found in a revised study last week." (By the way, 0.37% of a mortality rate is within the range of a common flu.)

An Oxford study says that over 50% of those in the UK have already had the disease.

Iceland has the best data so far on Covid-19. It has tested 10% of its population. And this is what it found: "Iceland finds that half its citizens with coronavirus have shown no symptoms."

Makia Freeman, at Global Research, has come to the same conclusion that Covid-19 fails Koch's postulates. In fact, she found that even an article in the New England Journal of Medicine states, "[O]ur study [of Covid-19] does not fulfill Koch’s postulates".

How would it lookn then, if this new Coronavirus fulfilled Koch's postulates? Everybody who was infected with it would exhibit similar symptoms and not just be passive carriers. So 50% in the United Kingdom and Iceland would be wheezing their lungs out. But in these populations, it appears that only 2% manifest symptoms.

If you take a virus like smallpox, everybody who had it would have a fever, vomit, and break out with sores on their skin. Once again, nobody is just a carrier for a smallpox infection. Everybody who is infected exhibits symptoms, not like Covid-19.

The significance of Koch's postulates is that it's a causation test. It tells you whether the disease is caused by a germ, in this case a virus. Antoine Bechamp promoted another theory, which stated that disease is caused by the condition of the terrain. In other words, infection is dependent on the health of the individual. Had he been alive today, he would be arguing that disease is caused by a weakened immune system and not a pathogen. Something to think about.

Take Away Thoughts

In the industrialized world, except for places like Sweden, South Korea, and Taiwan, we've all in lockdown, which is in violation of our individual liberties - especially the right to assemble. Here, in the United States, 17 million have filed for unemployment. Researchers are concerned that suicide rates, mental health issues, and domestic violence rates may be rising. As I predicted formally on March 18, 2020 (though I've been suspecting it for some time), we are in a Depression.

People all around the world have suffered because politicians are telling us an an alleged new virus is killing people, but this alleged new virus fails Koch's postulates and hasn't been proven to be more deadly than the regular flu. And I always thought that quarantine is meant for the sick, not the healthy, right?

Why can't healthy individuals go out? Doesn't make sense.

We all have to start asking ourselves what is really going on here.