Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Baldwin Park Police Take From the Poorest

In the last few weeks, residents of the city have been calling me complaining that the Baldwin Park Police have been stealing vehicles from them.

Two weeks ago, Officer Cota, # 2845, pulled over a truck because the brake lights weren't working. He then checked that the driver had an expired license, but instead falsely charged him with a misdemeanor of not having a driver's license. By charging him with not having a driver's license, even though the driver had one, he attempted to store the vehicle in impound for thirty days. A kind Sargent reversed the officer and let the driver have his car back (thanks to an attorney who was outraged by the whole incident). For one day of storage, it still cost the driver $500, even though it was the city's own mistake. This is two weeks worth of rent for the family.

If the car had stayed in storage for thirty days, the towing fees would easily accrue to approximately $2,000 and outstrip the vehicle of the car. The City would take it from the poor owner and his family and sell it at auction. In short, the police are stealing vehicles from the poorest members of our community. It makes me question if these officers are receiving a personal benefit for doing so.

Last week, a similar incident happened, only the vehicle wasn't pulled over because of broken brake lights but because there was a crack in the windshield. A few months ago, another driver told me he was pulled over for a dirty license plate. Is having a dirty license plate a violation of the vehicle code?

It's clear that the Baldwin Park Police are bullying, targeting and discriminating against the Mexican poor, which is part of a larger scam. The local towing company, Royal Coaches, contributes greatly to all the politicians and the police officers, even their Police Association. On the condition of anonymity, an insider told me that Royal Coaches paid for a significant portion of the Police Association's printing costs at the Sheriff's printing press during the election because a direct donation would've looked suspect.

Because Royal Coaches greases everyone in town, the owner Jim Salazar, needs to collect. He states in a magazine article that he has Baldwin Park in his back pocket. It appears true.

So, this is what the police do. They see if the car fits a profile of belonging to a poorer person They find something, anything wrong - such as a dirty license plate, a broken taillight, or a crack in the windshield. Then, they see if the person is Latino or Latina. Then they pull over the vehicle. They hope the person is unlicensed. And when the driver is, bingo, they steal the car from the rightful owner.

Thus, coppers are patrolling the streets to target underprivileged Latinos for their cars. Shouldn't they be looking out for our safety instead? The violation is only more egregious that the police department claims to serve and protect it's members, when all it appears to do is steal, take, and falsely charge and arrest its own citizens. That's the scam people.

(The face of the racist Chief of Police, Michael Taylor. He had me falsely arrested and jailed. He fired Julian Casas by conducting an allegation that attempted to prove that Casas was a child molester, even though no proof ever existed to conduct such an investigation. The Chief of Police should sort out his own bankruptcies and alcoholic issues before trying to manage a police force. In short, he's an evil man. I have so much dirt on this guy it'll blow your mind away how he became the Chief of Police. An expose to come.)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Loving Our Enemies

In the last two weeks, I've been reading a lot of literature that argues we should love our enemies. I almost gagged at the idea. It's nice on the surface, but when I thought about people like our money laundering piggy, Manny Carrillo; the incompetent and lying Finance Director Craig Graves; and the hateful and manipulative Chief Michael Taylor, I wondered how could I love these people. They've done nothing but absolutely spiteful, mean and wicked things in our community. Stop to really think about loving your enemies. Think about who you hate (or dislike) the most in your life. Do you want to love them? I didn't think so.

But everywhere I look, I see violence and conflict and corruption. And maybe I'm part of it because, I've called all these people nasty names. I also think they rightfully deserve it. I mean - they only falsely arrested, falsely jailed, and falsely filed a temporary restraining order against me. When you weigh up how much damage they were calculating on inflicting upon me, such as losing my license to practice law and to paint me as a crazy, you can begin to understand why the whole saga was so violating for me. This is the price I paid for telling the truth. The price Julian Casas, the former boxing coach paid, was that they fired him from a job he had for 14 years. He loved that job.

I got even though, in a good way. I sued the Mayor personally for his frivolous temporary restraining order. I also shamed ridiculed the City Attorney, who had to admit complete defeat by a first year attorney.

But, all of this, made me think long and hard if I was doing the right thing or just perpetuating a cycle that needed to be broken. I don't make any apologies for what I wrote and how I called the City Attorney an Ape, when he misrepresented my signature to the court. Why? Because - that's truly how violated and offended I felt. A lot of what I experienced, at the hands of the City Officials and Administrators of Baldwin Park, had left me outraged because their misconduct was outrageous, cruel, and incredible.

Yet, I had to remind myself this week that the rain falls on the just and the unjust alike. I had to remind myself that maybe even my enemies can change, and I think the God I believe in gives them every chance to be a new person. I mean he just doesn't smite them, does he? And he surely, doesn't just smite us on a whim either. All of this brought me to the realization that all of us:  you, me, and them, are only one step away from making the right decision we need to in our lives.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm in an internal struggle in how to recognize how to treat these public officials and administrators, who are my abusers, with the dignity and respect that all humans deserve, while maintaining my need to see justice come through. Furthermore, how do I continue on this journey, without becoming like them?

I don't have an answer to these questions or thoughts. In fact, I think I ask more questions by trying to answer the underlying ones. Is suing someone a peaceful way to accomplish reaching a compromise? What if the other party refuses to obey the law? What if the other party is abusive and refuses to be held to answer to a higher authority? Again, I don't have the answers to these questions, but I'm giving them considerable thought and attention.

It's a question all of us should give some time to, if we're having a conflict with an enemy. How do you resolve the conflict while respecting that person's humanity? Like I said, I'm not really that sure.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baldwin Park Parks and Recreation Director Hires Violent Criminal To Work With Children

Manny Carrillo Jr., the Director of Parks and Recreation, has hired a criminal with a violent history to work with children. Rene Zepeda was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, resisting arrest, and vandalism. He applied for a boxing coach position about half a year ago and wasn't hired because of his criminal background. Now, Carrillo, has decided to replace the dedicated boxing coach, Julian Casas, who was fired earlier in the year on trumped up charges, with a violent criminal. Director of Parks and Recreation Fires Boxing Coach

The Director fired the boxing coach, who was protesting Carrillo, who gave the boxing coach a 40 cent raise an hour after working there for fourteen years. After firing the boxing coach, he then gave all the boxing coaches a raise of $2 an hour to add insult to injury. In contrast, Carrillo is making $180,000 a year and wants even more money. The City of Baldwin Park is paying this guy all this money for making decisions like this.

The real reason that Manny Carrillo fired Casas is that Casas exposed that Carrillo's been running an alter ego non-profit corporation and laundering money through it to take cash. Director of Parks and Recreation is a Money Launderer!

This problem has been brought to the attention of the Mayor and Council Members. They defend Carrillo saying he's an award winning director who has been getting tons of grant money for them. Their immediate defense of Carrillo makes us suspect they've been in on the scam.

Manuel Carrillo Jr., Director aka Money Launderer
Shannon Yauchzee, the new city manager, was made aware of Carrillo hiring a criminal with violent tendencies working with children. It was suggested that while his investigation is pending, that he not allow the criminal boxing coach to work with Baldwin Park's children and youth. The City Manager, following in the modus operandi of the criminal conduct of the Council Members and administrators, ignored the suggestions. In making these decisions, Carrillo and Yauchzee are committing a form of child abuse against the children of Baldwin Park.

Now, community members are concerned about Yauchzee's judgment. One community member stated, "I suppose it's alright if Yauchzee puts Hispanic children at risk, but it's another rule for his own white children. If he can't protect children, he certainly won't be protecting the community."

If you have a problem with this, you can email the new city manager, Shannon Yauchzee, at:


Below is the misdemeanor complaint of the newly hired boxing coach.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Video of Mayor Lozano Getting Served Lawsuit

In this video, you see activist Jim Hunley, serve Mayor Lozano personally with my lawsuit. He slams it on the floor.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mayor's Lawsuit Gets Written Up In the Paper

The Tribune wrote an article on the Mayor's lawsuit today. About time the Mayor got sued personally too.

Mayor Lozano Gets Sued (By Me!)

I want my readers to reflect on this quote.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." - Martin Luther King Jr.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Activist Attorney Sues Mayor Personally for $10,000 for Abuse of Process

Paul Cook, activist attorney at law, sued Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park for $10,000 in small claims court for abuse of process and malicious prosecution. Earlier in the year, Lozano attempted to obtain a temporary restraining order against Cook because he protested and leafleted at the park. Really, though, Cook believes that the City retaliated against him because he's been exposing the rampant corruption of the city officials and administrators.

The LA Superior Court entered a formal denial of the order because Cook's activities were protected under the First Amendment.

Cook alleges that the restraining order claim was frivolous and caused lost work time, emotional distress, and damage to his business reputation.

The suit was served on Lozano on October 1, 2014 outside City Hall. When Lozano realized that the envelope was stuffed with papers suing him, he dropped it and left it on the floor. The City Manager, the City Attorney, and the Clerk all came to his rescue as if he had been shot.

Because small claims court does not allow for attorneys to represent the defendant, Lozano must show up himself to defend himself. Otherwise, he faces automatically losing.

When asked why Cook is doing this, he stated, "I want to show the world that no one has to put up with bullying, even government bullying. The Mayor's misconduct was criminal in nature and therefore, he has to be held personally accountable for it. This is the United States of America, not a third world country. We have the Constitution. We have rights."

The City Officials and City Attorney were outraged that the lawsuit has been filed against the Mayor personally.