Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Coronavirus No More Dangerous Than Natural Causes of Death? The Math Says So.

Galileo Galilei Demonstrating His New Astronomical Theories
At The University Of Padua
 is a painting by Felix Parra
After applying statistics and equations to this alleged Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, it appears clear to me that this viral epidemic is no more dangerous than dying from natural causes - the kind we face in every day life - like a drunk driver or the flu. Originally, I proposed two theories. My first hypothesis was that this was a new kind of virus. Then my second one was that this could be caused by 5g radiation technology, and I explained the physics and how it could harm white blood cell counts. But I kept wondering, which one was it? Or perhaps it was a combination of both, or perhaps there were locations where the super virus hit and other locations where it was 5g driven. Maybe it wasn't even real.

Given all the information and misinformation out there, it was frustrating to get to the truth. There's so much speculation and theories and fear mongering out there. Conservative economists, like Martin Armstrong maintained that this was no more dangerous than the standard flu.

Yet, all the news and government were telling us that people were being infected and dying every day. Even when they didn't know, the media said this 17 year old boy MAY have died from corona. How irresponsible is that to spread panic without having that fact verified first? That's not journalism.

Even CBS had to admit they made a mistake when they aired that hospital beds in New York were overcrowded, when they recycled footage of an Italian hospital, instead.

From PlayStation's Resident Evil
Since the outbreak of the alleged pandemic, conspiracy theorists have stated that this virus was made in a Wuhan virology lab. And it's a fair theory. If there was some new super germ out there, it plausibly could have been transformed in a laboratory. And Wuhan has a viral lab.

In 1928, Frederick Griffith announced to the world that he engineered his first bacteria - taking harmless bacterium and splicing into it a deadly gene. Griffith then injected it into mice - which later killed the mice. It was the first transformational experiment the world knew of, and so, it's plausible that biological weapons can be created in labs and that certain countries do have them.

In fact, Dr. Arthur Boylston argued in his book, Defying Providence, that the British unleashed smallpox against the Native Americans and colonists in the Revolutionary War to conquer them both. It's perhaps the first instance of modern biological warfare recorded. Had the colonists been ignorant of inoculation, the Queen may be ruling us today.

Then there's the xenophobic and anti-Chinese theory that people in Wuhan eat bat soup, and that's what gave the world corona. One, if you boil any animal that kills anything living. So; it doesn't make much sense. Next the media will tell us that maybe they were eating them alive in the seafood market. (Not believable.) Two, I haven't gone to Wuhan, but I've visited to a lot of Chinese seafood markets and have not seen a bat for sale. By the way, the Lancet stated that alleged Patient Zero never even went to the seafood market, and some of the first 13 people who caught Corona, had nothing to do with it.

Fire in a crucible tests golds.
The truth must be tested too.
So; how do you know what's true? The Scripture is clear, it states: "Put all things to the test: keep what is good". (1 Thess 5:21). This is a command, but Christians are some of the worst in putting this to practice. How do you design such a test?

The challenges of doing this, given the information out there was incredibly hard. I can't go to the field, like a hospital, because if this was real, then I could risk infecting family members. But there's no substitute for firsthand observation. I've learned this over and over again as an IT analyst, scientist, and attorney. But without it, how do you filter out who's telling the truth and what is true?

On March 26, 2020 - I even emailed the Director of the Center for Disease Control, Robert R. Redfield and asked him how Covid-19 testing worked. I wrote:

Dear Dr. Redfield:

I'm a journalist and need some help understanding the testing for Covid-19, particularly the tests you sent to California. (1) Is this a PCR or an antibody test? (2) If this is a PCR test - what genes are you sequencing? And how did you identify these genes? How are these genes different than other genes present in other coronaviruses? (3) If this an antibody test - which strain of Covid-19 was used for this test? Will an antibody test work on different strains of Covid-19, which have been identified?

As expected, no response. I was running 7 miles in my hill, and my owl, who I named Ruru (Maori for owl) came to me. And then I had my lightbulb moment. I had to return back to my work in statistics and math applied to biology.

After comparing the statistics and applying Reverend Thomas Robert Malthus's equation on the corona epidemic, this disease (if one exists) is no more dangerous than life before corona.

The Statistics and Logarithmic Equation

The first question to answer was whether Covid-19 was killing anymore people than natural causes. I already knew it wasn't, but my critics pointed out that viruses reproduce exponentially. Therefore, the argument went that in its early stages it needed to be contained before it got worse. That's why the cases of deaths and infection were allegedly low.

The application of math to biology.
To test whether Covid-19 was anymore dangerous than the regular flu, I determined the rate of Covid-19's related virus SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome). Then by drawing on the statistics that the media was reporting on regarding the Coronavirus, I determined the rate that this virus was infecting humans at and the rate that people were dying at.

Covid-19's rate of infection and rate of mortality is far less than that of SARS and may be exactly that of the common cold or flu. The problem with calculating the rate of proliferation with the flu is it's hard to estimate how many people actually are infected each year and how many die alone from it.

I picked six populations to conduct my study. Populations were selected by those most infected. They were New York City; Los Angeles County(because I live here); Lombardy, Italy; Madrid, Spain, the Diamond Princess Ship; and Wuhan. Wuhan was problematic, because critics allege that the numbers are much higher than the government of China was reporting. Therefore, I took the highest numbers to make the point.

I started with the reported date of Patient Zero in each population and made the cut off date either today or yesterday.

Here's what I found. With the exception of the Diamond Princess - the death rates by Coronavirus are much lower than the daily mortality rate each city has naturally. For instance and on average, 129 people die every day in New York City. (I even included the negligible numbers - such as deaths from murders, traffic accidents, and suicide, which makes the mortality rate even higher.) Take a look at the chart below.

RegionStartEndDays elapsedInfectedDeath RateDeadNatural Deaths ExpectedNatural deaths Annual Mortality  RateTotal Population in (M)Median Age
For this period.Expected per day.
NY City1-Mar-2030-Mar-2029380002.4%9143739129545.78.62335.8
Los Angeles26-Jan-2030-Mar-206524741.8%4410387160574.110.1636.7
Diamond Princess20-Jan-2019-Feb-20177121.4%102991.5371169
So, if you look, places like Lombardy and Madrid just have higher death rates. It probably has something to do with the fact that there median age is a lot higher than ours. In short, more people are dying in Lombardy than other regions, even before Corona hit. The statistics were taken from 2017.

Therefore, less people are dying from Covid-19 then is supposed to die per day. Now, I don't have the non-Covid-19 deaths. But it appears to me, that these numbers look like that the flu can be killing the sick and elderly.

The Statistics and Logarithmic Equation

To compare the rate, I decided to use the rate of growth from SARS - which killed on average 17.1% of the people it infected. I excluded China's data, because there were too many reports of it not being accurate. Note that Hong Kong had the highest growth rate - perhaps because it was the origin of the disease and quarantine measures were not yet in place.

Here's what I found out about SARS.

CountryStart DateEnd DateDays elapsedInfectedDeadMortality rateRate of InfectionRate of Mortality
Hong Kong11-Mar-036-Jun-0387175028616.3%0.080.06

In contrast, the Covid-19 rates of infections and death are significantly lower than SARS, suggesting it is not as contagious. The average time required to contain the epidemic took about 100 days. The average rate of death is 17.1%. The rate is about .06 per day for infection and .043 for mortality per day.

Even the mortality rates fall for New York City, Los Angeles County, and Diamond Princess fall much lower than the rate of SARS. In the United States, the death rates are below 2.5% in contrast to the average mortality of 17.1% of SARS. Although Lombardy and Madrid have higher death rates from the virus, as already mentioned earlier, this is most probably because of their aging population. These two populations already had higher mortality rates compared to the United States.

It's interesting to see that the Diamond Princess had the highest rate of infection over time. Furthermore, 10 people had died, instead of the expected number of 2 (and 2 is using the aging population death rate; it would've been zero with a younger population death rate). But on Diamond Princess the median age was 69. It would be useful to know how many people die on cruise ships that have a population with an average age of 69.

Anyways, here's my chart on the rates of infection and mortality. They are nothing like that compared to SARS. Diamond Princess, nonetheless, has the highest infection rate.

RegionInfection rateMortality rateDeath Rate
NY City0.360.242.4%
Los Angeles0.120.061.8%
Diamond Princess0.390.141.4%

Final Thoughts and Conclusion

In comparing the statistics with the annual mortality rate and against rates of growth from SARS, this Covid-19 virus doesn't appear to be more dangerous than SARS. In fact, it's lethalness and infection is much milder compared to that of SARS.

It's also important to stress that this paper doesn't say that a Covid-19 virus doesn't exist. One may exist, but it doesn't appear to be the pandemic that the government and media is constantly repeating and hammering at us. It even appears that this disease may not be any more deadly than the flu or the natural rate of death each population has.

I admit, a number of assumptions had to be relied upon, since the data is not accessible to me at this point. More data can be useful in knowing how many people are dying in these regions per day - not just those who have fallen because of Covid-19. 

I've decided to keep my old theories on my blog - instead of taking them down. A thorough scientist or lawyer drafts up the most number of plausible explanations and crosses them off the list, as I've done over the last few weeks. And I'm still convinced those theories are true to SARS and viruses like them and that there should be a moratorium on 5g until more is known.

Some statistical information that could help is accurate data on the flu on a large population. From it, an infection rate and mortality rate might be calculated. Currently, the CDC data fluctuates too much to know what's precise. According to it, in 1976 only 6,309 people died of the flu. Now, estimates can be as high as 60,000. Why the big jump in data?

It would also be helpful to have the mortality rates of these places by age. Then we can compare if more elderly people are dying than usual.

Finally - the Diamond Princess ship had higher than normal deaths and the highest infection rate compared to the other populations. More needs to be investigated as to why. Was it because people were so close to the new 5g technology on board? Was it the aging population?

It probably wasn't a mutated virus. With a median age of 69 - I predict a super virus would have killed more people on board. If it's not usual for 10 out of 3,711 people to die on a cruise ship - which has a population of a median age of 69 - than it's more likely that 5g radiation had more of a factor to play than a pathogenic disease.

But who knows? Some new data may come out, and I'll be revising what I believe yet again. That's where I am with my thinking for now. I still believe 5g radiation can be damaging to our bodies' blood cell counts. More needs to be investigated.

Friday, March 27, 2020

Does 5g Radiation Cause Lowered White Blood Cell Count in the Sick and Elderly? Another Proposed Explanation for the Coronavirus Epidemic.

5g radiation tower
(c) Ghettys
In New York City, even after orders to isolate have been in place, people are still catching infections and dying mysteriously and horribly of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. At the time of writing this article - Worldometers.info states that there are over 100,000 infected and over 1,500 deaths in the United States. In New York alone, there are 44,810 cases. In one day there, 5,833 more were infected. Governments and news agencies have been promoting that the cause of this disease is a new strain of a coronavirus, now called Covid-19. For a number of reasons, however, which will be discussed later, this theory is flawed. From my research, this is the first article to argue that 5g wireless radar suppresses the immune system. It's predicted that this can result in the flu  - which if progresses - turns into pneumonia. This Paper will support this theory by (1) recalling the first historical events of radioactivity killing humans, (2) a proposed explanation of how 5g causes low counts of white blood cells, and (3) recommendations for the future.

Hiroshima and the Atomic Plague

On September 5, 1945 - the front page of The Daily Express said: "I Write This as a Warning to the World / DOCTORS FALL AS THEY WORK / Poison gas fear: All wear masks." Australian Journalist Wilfred Burchett, the first journalist to visit Hiroshima about a month after the allies dropped an atomic bomb on the City, witnessed that, "Lead grey clouds hung low over the city, vapours drifted up from fissues in the ground, and there was an acrid sulphurous smell." The survivor of the ruins of the city all wore masks, which only provided psychological comfort.

Even though the bomb had already incinerated Hiroshima, a month later, people were still dying. At the hospital, Doctor Katsube told Burchett: "Then people without a mark on them, including some not even here when the bomb exploded, fell sick and died. For no apparent reason their health began to fail. They lost their appetite, head hair began to fall out, bluish spots appeared on their bodies, and bleeding started from the nose, mouth and eyes."

He added: "We started giving vitamin injections, but the flesh rotted away from the puncture caused by the needle. And in every case the patient dies. We now know that something is killing off the white corpuscles [white blood cells], there is nothing we can do about it."

Katsube begs Burchett: "Send, at least, some of your scientists who know what it is so that we can stop this terrible sickness."

Wilfred Burchett
(c) Wisconsin Historical Society
Little did Katsube know that the U.S. government would deny all allegations that the fallout from the atomic bomb would cause this sickness. General McArthur revoked Burchett's privileges to travel anywhere in Japan.

A military scientist came up with all kinds of myths as to why Burchett's report was incorrect, to which Burchett asked the scientist if he's seen Hiroshima. The scientist answered, "No." After the visit to Hiroshima, Burchett's white blood cell counts also dropped.

The censors tried to block Burchett's story. They were successful in killing another story of atomic fallout in Nagasaki by George Weller.

Luckily, Express received and published Burchett's article before interference. Now the government had to refute the article. Military spokesmen stated that deaths were from the blast and not the fallout. New York Times wrote a front page article: "No Radioactivity in Hiroshima Ruin."

In retaliation, the Australian government then refused to renew Burchett's passport and denied citizenship to his children. Perhaps from the exposure to radiation, Burchett died of cancer in 1982 in Bulgaria.

Hiroshima's Ghost Returns to Us

The lessons of Hiroshima must not be forgotten. Although the Coronavirus pandemic isn't as horrific as Atomic Plague, there are a number of similarities between what happened in Hiroshima and what's happening with the Coronavirus pandemic. People are dying. No known reason can be given. Doctors feel hopeless and infected then, as they are being infected now. Large media corporations, like USA Today, is denying that electromagnetic energy may be behind this pandemic. Citizens are in a frenzy. They're desperate for help. There are cries for a vaccine or medicine. Instead, people are buying toilet paper and wearing masks to make them feel better psychologically.

Hiroshima bombed
Today, it's clear what caused Atomic Plague. It's radiation poisoning. Specifically, the culprits were beta and gamma rays proliferating from the nuclear fallout and decay.

But if you had believed in Burchett's article back in 1945 - you may have been questioned or laughed at by people. It was a Black Swan event that the world had never seen. An invisible force that was never tested on a human population was destroying humans and life around it invisibly and mysteriously. Without an explanation, people defaulted to trusting what government officials and the media were telling them.

Let me ask you: Was a virus killing the population, then? Is it the primary cause now? Why is Covid-19 more of a problem in industrial places? What's going on?

The Physical Properties of Electromagnetic Radiation

So - how were gamma and beta rays killing people in Hiroshima? Simply put: the rays were burning people from the inside first - as a microwave cooks a slice of apple pie from what appears to be inside out.

Cosmic rays - looks pretty - but is dangerous for humans.
Gamma and beta rays are byproducts of nuclear decay. The prior is a neutrally charged particle called a photon. Beta rays are negatively charged electrons. Both have short wave lengths. So far - gamma rays are the shortest rays known. They are particles of energy that are traveling at the speed of light and the speed of electricity.

So imagine - I have a machine gun. I fill them with tiny charged particles called beta and gamma particle bullets. And I blast a load of these gamma and beta ray bullets into you. They're so tiny, they don't create any visible piercings. But what happens inside of you is microscopic punctures. As a result, these gamma and beta bullets pierce through your cells, it kills or damages them. Ever hear of death by a thousand cuts?

Also, the blast of rays traveling through your body would harm the cells secondarily by increasing friction in your blood, killing even more cells. Gamma rays can travel through virtually everything, except diamonds (and perhaps other hard crystals), and hence as it pierces through your bone marrow - you're really in critical health. That's where your stem cells are housed, and with them being destroyed, your body can't renew red or white blood cells. Death will result.

The Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation on Water

Various electromagnetic frequencies, perhaps all, heat water. Take a cup of water and heat it for a minute or two in the microwave. It'll boil, eventually. In fact, distilled water will vaporize and explode on you, as proven by MythBusters. The reason for this is that distilled water is less dense than tap water and thus is being heated faster than it can evaporate. (Now; I understand why my biochem professor stressed experiments with water so often.)

This is an important principle to understand, because blood is mainly comprised of water. Radiation heats water by the principle of absorption. Friction is created by the rotation of atoms.

So; rub your hands together. You get heat. Energy, traveling in the form of a photon, goes through water, causing the water molecules to rub against each other, which creates friction, which then in turn causes heat. Water heats up in various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

What's 5g? Electromagnetic Radiation.

5g works by electromagnetic radiation. Imagine if the marketers called it 5g radar rays instead of 5g wireless technology. Wouldn't you be concerned? But 5g works precisely by the same kind of energy that drives radioactivity.

The difference between 5g and 4g wireless radiation is that 5g is operating on a shorter wavelength frequency. 4g operates between 600 MHz to 6 GHz frequency. 5G, instead, operates on 24 GHz to 52 GHz.

What does that mean? It means the wavelength is shorter and moves away from microwave technology to radar technology. Because of their shorter wavelengths, more towers need to be built in closer proximity to each other. More power may also need to be injected into these towers to emit more photons, which is essentially increasing the intensity.

Does 5g wavelength damage cells?

Absolutely. On March 2, 2018 - Nature published a scientific report titled - Exposure of Insects to RadioFrequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120GHz. The scientist proved in that article that 5g radar heats up the bugs. Not good.

Dead honeybee (c) Mother Jones
But we've known that since at least December 1, 1996. In a paper titled High-Power Microwave Radiation as an Alternative Insect Control Method for Stored Products - argues that 5g radio rays can kill insects, hence being an effective form of pest control.

Now, insect exoskeletons are made of chitin, which is denser than skin. Thus, these papers suggest that 5g radio waves can pass through skin, heating up blood, which is mainly water, and perhaps damaging cells.

In 2011, the Lancet published an article that suggests that 5g radio rays cause cell damage. For this reason, the International Agency for Research on Cancer of WHO in 2011 classified RF radiation in the frequency range of 30 kHz‑300 GHz as a ‘possible’ human carcinogen.

If all this is true - then experiments would show that 5g harms people?

The Diamond Princess and the 5g human population experiment.

Did Diamond Princess have 5g on it? I've found conflicting claims on the internet. But according to a recent article by Epoch Times, it did. This press release appears to verify that Diamond Princess had 5g on it.

If so, this is perhaps a great but unethical experiment. Because of the close proximity to the 5g tower on the ship - the population would've been in close contact with the radar rays.

The CDC reports that there were 3,711 people on board. The median age of the guests was 69. After 17 days of voyage, 10 people were diagnosed as dead. In total, over 19% became sick.

If radar waves can weaken the immune system, then 5g can be an equally plausible theory to the cause of 5g then someone on board infecting everyone. The results are explained more thoroughly below.

Does 5g cause AIDS in the sick and elderly?

AIDS is not a disease, it's a symptom, which is marked by a crash in the white blood cell count, specifically CD 4. Currently, it is generally caused by HIV. Pneumonia commonly kills people with AIDS, because they don't have the immunity to fend against it.

TB in an AIDS patient
(c) University of Wisconsin-Madison
People dying are already compromised immunologically; they are the elderly and sick. It's very probable that being around 5g radar rays further lowers white blood cell counts. For those who are already immunocompromised, it would trigger AID - which then can result in pneumonia and death. Even a sufficient loss of white blood cells, could cause one to have a flu. And that's what I propose is being called Covid-19.

There is no one strain of Covid-19. At first, there were 2 strains. Now there are 8 strains.

It's like Atomic Plague. Except this is the 5g Plague. Under this theory, a decimation of white blood cells triggers the flu from any kind of coronavirus. That's why there' are multiple strains.

Why governments permitted the rollout of 5g?

The government would have us believe that non-ionizing radiation isn't dangerous. But even the journal Radiation Research had to issue an apology stating this isn't true.

Damage from radar rays depends on a few factors that are independent of whether the ray can ionize an atom. The question to ask is whether 5g radar waves can go through skin, blood, and bone. If so, it's damaging cells. And that makes it harmful for us.

Hence, the questions to ask are these. One, how much of it can pierce through the body, including skin, blood, fats, and bones? Two, how many waves are passing through the body? Three, how close is one to a device emitting this type of radiation? Four, how much is one exposed to this radiation over time? Five, under what set of conditions do cells become damaged?

Ronald N. Kostoff has wrote a paper titled: THE LARGEST UNETHICAL MEDICAL EXPERIMENT IN HUMAN HISTORY. It it, he writes, "This monograph describes the largest unethical medical experiment in human history: the implementation and operation of non-ionizing non-visible EMF radiation . . . infrastructure for communications, surveillance, weaponry, and other applications." Kostoff also states, "Many thousands of papers have been published over the past sixty+ years showing adverse effects from wireless radiation applied in isolation or as part of a combination with other toxic stimuli." (P. 37).

Swedish oncologist, Lennart Hardell in his Comment: Appeals that matter or not on a moratorium on the deployment of the fifth generation, 5G, for microwave radiation says: "Over the years, numerous international appeals on radiofrequency (RF) radiation and health and the environment have been published (e.g., www.emfscientist.org) . . . On the contrary, ambient RF radiation exposure has increased and is a potential health risk based on the current knowledge of the biological effects of RF radiation. . . .There seems to be an ‘unholy’ alliance between the telecom industry and certain scientists, organizations (even WHO), and some politicians, thus reducing the potential for precautionary actions".

Despite the warnings, large media corporations still publish columnist like Bob O'Donnell, who vouch for the safety of 5g radiation. Conveniently, he also stands to profit from such technology as he is the president and chief analyst of a market research and consulting firm.

O'Donnell's argument goes: 5g isn't dangerous is because conspiracy theorists have come up with them. Also, he cites one paper that says 5g isn't dangerous.

What about all the papers that suggests it is? And has he tested this technology for the purposes of human health? Probably not. He's not the expert then. So why should we trust him?


In this article, I've proposed the harms of 5g on the immune system, which may weaken the immune system further in the sick and elderly - which in turn causes pneumonia and mortality. I've outlined the physics, immunology, and the theories underlying my proposal. More research needs to demonstrate under what set of conditions that blood cells (both red and white) are damaged under 5g radio waves.

In the meantime, it's a good idea for those who are sick with Covid-19 to move away from areas that have 5g towers. The treatment of diminished red and white blood cells may be required. Finally, our governments should impose a moratorium on all 5g technology until more is known about the harm it causes for humans, animals, insects, and the environment.

Currently, I've proposed two theories regarding the corona epidemic. The first one is that the virus suppresses the immune system. The second one, written in this article, is that 5g radar waves weaken the immune system. For the sick and elderly, this can result in death.

These theories are not mutually exclusive, and in fact, places like Wuhan had both phenomena, which may have both contributed to the epidemic. The rollout of 5g came before the Wuhan scourge. It's also plausible that certain locations are experiencing 5g driven outbreaks, while other places are facing a spread of the Wuhan strain.

In order to thresh out the true cause, an antibody test or sequencing test needs to be derived from the Wuhan strain of the virus. If this is the case, I predict that there will be a genetic sequence that matches both SARS, HIV, and Covid-19 but will exclude all other viruses. Currently, I believe this is more 5g driven, because it appears that those who had Covid-19 can be reinfected and hence do not develop lifetime immunity - which to me suggests that the cause is more environmental than pathogenic in origin. (More on why later.)

*An earlier version of this article had to revise my term of radioactivity. My understanding of ionizing energy was also flawed and has been updated.

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

The Second Great Depression - Has it Come?

Migrant Mother shot by
Dorothea Lange
Does March 16, 2020 - the day that nearly all restaurants and cafes closed in Los Angeles - mark the end of the Age of the Baby Boomers? In response to the coronavirus epidemic, across the globe - governments have imposed executive orders - which prevent us from assembling together. Although politicians are telling us that this is so that we can quarantine the coronavirus epidemic, I wonder if there's an ulterior motive. Are the bonds of community being disintegrated? Can it be that soon governments will announce that they run out of our money and that really we're in a Second Great Depression? If so, the last reaction these thieves of state want from us is a revolt to hold them accountable. Bog Iger, Bill Gates and other executives have already stepped down and abandoned ship. Doesn't it remind you of how Ken Lay resigned in Enron right before the whole scandal was exposed? If you don't remember, Ken Lay cashed in on all his stocks before handing the mess to his successor. Employees lost their pensions and shareholders lost everything.

It looks like the season is ripe for a day of reconciliation of the books. For years - governments and corporations have known that the successor generations (Gen. X, Millennials, and Z'ers) couldn't sustain the promises of their pension and healthcare. Take for instance an expose that LA Times did on El Monte's retiree - who have it better off than when they worked. According to it, "The retired city manager of El Monte collects more than $216,000 a year, plus cost-of-living increases and fully paid health insurance. 'It’s giving me an opportunity to do a number of things I didn’t get to do when I was younger, like travel to Europe, take some things off my bucket list,' Mussenden, 66, said recently."

And why should we the public help a retired city manager fulfill his Peter Pan Freudian unfulfilled childhood fantasies?

So, public officials kept giving themselves bigger and bigger raises for themselves and their friends. They took out bigger loans on behalf of the people (but never personally of course), and told themselves - It'll be someone else's problem.

But now, the Ponzi scheme is coming to an end. The pigs could feed at the trough as long as the successive populations were larger than the previous one. But that's no longer true. And as Peter Drucker, the Godfather of business science pointed out, every government and corporation knows that it should adjust its business to a changing demographic. But it doesn't do so.

So - the thieves of state - have to figure out ways to keep the whole Ponzi scheme afloat. Stealing from employees' pension is a good one, promising to invest it but never doing so. Burdening and oppressing the undocumented and stealing from them was another one. Raising taxes is another one. But it's like taking out a loan to cover the interest on a credit card loan. You can do it for awhile, but that comes to an end too.

And all the while, we're kept distracted by the old Roman Empire strategy of bread and circus. Actually, it was President Nixon who wanted obese Americans by increasing corn and sugar production. Circus means entertainment. As long as the masses have entertainment - they can be distracted. But over the years, has anyone been paying attention that Super Bowl ratings have been dropping?

I'm wondering (can't be 100% certain), whether the jig is up. Our economy has been running on borrowed time and money for awhile now and infinite growth is no longer possible. And this "pandemic" (which I'm not saying isn't a real issue) is also being used for crowd control. (I wrote two papers on the coronavirus. The first one argues that corona suppresses the immune system. The second argues that the viral immunity is CD4 driven. Nature has recently published an infected patient's data, which suggest that both these theories are correct.)

As Shakespeare wrote in Julius Cesar, the government's strategy to control us - "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war." George Orwell, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and the Bible all warn that to control us - governments have to keep us in a constant state of panic - usually by war against nations. During peace time, the U.S. has been at undeclared wars with Russia, Iran, and North Korea. Then came the War on Terror. Now the war has become the war on the invisible enemy: Coronavirus. Then the government will come out looking like the heroes, as it has the solution that comes out of nowhere.

(C) Martin Armstrong
One of my sources estimates that 61% of us are on government subsidies of some form. According to economist Martin Armstrong - 33% of our economy is made up of government workers. Armstrong argues that from 1900 to 1980 - there's been a huge shift that's reduced those in the agricultural workforce, which has been primarily shifted to service and government industries.

Likewise - we're in another labor sector shift. I believe we're going to see a downsizing of government. No more incompetent buddy deals and leaches parasitizing on taxpayers, just because they're the best friend of a politician. I'm fairly certain there will be a transition, and that we in fact are making those shifts now.

Although economists disagree over the cause of the Great Depression, it appears to me pretty obvious what it is. Fraud caused the Great Depression, the 2008-Foreclosure Gate, and it'll be identified as the reason that caused the Millennial Depression.

And sadly, these great fraudsters of this world will have enough money to escape justice. Why are we always taught in school that crime doesn't pay, when it clearly does?

No one can predict the future accurately all the time. But the post-coronavirus world will emerge radically different than the Baby Boomer run one. My generation will be left with the burden of paying for the debt created by the last one. That's all history is. One generation cleaning up the mess of the last one.

As T.H. White asked: “When shall I be dead and rid. Of all the wrong my father did? How long, how long 'till spade and hearse. Put to sleep my mother's curse?”

Sunday, March 15, 2020

A Time for Courage

Jacopo Tintoretto
Saint George and the Dragon
In Eastern Los Angeles, panic has swept through the population. Grocery shelves are empty. Toilet paper is gone. Schools have been shutdown. Libraries are closed. Events are cancelled. Church gatherings shutdown. Even the boxing gym I attend is closed until March 31st. Generally, people are afraid to go to public places.

But for those who follow the Christian faith - we must not let fear seize us. 2 Timothy 3:16 says, "For the Spirit that God has given us does not make us timid; instead, his Spirit fills us with power, love, and self-control." From the Old Testament, Psalms 23:4 says, "Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me. Your shepherd's rod and staff protect me."

I find it disheartening how many Christians I know are terrified of this disease. It's a terrible testament of our faith. I'm not saying we shouldn't be prudent and prepared, but as Pastor Francis Chan pointed out, according to Charisma News, "It's a test of our faith - not to be foolish but to show that we fear nothing, especially not death. And we are anxious about nothing." Chan tells how Chinese Christians are witnessing their faith in Hong Kong, even amongst the coronavirus outbreak there.

During this crisis, if we can't draw on faith, love, and hope, what kind of testament are we to this world? How are we the light? How are we salt? If salt loses its saltiness, it's thrown away.

We're called to be strong in crisis, because "If you're weak in crisis, you're weak indeed." (Pro. 24:10, GNT).

The Bible never promises us that we'll live forever on this earth. So why are Christians and others believing in this lie? We act like we're all entitled to immortality here.

I'll repeat it again. We're not going to live on this earth forever. What counts is what you do with your time here and now, no matter how short it is.

In fact, Scripture says "whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will find it."

Suffering is a plight Christians are all called to endure. That's what it means to take up your cross daily.

And yet, I had to be taught this lesson by an atheist civil rights attorney. In Russia, I staged a protest, because the Russian government in Saint Petersburg wouldn't let me board my flight without paying a bribe. I was placed in indefinite house arrest within the country. It was an upsetting experience, where my State Department did nothing for me. Kind Russian people I had barely known, however, stepped up and gave me compassion; hospitality; and most importantly - their time. The lessons I learned there stayed with me for life.

When I returned home, my atheist attorney praised me for what I did.

And I asked her, "But what did it accomplish? I could've got really hurt. One of the officer pushed me to the floor."

"If anything, it's good for you. It cleanses your soul," she told me.

How shameful for the Church that I had to learn this lesson from someone outside of the faith - who understood the lessons of suffering better than I've ever heard from any sermon preached.

The solution to this kind of disobedience is repentance to God. The sin is clear. It's placing fear above Him. And in doing so, he is no longer God of your life, fear is. It is written - "Worship no God but me." That includes the god of fear.

I end with a verse in 1 John 4, which reminds us all of the purpose of our being: "There is no fear in love; perfect love drives out all fear. So then, love has not been made perfect in anyone who is afraid, because fear has to do with punishment."