Monday, September 30, 2013

Teenage Boxer Gives The Boxing Lawyer His First Boxing Shoes

A boxing teenager gave me my first pair of boxing shoes two weeks ago.  It reminded me that it wasn't the adults who just invested in the kids, but the kids  gave back to us too in uncanny ways.

Christian, 17, asked me to help mentor him so that he could go to college.  I agreed.  I thought, why not?  The cost to me was small.  The payoff, if done right, would be high.  It could change his life.

I made a few phone calls to people I knew.  I had him sorted out.  We got him enrolled in a SAT prep class.

When he saw me at the boxing gym, he kept asking my shoe size.  I didn't know why.  I said, "Eight and a half to nine, depending on the make of the shoe."

The next day, he brought me a pair of black Adidas boxing shoes.  He said, "Hey Paul, try them on."  I untied the laces.  I put my foot in each one.  They fit snugly.

He smiled.  "Do they feel good?"  Christian asked.

"Ja, I think so," I said.

He pressed on the tip of the shoe and felt for my toes, like parents do for their children.  "They're good, Paul."

I smiled back and said, "I guess you're right."

I trained in them that day.  But I had to go home early because of all the phone calls I was getting.  I can't believe I logged over 4,000 minutes of airtime on my cell phone last month!  That's almost three days of straight talking.

I came back to the gym, but Christian was gone.  Julian, the head boxing coach, asked me if I wanted to get some yogurt in downtown, Baldwin Park.  I said I did.

But as he drove me to the yogurt place I said, "Hey, we need to go back and get Christian.  He got me these boxing shoes."

So, Julian turned around and drove to get Christian.  Julian bought me my yogurt.  I had pomegranate.  Christian complained he didn't want to get fat, but he still overloaded his yogurt with all kinds of toppings: chocolates, and candies, and whatnot.  I bought Christian his yogurt.

We sat outside and enjoyed our dessert in the dying sunlight.  We spooned all of it from our cups, until it was gone.  I thanked Christian for the shoes.  He said it wasn't a problem.  Then, Julian dropped him home.

I told Julian, "I almost forgot to thank him because of all the craziness going on in my life.  But you know, what else could a kid give you?  I'm not rich, but I can afford my own boxing shoes.  But it's still a gift I can't buy myself."

"Yeah," Julian said.

"But for him - he gave me something from the heart.  His boxing shoes."

"It means a lot when another boxer gives you their old equipment."

That act of kindness gave me hope for the City of Baldwin Park.

* * * *

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Mayor Manuel Lozano Chills Free Speech

On September 19, 2013, Paul Cook was interviewed on the radio at a local am station at Santa Cruz, California.  Robert Norse invited him to speak for twenty three minutes because of Baldwin Park's Mayor's First Amendment Violation of his right to free speech.

At the City Council Meeting on September 18, 2013, Mayor Manuel Lozano threatened to report Mr. Cook to the California State Bar for unethical behavior.  Apparently, he said his behavior was "coercive" because Cook, an attorney at law, kept pointing out the Council and Management Team's illegal behavior - such as illegally extending contracts - avoiding bidding - and the paying off of dirty bribes.  Cook said if this behavior did not stop, he would have to report them to the Attorney General.

The City Attorney apparently advised the Councillors and Mayor that it is unethical to notify public officials that their behavior is illegal, and to not stop, would result in reporting.  Cook was confused as to where these new laws of ethics come from.  It is unethical to ask someone to settle for a monetary sum or be reported.  But to ask someone to comply with the law or be reported to a higher authority is within standard practice.

The City Attorney, Joseph Pannone, who has billed close to $300,000 in attorneys fees this year for Council Member Marlen Garcia's First Amendment retaliation lawsuit allegedly advised the Mayor to report Cook to the bar.  An informant, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, stated that, "Pannone's just really pissed off at Cook.  And he's been lying to the City Council.  When Cook tells them [the Council Members] they're breaking the law, they've been asking Pannone if this was true.  He's been caught telling these lies."

The City Attorney, Joseph Pannone cost the City of Baldwin Park $90,000 in attorney fees because he provided unsound and illegal advice to the City Manager, Vijay Singhal in 2009 about complying with the Public Records Act.  On record, Pannone denied costing the City such money.  Pannone lied on record.   The court records indeed shows he did lose against a non-profit organization called CARA.

In response to Pannone's angry outbursts, Cook replied, "Either this guy is falling way below the standard of practicing law or he's intentionally giving out bad advice so he can make more money for his firm by billing the City.  The latter is actually unethical behavior.  And if it's the prior, he needs to go.  His negligence is costing the City of Baldwin Park a fortune."

At the City Council Meeting, Mayor Lozano made an implicit threat against Cook by telling members of the public where to find his home address and phone number.  To this, Cook replied, "I'm not surprised.  He comes from a thuggish family.  It's alleged in town that his brother helps him defraud the votes.  Moreover, this same brother, Guadalupe Lozano was picked up for having controlled substances in Irwindale.  Mayor Lozano was bankrupt once.  At his current day job, he's a security guard.  This is who Baldwin Park has for a Mayor.  Really - Baldwin Park is the shame of the San Gabriel Valley.  I can keep going on and on, but why?  I don't want to seem like TMZ or a tabloid.  It's just sad that the local politicians here do make our City look like the Jerry Springer Show."

This wasn't the first time the City attacked Mr. Cook regarding his First Amendment Rights.  After attempting to interview an ex-employee, the Chief of Police, Lili Hadsell, called him.  She told him to stop.  He told her, doesn't she have anything else better to do than make phone calls?  There are, after all several shootings in Baldwin Park.

In response to this violation, Cook attempted to file a complaint against the City Manager, Vijay Singhal; the HR Manager, Leticia Lara; and Chief Lili Hadsell. When Cook saw Leticia Lara, he told her she violated his First Amendment right and wanted complaint forms.  Leticia Lara then went to the back office.  Pushed the "panic button."  But it was broken that day.  Apparently, when it's pushed, the SWAT Team comes and surrounds the building.  Instead, the police came and arrested Cook.  As they escorted him out, Leticia Lara lied to Cook and said there were no forms to fill out for filing a complaint against staff.

Robert Norse, the radio host, was so fascinated with Cook's story, he interviewed him for twenty three minutes.  The Mayor of Santa Cruz kicked Mr. Norse out of the city council meeting for saluting the mayor with a Nazi Salute.  The case made it to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.  Therefore, Cook and Norse shared a common experience in facing First Amendment violations by public officials of local government.

Cook told his audience that Mayor Lozano will not allow people use words he disagrees with in contravention of the case: Cohen v. California, which permitted that the word "F*** " was permissible in the court setting.  Lozano often kicks people out of City Hall for any gestures he finds offensive.  He also commits viewpoint discrimination against any speech he finds offensive, which is any speech that goes against him or Council Member Marlen Garcia.  Nonetheless, as one of the Council Members pointed out, the Mayor permits Marlen Garcia to engage in rude and offensive behavior.  Cook stated, "This is in clear violation of First Amendment Rights, as Lozano engages in classical viewpoint discrimination.  Anything that's anti-council or anti-mayor is the opposing viewpoint.  And if you say anything he doesn't like, he tries to chill your speech."

The rest of Cook's air time focused on the boxers and their protest against the Director of Parks and Recreation.  The host appeared interested in how teenagers were being engaged in local city politics.  He also drew out details of the accounting of Parks and Recreation.  Cook explained how the City Fleet funds and the boxing funds were co-mingled to pay off bribes given to politicians.

Mr. Norse re-invited Cook to speak again.  Cook agreed to do so on October 3, 2013.  Two other radio stations in Los Angeles expressed interviewing Mr. Cook.

When asked about all this new media attention, Mr. Cook stated, "I live in the shame of the San Gabriel Valley.  I intend to expose all of it."

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Special Thanks to the Reader: A New Milestone

This post is dedicated to the readers of my blog.  My blog has reached a new milestone in the number of hits.

I've been a serious blogger since my time living in New Zealand.  It was a way to share my life with my friends around the world.  When I lived in New Zealand, my American friends were kept up to date.  When I lived in America, my Australasian friends were kept up to date.

I never imagined that since the boxers' demonstration on June 19, 2013, that my blog would surge in readership from all around the world.  Previously, I only had 50-100 hits a week from my usual readers.  But now, the whole world is involved in reading about how the City of Baldwin Park, in Los Angeles County, hidden in the San Gabriel Valley engages in illegal practices.

You, the reader, are important.  For years, corruption has been allowed to fester in this city under the guise of secrecy.  Council Member Garcia, Mayor Pro Tem Garcia, and Mayor Lozano have had a strong influence on the local newspaper, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.  This blog has fought the government controlled media by exposing the truth.  In essence, by you reading this blog and sharing it, you've played an influential role in holding the practices of the administrators of this city and the public officials accountable.  

Special thanks to:

Cook Islands
Costa Rica
Hong Kong
Korea, South
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
United Kingdom
United States

Thanks again to my readers.  I'll have a special commemorative story coming out to celebrate the new milestone.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Director of Parks and Recreation Attempts to Extort Children to Fix Financial Misappropriations

The Director of Parks and Recreation, Manuel Carrillo Jr., attempted to extort the children to make up for the downfall of the boxing budget, which he misappropriated.

Director Carrillo asked head boxing coach Julian Casas and others if raising the boxing fees was an appropriate remedy to increase the boxing hours.  The boxers have been protesting the City Council and the Director for having their hours cut for three months now.  Nothing has been done to fix this problem.

Although City Council Member, Marlen Garcia and Director Carrillo stated that there was no money in the budget, this was far from the truth.  The truth is that the Director co-mingled the boxing fund with the City Fleet funds.  There was enough money in the boxing budget, but the reason that the boxing account was depleted was because the Council Members and Director Carrillo had to pay off their dirty favors.  Therefore, they did so by draining the children's boxing account.  (Read more on this: Director of Parks and Recreation Takes From The Boxing Account to Pay Off Dirty Favors)

In an attempt to quiet down the boxers, the Director of Parks and Recreation replaced the ten year old boxing bags and gloves two weeks ago.  Instead of directly using City money to fund the equipment, Director Carrillo asked Royal Coaches Autobody and Towing to fund the new equipment.

Paul Cook, an attorney at law and a boxer, stated, "We're grateful for the new equipment.  But this equipment is long overdue.  Some of these bags were ten years old.  Some of the boxing gloves were ten years old.  They were filled with sweat that's ten years old.  Then Carrillo expects children to put them on and use them.  They smelled rancid and putrid.  Would he let his own children wear these gloves?"

In response to the donation made by Royal Coaches, Mr. Cook stated, "It's not that Royal Coaches is giving the boxers money.  Royal Coaches is part of the City Fleet budget.  And the boxing budget has been taken to pay off the corruption happening in the City Fleet.  So, we're just getting back what's been stolen from us.  Also, we're upset that the City isn't using money from its treasury to fund the city boxing program.  Why should an outside sponsor provide what's required to run a small program?"

At the Council Meeting on September 4, 2013, Director Carrillo and Council Member Marlen Garcia denied that Royal Coaches "paid" for the equipment.  The City "paid" for it.  William and Jim Salazer, owners and partners, of Royal Coaches also denied it.

Mr. Cook disputes these allegations.  He said, "Technically, they're correct.  The City paid for it, but the money was placed into the general account of the City of Baldwin Park by Royal Coaches.  A number of sources informed me of this.  Then, yes, the City paid for it.  But if you trace the funds, it comes from Royal Coaches."

William and Jim Salazar said that Director Carrillo made another request for a donation of $2,000.  They denied him his request.  When Coach Casas heard about this, he replied, "I hope that Carrillo is still looking for money for the boxing.  We're still in sorry shape."

According to the boxers, the City of Baldwin Park still has not given them what they asked for from the beginning: their hours back.  The boxing program had enough money appropriated for the year to have these hours, but the money was misappropriated by Director Carrillo to other accounts.  Such accounts included: unidentified consulting fees and miscellaneous benefits and the city fleet account, which includes payments to Royal Coaches.  In response to fix his misappropriation, Director Carrillo suggested raising fees against the children.

Coach Casas told him that it was a solution that should never have been brought up.  According to Casas, "A number of these kids have parents who live in poverty and are already struggling to pay the fees.  Director Carrillo already doubled the fees this year and cut the hours.  The kids are already upset at the raised fees this year and spoke out against Carrillo at City Hall already.  It's even more upsetting that Director Carrillo made up the excuse that there was no money, when he was stealing from this account all along.  He doesn't even live in Baldwin Park.  This isn't the right way for him to fix the problem.  He's the one that drained out our boxing account illegally.  Now he wants to harm the kids once again by raising the fees so they can't participate in the program.  Really, he should be fired and the city should hire someone that's competent and affordable instead of someone that's incompetent and a money-pit."

In response, Director Carrillo stated that the parents of these children could apply for a scholarship.

This week, one of the boxing girls, age ten to thirteen,  returned to boxing after not being present for several months.  (Her real age is not being disclosed to protect her identity and that is not her picture at the top.)  When Coach Casas asked why she wasn't coming, she stated, "My father ran out of money."  The fee for the children is $10 a month.  It was $5 a month before the raise.

He told her, "Go tell your father, I'll give you $5 for this month."

She ran to tell her father, then came back to Coach Casas and said, "Can we do it next week?  I have a brother too.  My father said next week."  Her words suggested her father didn't have enough money at the time for both children to participate.  Her father ended up applying for the scholarship, and still, they didn't have enough money. 

Coach Casas handed her a ten dollar bill and said, "Here, it's taken care of."  Both children renewed their membership that week.

When asked why Coach Casas funded two children in boxing he said, "Hey, why not?  She works hard.  She should be rewarded.  Most people don't even know this scholarship exists, and it's just extra red tape.  Really, Director Carrillo's has no more money left in the boxing account.  And it never went to boxing.  Why else is he going to outside sources for money and trying to raise the fees against the children?"

After being there for fourteen years, Coach Casas has received a forty cent raise this year.  He now makes $8.88 an hour.  He spent about an hour and a half of his pay to give back to the boxing program.  Coach Casas, and the other part time staff don't even have health insurance.  In contrast, Director Carrillo has been there close to thirteen years.  After thirteen years, he now makes close to $180,000 a year, which is approximately $98 an hour.  He has two company cars, and at times, takes six and a half weeks off a year.  He has two allowances for his health care.  This doesn't include all the conference time he goes too.  (In the United States, two weeks is average.)

Coach Casas has demanded for the resignation of Director Carrillo at several Council Meetings.  He has now demanded that the Council Members and Mayor vote for firing Director Carrillo.  In response, Council Member Raquel Monica Garcia stated he was a wonderful director because he raised half a million dollars for the City.  Raquel Garcia's previous work was with a development company.  There's strong suggestions that her and them will all benefit from the capital grant of monies.

Julian Casas is concerned that this wouldn't be the first time that Parks and Recreation is involved in stealing money.  Casas asked Carrillo for an accounting of the money received by the kids for the boxing.  Most of this money is cash.  Director Carrillo said over a month ago it would be produced.  It never has.  As a result, he filed a Public Records Request under the California Public Records Act.  As a resident, Mr. Casas requested an accounting of all monthly fees paid for by boxing.  In response, the City stated it didn't know what accounting he was asking for.  Mr. Casas found the response absurd because there's only one boxing program.  The responses raises serious questions about what Council Member Raquel Garcia and Director Carrillo are doing with the kids' boxing money.  The City's response is also illegal under state law, and it has lost a Public Records lawsuit once.

When asked why Director Carrillo should resign, Coach Casas replied, "One, he doesn't have a backbone to stand up against Council Member Marlen Garcia, who was part of his hiring in 1999-2000.  The Council Member could say these palabras, palabras, but in actuality, she told me to my face: 'You're lucky to have a boxing program.  Boxing is just entertainment, anyways.'  As if she owns this city.

"And Carrillo - he's selfish.  That's it.  He takes from this community.  And when he's supposed to fix the problems, he doesn't do it.  He has no empathy for the children or this community."
Mr. Cook is concerned that the City of Baldwin Park is mimicking the practices of the City of Bell.  On record, Mayor Manuel Lozano denied Cook's allegation of Baldwin Park's ties to the City of Bell.  Nonetheless, independent informants verified that Mayor Lozano was friends with the public officials of both Maywood and Bell.  The Attorney General Audit Report stated that the City of Bell misappropriated funds in connection with the State Department of Parks and Recreation as well.

Perhaps, the best way to defraud people for monies is to represent causes for kids and sports.  But as these posts have been showing, the money isn't coming to serve the boxing program.  After all, no one can serve two masters, for either he will hate the one and love the other; or else he will be devoted to one and despise the other.  Manny Carrillo can't serve as both a money launderer and Director of Parks and Recreation. He loves being the former; not the latter.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

The City of Baldwin Park Illegally Extends Waste Management Contract

On Wednesday, September 4, 2013 the City Council and Mayor of Baldwin Park unanimously voted to extend Waste Management's contract illegally for ten years.

Although the local paper, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune reported that this extension was met with "the applause of many residents," this is far from the truth.

The overwhelming majority of people in attendance at this Council Meeting was made up of Waste Management Employees, union representatives, and friends and supporters of Council Member Marlen Garcia, Mayor Pro Tem Raquel Monica Garcia, and Mayor Manuel Lozano.  Most of these friends, as well, are not residents of Baldwin Park, like the historian Bob Bimbo or librarian Rafael Nunez, both of whom expressed their approval of the City Council.

The boxers, however, went to the Council Meeting and are residents of Baldwin Park.  They did not clap for the illegal ten year extension of this contract.  In fact, Julian Casas, head boxing coach of the gym once again demanded that the City Council and Mayor vote for firing the Director of Parks and Recreation because it was a local business owner who paid for their new boxing equipment and not the City.  He asked why the City took the program from the Boys and Girls Club, when it couldn't afford to manage it and neglected it for ten years.  Mr. Casas pointed out how the City is running the boxing program to the ground, just like Mayor Lozano had filed bankruptcy in his personal life at one point.

Paul Cook, attorney at law and boxer at the local gym, once again demanded the resignation of Mayor Lozano, Council Member Marlen Garcia, and Mayor Pro Tem Raquel Garcia for engaging in corruption with Royal Coaches Autobody and Towing, who paid for the new boxing equipment.

Although the boxers' grievance against this towing company doesn't appear to be related to the extension of Waste Management's contract extension, the similarities are actually many.  Both companies donate thousands of dollars to the political contribution of each Council Member and Mayor.  Both companies are attempting to have their contracts illegally extended before the November election.  The contracts of both companies cost the residents of Baldwin Park much for the profit of the few, which includes the businesses and the council members and the mayor.

Finally, both companies engage the Council Members and the Mayor in creating an illegal contract extension.  The importance of competitive bidding stems from the California Constitution (art. XI, section 10) and more than 140 years of California Supreme Court precedent.  Also, Specific provisions applicable to cities are set forth in §20160-§20175.2 of the Public Contract Code.  Furthermore, Baldwin Park's own municipal code §34.26-34.39 states the requirements of bidding.  All these laws are in place to "eliminate favoritism, fraud and corruption; avoid misuse of public funds; and stimulate advantageous market place competition." Miller v. McKinnon, 20 Cal. 2d 83, 88 (1942). 

Therefore, the City of Baldwin Park cannot illegally extend a contract that costs the citizens of Baldwin Park over $3.3 million a year without going out to bid.  But it just did, with the approval of City Attorney Pannone and City Manager Vijay Singhal.  It not only did so, it did so for 10 years.  Therefore, over 10 years, Baldwin Park will pay out $33M in gross to Waste Management.  In exchange, Waste Management will give $1M back to the City.  So, in net, Baldwin park pays Waste Management $32M instead of $33M.

The boxers expressed their concern about the unethical journalistic practices of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune when it stated that "[a] string of residents took the microphone at Wednesday’s City Council meeting to praise the company[.]"  It's just not true.  It didn't happen.  And even after the reporter Rebecca Kimitch interviewed Mr. Cook, an attorney at law, for twenty minutes the day before the article was published, she failed to write about the illegality of Baldwin Park's contract extension.

At the Council Meeting, Mr. Cook aired his concerns that Baldwin Park was looking more and more like the City of Maywood and the City of Bell.  The Mayor responded to Mr. Cook's comment that, Mr. Cook was fabricating a story.  But as a politician, he has to take such fake attacks.  He said the City of Baldwin Park was nothing like Maywood or Bell.  

Really, the City of Baldwin Park and the City of Bell have much in common.  According to John Chiang's November 2010 Bell Audit Report, The City of Bell "could not provide any evidence suggesting the services were acquired through competitive bidding processes in accordance with the  . . . City Charter requirements, this practice raises questions about possible favoritism[.]"  The report states on the first page: "Essentially, the city’s former Chief Administrative Officer was able to select vendors without approval and without competitive bidding, which raises serious questions about possible conflicts of interest, favoritism, and other improprieties." 

It appears that the public officials and management team will do what they want, instead of following legalized procedures and process.  Thus, it's true what they say.  One man's trash is another man's treasure.  In this case though, Baldwin Park gets trashed and the public officials, one business, and the mayor gets the treasure.

* * *

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Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Lawyer's Joke - What Did One Lawyer Text To The Other?

Last night, my attorney friend and I, also an attorney, texted each other.  I figured to write this because it's just good to laugh once in awhile.

Attorney friend: How you been?

Me: Busy, busy, busy.

Attorney friend: Don't exaggerate.

Me: Oh, then, I'm just busy, busy. :o

Attorney friend: That's more like it. :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Director of Parks and Recreation Takes From The Boxing Fund To Pay Off Dirty Favors

Manuel Carrillo aka Manuel Carrillo Jr.
Baldwin Park's Director of Parks and Recreation
Estimated current pay: over $300,000 a year.
The boxers are alleging that the Director of Parks and Recreation is cooking the books.  What does that mean?  Ever hear the saying, "It's like taking candy from a baby."  In his case, it's better to say, "It's like taking money from the kids."

In the last Council meeting, I tried to spout out the facts and figures.  I know it was hard to follow; so, I've simplified it for my readers here. Here's what I learned through this discovery: corruption has become a much more sophisticated game.  In this post, I will show you how corruption harms children and it's sophistication.  I'll lead your thoughts, so, as you see the different documents presented, you can follow along.

What I'm going to do is show you how 1) the director took from the boxing budget, 2) channeled to money to other accounts, and 3) did so to pay back dirty favors.  The key in understanding how all this is done is that the boxing budget is all mixed up with the dirty accounts.

cor·rupt: adjective
1. guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.

Pay attention to the word: "bribery."  Also realize, corruption is the exact opposite of justice.  Justice requires that a society, authorized by the government, makes decisions that are in the best interest of the entire public.  Corruption, in contrast, works by favoring a small group at the harm of the people.  In this case, you will see how local municipal corruption harms the public.  In this case, our youth.

Here's an anecdote.  As a young and spiffy law student, I remember my constitutional law professor saying to the class: "Perhaps one of you will become a federal prosecutor.  When you do, you'll see how difficult it'll be to prove bribery."  I didn't become a federal prosecutor, but he was right: proving bribery is almost impossible.  But as the Scriptures say, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”
Point 1: The Boxing Budget Was Misappropriated to Fund Other Budgets.

The boxing budget was misappropriated to fund other budgets.  In other words, the Director, the Mayor, the Mayor Pro Tem, and the Council Members took from the boxing budget.  In other words, they stole from the kids to return dirty favors.

To start with, we need to know how much was appropriated and used in the boxing budget.  For the year, the boxing budget was $23,000 per year.

Then, we know that on average there are 42 to 68 boxers who participate.  They pay on average $15 a month.  This turns out to be $7,560 to $12,240 a year.  This extra cash needs to be added to the appropriated budget.  Thus, $23,000 + $7,560 (or $12,240) = $30,560-$35,870 a year.

The cost of running the program is 3 coaches at $11 an hour (although the City only pays the coaches an average cost of $8.11 per hour, I'm going to calculate a 33% overcharge).  Then we need to calculate how many hours are available for 3 coaches for the entire year.  $30,560 ÷ $33 per hours = 926 hours.  We divide the hours by the number of weeks in a year, which is 52 to get the number of hours per week available.

That's 926 hours ÷ 52 weeks per hour = 17.8 hours.  That's 18 hours per week per coach.
What all this means is that we have enough to run Monday through Wednesday and 3 hours for a Thursday.  Therefore, the boxing budget is appropriated to run Monday through Thursday.  And when, we take the larger sum of $35,870 per year, we may have enough for Monday through Friday.

In actuality, because the assistant coach didn't work many hours, and the City never replaced a coach, we've only had 1.5 coaches for the year.   That costs $12,870.  When we subtract this amount from $30,560 or $35,870, you see the City didn't spend $23,000.

Money is like water.  It doesn't just disappear.  It flows.  So where did the $23,000 go?  The Director is either incompetent or engaging in fraud.  There was plenty of money for Monday through Thursday.  So for him to not have done the calculations shows him as incompetent; therefore, he shouldn't be a director making $180,000 a year.  If he's engaging in fraud, then he should go to jail.  I think it's the latter and here's why.

Point 2: The Money From The Boxing Budget Is Being Taken To Pay Off Dirty Bribes.

The first thing the reader needs to know is that the boxing budget has been mixed in with an account called, "Boxing, Community Center Operations, Events, and Rentals."  The top line of the document below states the account, but who in their right mind makes up this wacky account name?  The first question you should ask is: What the hell is all of this stuff?

A poorly scanned document reveal that there are three suspicious items: 1) Consultant Services, 2) Miscellaneous Benefits, and 3) City Fleet.  Let's focus on 3) City Fleet.  The boxing budget is mixed in with the vehicle budget of the City.  Who in their right mind mixes the boxing budget with the vehicle budget?  Boxing is part of the recreation budget.  City vehicles is part of the Public Works budget.  Vijay Singhal, City Manager, gave the Parks and Recreations Director the City Fleet budget to confuse auditors or the public.  When it's hidden under the Parks and Recreation account, it's easier to evade review because the Parks and Recreation also has a separate banking account.  Therefore, by mixing in Fleet with Boxing, it's hard to trace the money.  Furthermore, no one's explained to me what miscellaneous benefits or consulting services actually are?  Have you realized once again - either the Director is incompetent in accounting or something is going on?  Let's go with the latter point again.

Point 3: The City Fleet Budget has had real problems, and it needs to take from other accounts to survive.  

The City Fleet budget has been emptied out and gone into the red before.

Did you notice that?  The document above states sufficient funds are no longer available in the fleet budget.  That this City Fleet fund is drained.  Therefore, it needs money from other accounts.  But why is it drained?

Point 4: The City Fund Is Drained Because It's Paying Off Dirty Bribes.

There are a number of political contributors that are part of the City Fleet Budget.  Let's take a look at the Big Sugar Daddy, Royal Coaches, a towing company.  Royal Coaches, every year gives money to every Council Member and the Mayor.  Now, money doesn't come for free.  Royal Coaches needs to profit.  It does so in a number of way.  The first way was that the Council illegally extended their contract in 2008 without going out to bid against state and city law.  It attempted this month to extend their contract again, even though it's contract doesn't end until 2014.  The second way is that it pulls over cars of the undocumented and impounds the cars for 30 days, the towing fees outstrip the value of the car, the owner can't pay, thus Royal Coaches sell them at police auctions, and the city and Royal Coaches profit.  (For this reason, Royal Coaches is being investigated currently).  The third way is that Royal Coaches charges out at exorbitant fees.  Take a look at the next document, in which Royal Coaches charges out $750 for 10 miles.

Who pays $750 for a ten mile tow?!  Even if it's 20 miles for the back and forth charge, it's still unreasonable in its amount.  This is the distance from Monterey Park to Baldwin Park.  And why did they charge back to the City for towing a Ford Fiesta?

Here are other examples of corruption.  Take a look at how the City purchased an armored vehicle for nearly a quarter of a million dollars, $250,000, when it doesn't need it.  If a riot ever happened, it's likely the National Guard comes in.  Furthermore, this is highly unusual for a City of 78,000 to be purchasing this type of vehicle.  Someone internally probably got money back for this deal.

Another example is how the City purchased tires in one month for $7,500!  I'll scan the document later, since I'm having problems with the scanner.  But who purchases tires for $7,500?

Here's something else.  The City, on this account, purchased 9,500 gallons of gasoline.  Now that's not all going to the City.  It's going to personal use for the City Manager, who lives in Hisperia and other people in the management team who drive all over California - for example from Baldwin Park to Dana Point.

It's not clear, exactly what portion of that $20,000 of the boxing budget (because of the cut day) went to gasoline, or Royal Coaches, or tire accounts, or other vendors who supported our politicians.  What is clear is that all the sports programs were cut 25%, but aquatics and the Royal Coaches budget doesn't seem to have been cut.  

Told you: corruption has become more sophisticated.  Bribes appear to be real services now.  Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.

Conclusion: Corruption Favors the Few At the Harm of the Many
Now, you see how Director Carrillo has misappropriated $20,000 from the boxing budget and placed it in favored budgets.  Why else would anyone mix in the boxing account with the City Fleet account?  Few are favored.  Many are harmed.  Take for instance, how Royal Coaches got caught for giving Council Member Marlen Garcia's daughter a notebook computer.  Now, was that notebook stolen goods from a car that was confiscated?  Why is it acceptable to steal a computer from an undocumented person to take it and give to a Council Member's daughter?  Why?  Because they'll repay the favor back, in what seems like legitimate ways, like invoices and records.  But really, it's all just made up needs.  What's really sad is that in this case, it's not just the public that's harmed; it's our youth that are harmed and their boxing program and their beloved coaches are hurt.  

The most upsetting thing about all of this, is that the Director and Council Member Marlen Garcia said there was no money in the budget.  No; we have the money.  He just didn't want to spend it because they need it to go back to pay out their dirty favors.

I only have one last question remaining for you and me.  How does the Council Members, Mayor Pro Tem, and Mayor sponsor this type of behavior?  I mean, in doing so, aren't they aiding and abetting criminal behavior as well?  Coach Casas asked the Council Members to put on the agenda a vote to test the fitness of the Director.  Why are they stalling?  What do they have to hide?

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