Saturday, October 31, 2015

Was Council Member Ricardo Pacheco a Rapist? Identity Disorder Series Part VI

Ricardo Pacheco in a Prison Uniform
Council Member Ricardo Pacheco (also known as Jose Ricardo Pacheco) may be a rapist. Heralding to be a Council Member for 18 years, Pacheco claims to have graduated from Rosemead, California. Nothing could be further from the truth.

According to the Texas Sex Offender Database, an undocumented man (pictures below), of a Ricardo Pacheco raped a 34 year old woman. His birthdate is Oct. 12, 1965, making him 51 years old this year.

The court sentenced Pacheco in Huntsville, Texas on Feb. 10, 1994. The court convicted Pacheco of raping a 34 year old woman.

Hence, like the rest of these crooks, is Pacheco going to claim he was in Rosemead and Texas at the same time? I think that's impossible, unless he can travel at the speed of light.

Now, Pacheco's biggest scam in Baldwin Park is running two sham businesses, which he uses to sell overpriced solar panels: AMG Energy and American Municipal Services. The scam works this way. He offers his products to cities (such as Baldwin Park) at an overpriced amount, a mark up, which goes back to his business. And the taxpayer pays for solar panels it doesn't need, at a very expensive price.

Notice the similarities between Pacheco and the rest of who have been outed: Carrillo, Manuel Lozano, Raquel Garcia, and Michael Taylor. They're all from Texas and convicted felons. By the way, in California it's illegal for someone to run for public office without disclosing their felonies. Did the Mayor Lozano and Council Member Garcia do the same thing? I think so.

The point is basically this. Baldwin Park looks like it's run by the Mexican Mafia. I'll tell you how they do it. Find convicted felons. Give them a new identity and a new social security number. Move them from Texas to California. Put lipstick on a pig by giving them plastic surgery or a stomach stapling. No one in California's ever heard of them. Cheat the vote by mail ballot by forging them or by offering free or low income housing to others loyal to the gang in exchange for the vote, and presto chango - you get a city run illegally by criminals - whose main aim to steal from the taxpayer to line their own pockets.

I was asked why one should care. It's pretty simple. This is why I've been outraged from the beginning and people don't understand it. Being at the boxing gym, I look the youth, whose future is being stolen from them. They don't get the education they need to compete. Furthermore, they're running our city into so much debt, that my generation and the next one will be enslaved in paying it. If we can't pay it, the Chinese (which they're already doing) will buy it. Then, we'll have to give them citizenship, our education, and they'll rule over us instead and take the future of those who need it the most.

And because they're all criminals, the person putting them in power, has something over them - so that they can always blackmail these politicians to keep them under control. And because they're all the same peas in a pod - no one can snitch on each other because they're all the same kind of people.

More to come. But that's it in a nutshell folks.

If you care about your city and the future of the people, you need to look into the background of the people in public office and administration.

Here are some more mugshots of Pacheco.

I just wanted to remind everyone that it's come to all this because Mayor Lozano, Council Member Pacheco, Garcia, Rubio, and Director Manuel Carrillo wouldn't extend the hours of the boxing club, which would've cost the City a $100 more a week.

What's disturbing is that I received a flyer in the mail today that says the Baldwin Park Police Union is supporting Pacheco. Why in the world would the police union support a rapist running for public office?

Coming next: Shannon Yauchzee, current CEO of Baldwin Park.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Was Michael Taylor - Chief of Police - a Pedofile? Identity Disorder Part V

Mugshot of Michael Taylor
Baldwin Park Chief of Police
Does it get anymore ironic that the Chief of Police of Baldwin Park, Michael Taylor may have been a pedophile (and perhaps still is)? According to the Texas Sex Offender Database, Michael Taylor had sexual intercourse with a 12 year old girl. Now, my disclaimer is that I base my factual allegation on the state database. Certainly would fit the profile of two victims, who have complained that Taylor sexually harassed them.

In any event, besides having multiple bankruptcies, a Michael Taylor from Rialto has been indicted for mail fraud by the U.S. Attorney's Office.

The fraud worked by a Michael Taylor collecting unemployment monies under Michael Taylor Jr., while Michael Taylor St. (same person) worked in a job.

Michael Taylor, it appears, spent substantial time in Waco, Texas. He originally went by the name of Robert F. (J.?) Weathers. Weathers was a part of the Jaycees and used to be a radio host. Picture posted below of Robert Weathers.

From Lubbock Avalanche 1976
(Looks creepy to me)
Like the rest of the Baldwin Park Council Cronies, looks like Taylor-Weathers had a bit of plastic surgery, and like Raquel, lost a significant amount of fat. Though, reports are telling me that his alcoholism is catching up to him, and he's becoming porky again. As they say, you can lipstick on a pig, but it still makes him a pig.

A number of reports have been coming out from Baldwin Park City Hall that the Council Members and Mayor have been unhappy with Weather's performance as Chief of Police. As a result, the unofficial message is that the's been forced to resign before the end of the calendar year. Evidence seems to substantiate this claim.

If you can't be a crooked chief of police, why not become a crooked politician? That's right, Michael Taylor (Robert Weathers) is running for the Rialto Waterboard now. And why? Because he knows his days in Baldwin Park are over.

Weathers tenure is one of Baldwin Park's most shameful. First, he arrested and jailed an undocumented person and held him in jail for days for "being an illegal." He reinstated Baldwin Park Police Department's racially motivated DUI checkpoint programs to steal cars from the undocumented. Did I mention as Captain, he had Royal Coaches (the police's towing company,) do free auto bodywork on his vehicles? Now, in this city, let me tell you - nothing is really free.

Weathers also fired a boxing coach and signed off on it. He conducted two police investigations on whether there was sexual impropriety with a minor - you know something he might do. And when there was nothing, then he hired a private investigator against the coach and myself. And when there was still nothing, he trumped up charges. By the way, this was all because the coach who worked there for 17 years received a 40 cent an hour raise.

Weathers, however, may have been collecting two pay checks while in office. For about seven months, he was acting city manager and chief of police. Was he collecting two paychecks? Once again, the City refuses to release the documents to me. Again, why hide something damning, unless it's true? Can you believe he did all this in less than two years? Is this what a Chief of Police is supposed to do?

Furthermore, Taylor, knowing his days are done, was attempting to manipulate the City's financial database to collect even more money (illegally) before his departure.

My most controversial article on this blog was my article on previous Chief of Police's daughter, who was caught at Motel 6 with a strange man and drugs. I received comments saying it was the best piece I've ever written and the most unprofessional one. I stand by it because it did what a good journalistic piece did, it provoked a conversation and the question was: Families are separated by over-prosecuting drug offenses everyday, but should a different standard apply when it's the Chief of Police's own daughter?

Now, Taylor wasn't my source (so I could out him). But he did plant that evidence against the former Chief of Police; so, that my source could find it. By doing so, he shamed the former Chief of Police - so he could take her job - just like he's taken so much else.

If you know anything more about Michael Taylor aka Bob Weathers aka Robert Weathers aka James Weathers, please let me know. I have evidence that a Weathers murdered his former wife and a prostitute, but I'd like to confirm it's the same Michael Taylor/Weathers we have in Rialto and Baldwin Park.

Regarding this shameful Chief of Police - I can say with certainty that a pig is a pig is a pig is a pig. But Orwell beat me to that punchline: “The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.”

If you want to know more about the secret society that Taylor belongs to, download this Methodist Journal. Method 1975 Journal (This guy was just so sloppy, it was easy to trace this evidence down.)

Monday, October 26, 2015

On Cheerfulness - Quote of the Week

Grove of Olive Trees
I was reminded this week on being cheerful. The Scripture I read stated, "Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time." (Proverbs 9:22 NLT).

What it means is pretty simple. It means one who is in good spirits (being cheerful), keeps you well and healthy. Being down and depressed is a slow death.

I've actually seen this too many times with people I know. I've witnessed so many times a bitter spirit lead to heart attacks, cancers, and other ailments. My theory on this is that the stress and anxiety triggers an autoimmune attack, leaving the body vulnerable to other illnesses.

The verse is insightful because it certainly suggests that you can chose to be cheerful or gloomy. In short, while adversity may choose us, (although difficult) we can choose to be gloomy or cheerful about it.

I selected olive trees as my picture on this post because they certainly look cheery to me. Some translations of the verse say that good spirits is like good medicine.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Is Council Member Raquel M. (Monica?) Garcia a Criminal Too? - Identity Disorder Series Part IV

Raquel M. Garcia's Mugshot (Back then: 200 lbs)
From a Government Texas Database
Was Raquel M. (Monica?) Garcia (also known as Jazmin Hernandez) an ex-felon as well? According to the databases, all of which have disclaimers on the accuracy of the information, one would say: Yes!

The mugshot on the left was pulled up of a Raquel M. Garcia from Texas, when she was 200 plus pounds. In present day, she's lost most of the weight, but I'd recognize that face anywhere.

Before we get into the details of why I believe the mugshot of the girl on the left is our Council Woman Raquel Monica Garcia, I'd like to point out facts that suggest Ms. Garcia misrepresented her past.

When I first met Ms. Garcia, she claimed that she attended Olive Middle School in Baldwin Park. She also alleged that she graduated from the University of Southern California. Finally, she called herself "Monica" instead of Raquel, which is allegedly also her first real name. None of this added up.

First, if my newspaper sources are pointing to the correct person, Garcia can't be from California. She originally attended school at El Paso, Texas. Hey! Sounds familiar isn't that where Manny Carrillo is from, and like Raquel, didn't Carrillo also claim to come from Southern California? (People, are we seeing a pattern here? I think so.)

According to the Del Rio News Herald, dated Feb. 13, 1985, Raquel M. Garcia actually made Honor Roll in the Seventh Grade at San Felipe Middle School. The young teen, who at that point seemed to have a potential academic future, runs into some problems during high school.

What happened to her in high school is a mystery, as it appears from certain articles that she may have ended up in continuation school. According to one database, in 1988, the family moved to Glendale, Arizona in Maricopa County. The only thing that I feel certain of is that the picture in the yearbook is matching the woman, who calls herself Council Woman Raquel Monica Garcia. Again, we see that she's overweight for her height in the picture.

A source tells me that she told him she went to USC. The source said he went there too. But then, Raquel couldn't talk about any of the classes she took or any of the landmarks on campus.

Another story confirms that Raquel never went to USC. Several Baldwin Park employees went to USC and Raquel was to give them a tour of campus. They met at campus, and she said she was going to her car to get her walking shoes. She made the employees wait for an hour, and at that point, they realized she wasn't coming back.

Like our friends: Manuel Carrillo, Manuel Lozano, and Robert Tafoya, why do people misrepresent who they are and their past? Because as we've been seeing, they don't want you to know their real history.

A search in the Texas Criminal Database pulls up 51 criminal filings for Raquel M. Garcia, which tend to have the same pattern of crimes: property theft. Hey - then we put someone as a Council Woman, and then, we have the same thing happening - except our City Council steals from the taxpayers instead of from individuals or stores.

In 2004, our darling, is still in Arizona with a baby. She's lost significant amount of weight at this point. The mugshot above, where she's overweight must have occurred between 1988 and 2004.

Raquel never told she had a child. Why am I posting this picture? Now, I know people would say you don't involve family, but hey she posted her child's picture for everyone to see in the Arizona Republic - not me. I'm just pulling up an old archived news clipping.

Does it matter? Yes! I come from a Judeo-Christian belief that states that you should not lead the people, unless you take care of your family first. Raquel never mentions her child. She's never shown her child in public to the people of Baldwin Park (a strange thing, no?). Therefore, the most likely probabilities are that the child is not with her anymore, or that she's too ashamed to mention she has one.

Now, one as devil's advocate can argue, well, perhaps a fatal tragedy happened to her child? Sure, but in general, people who lose their children through fatal tragedies still tell people that they had a child and that he or she was tragically lost. Hiding a child usually indicates some type of shameful past. But hey, I don't have all the facts, I just have enough to write on and enough to publish pictures of.

(Just as an aside, I learned in law school - thanks to Professor Binder - that almost all evidence is circumstantial. And furthermore, in general, circumstantial evidence is more powerful than direct evidence. Remember that, these small pieces of evidence, in my view are more insightful into seeing the truth to me than a direct piece of evidence, like a film - which can always be doctored.)

Anyways, again, looks like we have another criminal from Texas running the City of Baldwin Park. If she's following in the footsteps of Mayor Lozano, it's also very likely that the two of them are undocumented.

As Aesop of Aesop's Fables said, "We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office."

Yearbook Photo of Raquel M.? Garcia (Glendale High School, AZ?)

Lost lots of weight, with her baby - where'd she go and how come she never talks about her?

Photoshop and plastic surgery does a lot for a photo

Copyright San Gabriel Valley Tribune
This is how she really looks today

Saturday, October 17, 2015

On Finding the Truth

Stingray - Maori Design
Dear Readers,

I've been asked often how I crack open a case and how my mind thinks. This short article gives you a glimpse into how to do it.

On the left, is the Maori (that's New Zealand native people) design for a stingray. I remember, when I entered the worship house of the Maoris, called a Marae, I instinctively felt drawn to the stingray designs. They were painted on the columns of the Marae.

The chief of the Marae told me that stingrays represent wisdom because they search through the sands, foraging for food. Humans too must sift through the murky waters hunting for the knowledge they need.

I've mentioned it a few times, but I used to be a biologist. Think about this. How do animals like stingrays or crocodiles, which live in cloudy waters hunt for its prey? I mean, it's harder to get prey in water than air because the third dimension of water means the prey can hide in a three dimensional realm, rather than in a two dimensional one. Only birds and bats have the advantage of a three dimensional realm in the terrestrial environment right because they can fly - and everything else can't. Everything else is on the ground, limited by gravity?

The answer lies in their ability to sense electrical pulses through their skins. In other words, they're not using physical sight to see. They're using another sense. But which one?

Remember, those old karate movies, when the sensei (master) blindfolds the pupil and hits him so often with a stick to ensure the pupil learns to harness the other senses he has. Likewise, the search for the truth in a murky waters, requires that one learn to see it without the use of only the physical senses but also the extraordinary ones too.

The best insight I have into this is encrypted into my cat's name (Jeh Pan) - Korean for Trial. All Korean names have a Chinese root. The root word for Trial in Chinese is Shen Pan - . Shen roughly translates into investigation. Pan translates into discernment. Since Trial is about truth, the Chinese have it right - truth is discovered through an intensive physical fact finding process, BUT it also includes the spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspect of discernment. Therefore, the insight of the Chinese version of Trial is that truth needs to be discovered through both physical and extraordinary senses.

In the Western World, we write off any way to arrival of the truth that is not physical in process, such as statistics, the scientific process, or mathematics. These are not to say that these are not valid tools, but we've idolized them into the only methods of arriving at truth. If you're really interested in understanding the fallacy of our process at discerning truth - Owen Barfield (C.S. Lewis's mentor) wrote a book titled Saving the Appearances on it (but I warn you, it's a difficult read.)

Now, before, I conclude this piece, I've often quoted George Orwell as saying that, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Now, I tell you that we live in times of universal deceit because accepting the truth is also a revolutionary act.

When accusations and perjuries can easily be falsified in movies, photos, and testimony, the divining of the truth must come from not seeing with the eyes, but seeing with the heart - and to see with the heart, the heart must be clear and cleansed.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Is Robert Tafoya, Baldwin Park's City Attorney a Former Felon Too? - Identity Disorder Series Part III

Mugshot of Richard Tafoya
aka Robert Tafoya
What if I told you that the City Attorney, Robert Tafoya aka Richard M. Tafoya aka Robert Hernandez probably has the worst identity disorder that the City of Baldwin Park has ever seen? In 2011, Santee, California, which is near the border of Mexico and California, near Tijuana, a Richard Tafoya was caught with 16 fake driver's licenses.

In 2011, one Richard Tafoya was finding the identities of mentally disabled people. Then, at home, he had a machine that could make fake driver's licenses and fake checks. After forging checks with the bank accounts of these victims, he would cash checks at various stores using the fake driver's licenses that were forged by his machine. (People; let's not forget he forged my signature in a court hearing - is this all coming together now?)

The brazen Richard Tafoya violated his bail condition in 2011, and subsequently the court set bail to $500,000. He didn't pay and so he had to stay in jail while he awaited trial. The trial court sentenced Tafoya to 9 years in prison.

Now, how is he out so early? Well, that's a question that people should be asking.

There's also a handwritten memo, which shamelessly writes all types of codes, which appears to suggest he belongs to some syndicate that should grant him leniency. For reasons you can expect, I'm not publishing it here.

What's more shocking is the rap sheet of this guy - which I've posted for you below. By doing a DNA extraction and analysis on This Richard Tafoya, it's been proven he's been busted a number of times for theft and drug felonies.

Here's my disclaimer; it's not 100 percent certain that the two following cases below are linked to the man caught in Santee, California, but it fits the chronology and appears to fit the Modus Operandi of Robert/Richard Tafoya.

A Richard Tafoya was also in prison in 1967 for robbery in Arizona. On October 16, 1971, the local newspaper in Florence Arizona said that Richard Tafoya stabbed a person in prison. The same Tafoya was being held in prison then attempted to escape and flee but was caught by the Sheriffs.

In 1986, a Richard Tafoya was convicted at the trial court for breaking into several apartments and sexually assaulting six women.

One may question the credibility of my findings because one can ask how do I know the man captured in Santee is the same city attorney of Baldwin Park? Well, the pattern of operation matches the same man, who has been stealing several hundreds of thousands from water districts and the City of Baldwin Park. Also, a handwriting analysis of the city attorney's Robert Tafoya exactly matched that of the file of the man in Santee.

Also, if you look below, I had a friend in intelligence compare the mugshot of the City Attorney with the one taken above. It was a perfect match, except for the nose, which our city attorney had plastic surgery on (checked and verified by a practitioner of plastic surgery abroad.) The only way that you can discredit that the mugshot is not the same city attorney of Baldwin Park is suggesting that he has a twin; otherwise, it's a perfect match.

Well - that leads to several other questions, doesn't it? Like, how did he get a University of Michigan Law Degree in 1995, when he was arrested and convicted in 1994 in prison? Does that mean he was like Nelson Mendala and doing correspondence for his legal degree while in prison? I didn't know such a program in University of Michigan exists. People; the realistic probability is that he either took the identity of someone who graduated from there as Robert Nacionales-Tafoya or that the law school may have issued a degree it shouldn't have?

And why are all of Mr. Tafoya's crimes purged and all the records difficult to get? And what about all the shameless code he tried to tell the trial court?

It sadly looks like the system was trying to protect this individual. If this is true, I'm sadly disappointed that this happened because this person has done so much harm to so many individuals.

I live in one of the most poverty stricken cities in Southern California. When you see that half the teenage girls are pregnant before 18, that the children have a shameful education, and that the water is so toxic that is causes the birth of handicapped children, people like Richard/Robert Tafoya are to blame? They make decisions that steal from the community, and the poor know nothing about it.

In any event, here's the proof. The first picture is of the mugshot. The second picture is of the city attorney. The third picture shows you how the two people are the same - except for the nose and all the plastic surgery and botox injection he's had. (As a note, he claims to be 50, but he's more likely to be 65.)

I've also added in his rap sheet and the photo I found, when he most likely robbed someone. Pay no attention to the dates of the mugshot; they're most likely incorrect because of the "system."

The truth is revealing that the City of Baldwin Park is run by an organized crime syndicate. Is this happening in your city too?

Robert Tafoya City Attorney

Mugshot of Richard Tafoya

Perfect Match of the Two People
Thanks FX for doing this!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Is Baldwin Park's Mayor an Undocumented Criminal - Identity Disorder Series Part II

A "Manuel Lozano" Mugshot Pulled Up From the
Texas Database
Was Mayor Manuel Lozano of Baldwin Park a criminal? Well, absent his confession, one can't be a shadow of doubt for certain, but the evidence sure points to it.

In any event, even confessions can be coerced and videos can be distorted. The real test is if someone acts like a crook, talks like a crook, and has the IQ of a lowlife crook, he's probably a crook.

On February 15, 1972, the Brownsville Herald reported that a Manuel Lozano, a Mexican National (meaning not a U.S. Citizen), tried to smuggle in 490 pounds of marijuana across the Tex-Mex border. The mugshot pulled up is a Manuel Lozano, who was arrested. If you didn't know, Lozano's hometown is Brownsville, and that city is on the border of Texas and Mexico.

Well, Mr. Lozano couldn't hang out in Texas anymore with his new felony status. So, where does he come? That's right, to Souther California.

In So. Cal., in 1974, a Manuel Lozano applies for a new social security number to take on a new identity. Why would he do that? Well, to hide his felony status under the carpet. And that same social security number was the same social security number used to apply for his bankruptcy - the one he screamed and cried about that I reported because I posted part of his social security number online.

I looked up that social security number and saw who it belonged to. Here's the kicker. Our Mayor received that social security number as an undocumented Mexican worker. That strongly suggests that Mr. Lozano is undocumented and Mayor of Baldwin Park. Either that, or, he used a second identity to file for bankruptcy.

In any event, an undocumented person (and in some cases a felon) cannot be a Mayor of a California city. And if I'm wrong about that, it's rather certain we can't create multiple identities to file for bankruptcy because what the person is trying to do is accrue tons of debt, take that money, buy property with it, and poof, debt be gone with bankruptcies. If all of us could only accrue tons of debt and make it all just magically disappear.

What else is strange, is that Mr. Lozano appears to have multiple deaths. On November 7, 1993, in the San Bernadino County Sun, a picture of someone that looks like Mayor Lozano passed away. It's about two years after filing for bankruptcy. Now why would someone fake their death? One, to avoid creditors, and, two, to take on a new identity.

Well - it looks like Mr. Lozano is still up to his old tricks. I'm posting some of his other pictures below, and you can compare it to the Manuel Lozano mugshot below. Finally, sources have told me that Mr. Lozano has recently had plastic surgery done on his nose. Compare his most recent photos with the older ones.

Remember, people are getting plastic surgery either because they're unhappy with how they look or they don't want people to recognize them, or both. In this case, with the evidence presented, Mr. Lozano is most likely trying to hope he can escape his past.

My final thoughts are these: You can take the criminal out of prison, but you can't take the prison out of the criminal.

Little plastic surgery on the nose, hey Mayor?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

The key to solving problems - Quote of the week

Some times you it feels like you're walking in the dark alone
Dear Readers,

I had an insight this week, I'd like to share. Tough situations and challenges can make you and I feel like we're walking in the dark - hopeless and alone and without a solution.

But there is always a way out. Remember, that, for whatever challenge you face.

Here's what you need to know.

"A truly good solution to any problem requires you to know what the truth looks like."
-Paul Cook