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Is Robert Tafoya, Baldwin Park's City Attorney a Former Felon Too? - Identity Disorder Series Part III

Mugshot of Richard Tafoya
aka Robert Tafoya
What if I told you that the City Attorney, Robert Tafoya aka Richard M. Tafoya aka Robert Hernandez probably has the worst identity disorder that the City of Baldwin Park has ever seen? In 2011, Santee, California, which is near the border of Mexico and California, near Tijuana, a Richard Tafoya was caught with 16 fake driver's licenses.

In 2011, one Richard Tafoya was finding the identities of mentally disabled people. Then, at home, he had a machine that could make fake driver's licenses and fake checks. After forging checks with the bank accounts of these victims, he would cash checks at various stores using the fake driver's licenses that were forged by his machine. (People; let's not forget he forged my signature in a court hearing - is this all coming together now?)

The brazen Richard Tafoya violated his bail condition in 2011, and subsequently the court set bail to $500,000. He didn't pay and so he had to stay in jail while he awaited trial. The trial court sentenced Tafoya to 9 years in prison.

Now, how is he out so early? Well, that's a question that people should be asking.

There's also a handwritten memo, which shamelessly writes all types of codes, which appears to suggest he belongs to some syndicate that should grant him leniency. For reasons you can expect, I'm not publishing it here.

What's more shocking is the rap sheet of this guy - which I've posted for you below. By doing a DNA extraction and analysis on This Richard Tafoya, it's been proven he's been busted a number of times for theft and drug felonies.

Here's my disclaimer; it's not 100 percent certain that the two following cases below are linked to the man caught in Santee, California, but it fits the chronology and appears to fit the Modus Operandi of Robert/Richard Tafoya.

A Richard Tafoya was also in prison in 1967 for robbery in Arizona. On October 16, 1971, the local newspaper in Florence Arizona said that Richard Tafoya stabbed a person in prison. The same Tafoya was being held in prison then attempted to escape and flee but was caught by the Sheriffs.

In 1986, a Richard Tafoya was convicted at the trial court for breaking into several apartments and sexually assaulting six women.

One may question the credibility of my findings because one can ask how do I know the man captured in Santee is the same city attorney of Baldwin Park? Well, the pattern of operation matches the same man, who has been stealing several hundreds of thousands from water districts and the City of Baldwin Park. Also, a handwriting analysis of the city attorney's Robert Tafoya exactly matched that of the file of the man in Santee.

Also, if you look below, I had a friend in intelligence compare the mugshot of the City Attorney with the one taken above. It was a perfect match, except for the nose, which our city attorney had plastic surgery on (checked and verified by a practitioner of plastic surgery abroad.) The only way that you can discredit that the mugshot is not the same city attorney of Baldwin Park is suggesting that he has a twin; otherwise, it's a perfect match.

Well - that leads to several other questions, doesn't it? Like, how did he get a University of Michigan Law Degree in 1995, when he was arrested and convicted in 1994 in prison? Does that mean he was like Nelson Mendala and doing correspondence for his legal degree while in prison? I didn't know such a program in University of Michigan exists. People; the realistic probability is that he either took the identity of someone who graduated from there as Robert Nacionales-Tafoya or that the law school may have issued a degree it shouldn't have?

And why are all of Mr. Tafoya's crimes purged and all the records difficult to get? And what about all the shameless code he tried to tell the trial court?

It sadly looks like the system was trying to protect this individual. If this is true, I'm sadly disappointed that this happened because this person has done so much harm to so many individuals.

I live in one of the most poverty stricken cities in Southern California. When you see that half the teenage girls are pregnant before 18, that the children have a shameful education, and that the water is so toxic that is causes the birth of handicapped children, people like Richard/Robert Tafoya are to blame? They make decisions that steal from the community, and the poor know nothing about it.

In any event, here's the proof. The first picture is of the mugshot. The second picture is of the city attorney. The third picture shows you how the two people are the same - except for the nose and all the plastic surgery and botox injection he's had. (As a note, he claims to be 50, but he's more likely to be 65.)

I've also added in his rap sheet and the photo I found, when he most likely robbed someone. Pay no attention to the dates of the mugshot; they're most likely incorrect because of the "system."

The truth is revealing that the City of Baldwin Park is run by an organized crime syndicate. Is this happening in your city too?

Robert Tafoya City Attorney

Mugshot of Richard Tafoya

Perfect Match of the Two People
Thanks FX for doing this!

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