Sunday, February 9, 2020

A Proposed Model For the Problem and Solution of the Coronavirus (2019-nCOV)

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This is a proposed model to define the problem and solution of the coronavirus (2019-nCov). This article proposes that the main difference between corona and the common flu is that besides the damage the flu virus inflicts - it also manipulates the immune response by suppressing it. The evidence that leads to this hypothesis is the fact that Thai doctors have successfully prescribed anti-HIV medication to treat the virus. A withdrawn paper alleged that there's peptide similarities between HIV and 2019-nCOV. Even though the paper's been withdrawn, the alleged findings explain what's happening. Even a Cameron student recovered with antiviral HIV medication. (Updated on Mar. 10, 2020.) Antiviral HIV medication's effectiveness against Corona explains the mechanism of the disease.

On June 16, 2017 - I helped an anonymous author named GX8 - publish a paper on HIV - On Human Immunodeficiency Virus’s Potency to Freeze the Immune Response. You can read it here.  (After re-reviewing, a second edition should be published.)

Anyways, the paper's main argument is that the mutation theory on HIV is incorrect. Instead, it proposes that HIV is lethal for two reasons. First is because the virus directly parasitizes white blood cells. The second is that the virus then manipulates and suppresses the immune system by freezing the helper cell response. In short, the backup immune system becomes paralyzed, leaving the patient vulnerable to secondary infection, which then in turn leads to death.

Understanding this explains why Corona is potent and what it's doing. Besides attacking the body the way a flu does, it also suppresses the immune system or freezes the back up helper white blood cells. In short, it's not only attacking the body, it's also manipulating the immune system.

For those who are weaker, mainly the elderly, death is likely. For all others, the body will take a longer period of time to rid itself of corona than it does the flu.

Is it as deadly as HIV? Probably not. This is because although more contagious than HIV, corona is not parasitizing white blood cells - which in the end cripples the immune system further.

The problem with corona is that it's airborne. As a result, it's highly contagious, unlike HIV. A healthy person can recover from Corona, but it'll take longer than having a regular flu.

Given the evidence that anti-viral HIV medication reduces the HIV viral load, it may suggest that HIV medication works by disrupting the replication process of the virus. If it follows the pattern of the mechanism of antibiotics, the medication would block the virus from being able to produce its capsid (or protein shell required for its survival). The fact that HIV antivirals works against corona and even SARS suggests the substrate theory of HIV antivirals is not correct. If this theory is correct, that means the proteins and synthesis of them required to build the capsid in the host of all these viruses are similar. (But none of this can be proven without data, which is needed.)

In any event, all this suggests that HIV cannot be cured with antivirals, because a critical mass of cells are still infected with it. HIV antivirals can aid in eliminating corona, however, because a different type of cell is being parasitized.

My theory of the coronavirus is also easily proven. One only needs to test the number of CD4 and CD8 counts of a person infected with Corona. If I'm correct, one or both of these counts should steadily drop, with the greatest drop being at the climax of the viral load. The white blood cell counts will go up again, but at much slower rate than when one has the regular flu.

Also, CD4 and CD8 counts need to be measured when an infected person is treated with antiviral HIV medication.

If I'm correct about Corona, then it suggests that treatment cannot be solely directed at treating the infection. The patient's immune system must also be stabilized to counteract Corona's potency to manipulate and suppress the immune system. One final way to eliminate the virus is to slow its reproduction cycle. Further research should be done to validate whether this theory is correct or not, especially since it's easy and cost effective to do.

PS: After more research last night, I have a better understanding of Corona, which may contradict what I wrote here, though not necessarily. I'll write another article, later, but one finding that sheds light on Corona's operating mechanism is that a high level of CD4 counts makes one virtually immune to the virus.

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