Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Must Be Good To Be You

Yesterday, when I called home, my mother asked what I was doing in Mexico.

I told her, "Eating oysters and shrimp and fish ceviche.  I went diving with the seals.  I've been reading a lot too."

She said in Korean, "Must be good to be you."

I said in my last post, I feel like I'm in the middle of a good and blue and happy dream.  I find it ironic, however, that I had to leave home just to find time to read.  And even here, I have my distractions of the internet.  I had to take an hour bus ride to the beach to get reading done.  And today, I read a difficult piece, but it was also the most cited law review article of history.

I never imagined living a dream would mean that I had the time to do reading I enjoyed and reading I didn't necessarily "enjoy" but had to do.  It's nice.

Right now, I'm in deep thought.  I emailed a friend some of my thoughts for him to think about.

1.  What future do you want?

It's something seriously to think about.

My dad said he's going to get me a watch for passing the bar.  Furthermore, my birthday is arriving next month.  It's kind of one of those gifts for two occasions.

But finding that watch launched me into a discovery.  Maybe a discovery we should all undergo. 

As Jean Valjean asked, "Who am I?"

Yeah, really.  Who am I?

What do I want my watch to say about me?  I'm having a monogram designed for my business card.  What do I want that to say about me?  They have to be in alignment.  I was even thinking of writing everything in my own new font.  Am I crazy?  What should my font say about me?

I don't think I'm being narcissistic.  We're all different and unique.  Nobody in the world has or will have your signature or your fingerprint.  Why shouldn't we be more intentional about telling the world - I know who I am.  Or at least, telling the world, at this point in time, this is what I believe I am.

And deep down at that question - Who am I? begs a more important question.

What values should I be remembered for?

What type of life should I live?

Anyways - these are the type of questions constantly on my mind during holidays.

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