Monday, August 3, 2015

Conversations - What to do about Baldwin Park?

Dear Readers:

A reader, RY, from Southern California, wrote in about the disturbing facts about Baldwin Park. Here are my responses to his question. 

RY: [What is the City Council doing about the toxic water?] Does not the city council say they are not responsible for the toxic water?

PC: Technically, the Water Board is responsible for the toxic water. Nonetheless, the City Council needs to address issues affecting the citizens of Baldwin Park. From a health standpoint, you've hit on the issue that affects people's health the most - the toxic water. 

I've heard that parents are complaining that their children are being born mentally disabled because of the water. More investigation needs to be done to determine the causation - and an independent one that doesn't seek to exonerate the Water Board of City Council.

I mean, Council Man Ricardo Pacheco's wife is on the Water Board and so is the ex (or current) boyfriend of Raquel Garcia - Paul Hernandez. It shouldn't be too hard to get the City Council to ask them to investigate our water better.

RY: What percent of teenage girls in Baldwin park are involved the the Parks and Recs program (they are supposed to be helping these girls right?)

PC: I don't know the answer to this question. Ask Manuel Carrillo Jr., at 

I doubt he cares too much about the pregnant teens in our city. Right now, the Attorney General is investigating how he's been running a sham non-profit, which has laundered money. Like my article addresses, since this man is only interested in enriching himself, he's not focusing on the business issues he should be.

His only concerns right now is to fire anyone that points out the problems of his management.

hat is the role of the city council in protecting us from pollution? Has the pollution in BP improved recently?

PC: Good question. The problem of city pollution is a duty the Council should address. But as I mentioned, right now, the Council Members and Mayor are mainly concerned on making decisions regarding redevelopment. (I wonder why. Take a guess). 

What's sad is that a number of people have accused the public officials of not living in the city - which is illegal by the way. None of the directors live in this city. (What does that tell you about it?) So, it appears they don't really care that we have to breathe in the dirt; they don't have to.

The main point, which I've been emphasizing for years, is because the City Council and directors only care about making money for themselves, they don't have the time or energy or resources to fix the real problems facing our city. As a result, people are getting sick and dying from health problems. The saddest part is that people like Carrillo are trapping people in poverty, while he owns two homes and makes over $200,000 for doing so. Things need to change.

Thanks for the questions. If you ask questions, I'll try to address it in the blog's new section called - Conversations.

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