Friday, December 4, 2015

A Second Summer in Christchurch

Jumping off a pier in the French Village of Akaroa,
Canterbury Plains - New Zealand
Climbing out of the water
I was grateful that Shen, my former coworker, a programmer and amateur comedian, took half a day off of work and took me to the French Village of Akaroa, an hour's drive out of Christchurch. Although it was December, it was a hot and wonderful day.

It may be obvious, but because New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere, we're approaching summer; while, back at home, we're approaching winter. So, it's quite nice that I had a summer in July, and now I have a second summer in New Zealand.

I can't say I was that impressed with Akaroa. People have told me it's a lovely French Village; so, having been to the South of France, I was expecting people to be telling me Bonjour everywhere and carrying baskets full of bread and cheese. Nope. That didn't happen.

But, it was hot and nice and I was able to jump off the pier a couple of times to cool off. And, that was good fun.

We also entered the 1887 historic courthouse, and I walked passed the barrier and pretended to be a barrister arguing in front of the judge. Shen was a killjoy and told me I wasn't being respectful for trespassing into the historic barrister platform. I told Shen he was being a killjoy and to let me have some fun. Oh well, don't tell the Kiwis I did that.

In the evening, Shen showed me how the earthquake destroyed the downtown area of Christchurch. In many areas, there was nothing left. There was also construction everywhere I looked. It was no longer the lovely city I remembered.

It was good to catch up with Shen. Must come back to New Zealand, again. I fly next back to Wellington.

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