Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Baldwin Park Parks and Recreation Director Receives $1,400 Month Raise, During Economic Recession

The overpaid Baldwin Park Director of Parks and Recreation
The Court of Appeals has said he is running a sham nonprofit
The Mayor and Pacheco voted to raise Manuel Carrillo Jr. salary to $1,400 month raise, even though he fired an employee who complained that a 40 cent raise wasn't enough, raising his annual pay to $217,000 a year. My research shows that he may be the highest paid recreation director in Southern California, which is odd because the average resident in Baldwin Park makes $15,000 a year. He doesn't even have a high school degree.

Other notable Carrillo achievements is stealing City money through sham nonprofits, selling City park space who could release it for soccer programs, hiring those who commit sexual harassment, and hiring criminals to work with children. For all this, he's going to make closer to a quarter of a million.

So why's he getting a raise? And how is the City justifying this?

Earlier Shot of Carrillo
It suggests that he may be with the
Sinaloa Cartel
Given that there was an election this year, and that it looks like the Mayor committed unprecedented election fraud, I suspect he's being rewarded for his part in it.

How did the City do it? Well, the Mayor and two council members fired the community services director. Carrillo is the new acting service director. It justifies his pay raise. The City will hire a new community services director.

Carrillo steps down. But, his raise stays the same.

Folks, let's not forget this is the same man who fired a boxing coach who worked there for 20 years, and complained that $8.40 an hour was not a fair raise. So, Carrillo gave him a 40 cent raise.

I emailed the City Council today, asking what he's done that's so meritorious for the City to deserve a raise of $1,400 a month. They haven't responded because whatever he's done, it's not for the residents; it's for the self-serving interests of the Mayor and Council Members Garcia and Pacheco.

His raise amount alone, is the total salary of certain people in this town. I mean, if you received $1,400 more a month, what would you do with that money?

Also, it looks like that Carrillo may be collecting money from other cities. Look at this link. http://transparentcalifornia.com/salaries/search/?q=Manuel+Carrillo You can see that there are several Manny Carrillos collecting money from a number of cities. I would guess that the one associated with Montebello may be the same Carrillo that is working for Baldwin Park.

Well, in my view, there's nobody in Baldwin Park, more intend on doing harm to the residents, than Manuel Carrillo. 

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  1. Paul, don't forget that in addition to that exceptionally high salary, Manny has a vehicle provided to him by the City that he uses to get to and from work. Rumor has it that he has been known to use this vehicle on vacations and travel great distances in it. Why do you think his is the only City Vehicle with out a City emblem on it?