Monday, March 6, 2017

Julian Casas Court of Appeal Case Against City; Tomorrow, Oral Argument

Tomorrow, on March 7, 2017, Julian Casas will argue in front of the Second District Court of Appeal against the City of Baldwin Park. The main issue in the case is whether the trial court was correct in allowing the City to get away with the we-don't-have-record defense against four court orders.

Here's the background of the case. The former head boxing coach, Julian Casas, who was making $8.80 an hour hired an attorney with no experience against a city who wouldn't release records. Against all the odds, Casas won, and the court issued an order against the City to release records.

The City thought it could get away with it and release records by lying about not having them. But Casas kept suing over and over again, racking up four court against the City to release records.

In response, the City kept stating it didn't have the records Casas sought. But what the City didn't know was that other people in town had them. In find these records, Casas proved in front to the court that the City was lying about it all. So, when the last court order issued, the City was forced to release records.

And why did the City hide records? Because, in the end, we found out the City was engaged in one of the largest racist scandals in California's history. The City was directing it's police officers to target Hispanic, undocumented drivers to steal their cars and sell them at auction. As a result of their little scandal, in a five year period, the City and the towing company, Royal Coaches, made over $11.9 million. But there are still more records the City won't release.

So, before the Court of Appeals is whether a city could alleged that no records exist as a defense to our public records act. (There are other minor issues that will be presented before the court, but this is the main one.)

So wish me luck tomorrow. If you can come, even better.

As James J. Braddock (Cinderella Man) once said: "I want to go out like a Champion, I want to be carried out."