Thursday, April 20, 2017

Baldwin Park Fires Newest Chief of Police, David Salcedo

Fired Baldwin Park Chief of Police,
David Salcedo
After working approximately a month for the City of Baldwin Park, Council Members Ricardo Pacheco, Susan Rubio, and Cruz Baca voted to fire the former Inglewood Captain, David Salcedo. In response, Mayor Manuel Lozano and Monica Garcia ranted about what a great chief he was at the council meeting and then left the meeting.

Members of the community were concerned with Salcedo's lack of experience and his corrupt reputation. (Apparently, he bungled the investigation of a young girl who died at the Los Angeles Coliseum.) In his first month of office, Salcedo was seen meeting and greeting people at church and rarely seen in his office.

Salcedo's appointment has been a controversial one. Manuel Lozano stated that he should get paid the same as "the White Boy," referring to the former Chief: Michael Taylor.

In less than a five year period, Baldwin Park has fired (or forced into resignation) three chiefs of police, one city attorney, one finance director, one community works director, and one public works director. In fact, the only person in the executive team that's stayed is Parks and Recreation Director: Manuel Carrillo Jr also known as Manuel Carrillo.

I'll write more later. I've had a lot of work on lately, including a petition for review to the Supreme Court.


  1. A reader asked me to post these questions anonymously.

    R asked:

    what was the reason given for the hiring?
    does the whole council interview the applicant?

    what was the reason given publicly for the firing?
    obviously the reasons were not strong enough to convince two other council members - again publicly
    so one concludes there is something else going on - again without having to know any facts

    for all the people that have been recently fired, were any reasons given?

  2. The Mayor and Monica were upset that Salcedo was fired. Pacheco reversed his vote from last month to hiring him to firing him.

    No reason was given publicly yet for his firing. One will probably come.

    When people are fired, reasons are some times given. Some times they're not. The truth is never given.

    In general, you get fired for making Lozano or Pacheco angry. They're the egomaniacs of Baldwin Park.