Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Day 396: On creativity and blog redesign

Did I do that?
While in the French Alps, I redesigned my blog. The idea just came as naturally as trees grow in sunlight. Must be all the fresh mountain air.

I had to go through 573 articles I wrote since 2011, organize them, and then index them. I was trying to solve a problem: How do I maximize the access to all the articles I wrote?

The cumulative effects of all my articles was a lot more powerful than I realized, and when you see how corrupt Baldwin Park is visually, it's quite disturbing they've been getting away with this for so long. Here's my corruption page. Let's hope it brings about the prosecution of the corrupt. But real problem this blog is showing is that our checks and balances against power has failed. Our system needs a huge overhaul.

Doing this work showed me something positive and important, though. The last five years of my working life has been chronicled on this blog. And I have to say, triumphantly, that I've fought the good fight, ran the good race, and spent my time and labor well. I've achieved a lot more than I actually thought possible when I started. And generally, I did the right thing, even when it cost me heavily. Hence, I feel at peace with all the work I've done.

I told my mentor - "I want to live the next five years doing the same kind of things. I just don't know how with regards to my finances. I'm sure God will provide, as he's done."

He encouraged me to go for it.

Well, other than that, I've been eating wonderful French food, which isn't that cheap. Yesterday, I had duck and wild mushrooms and a croissant and some mushroom ravioli. It was beautiful! Mmmm!

I love my little village. The people know me now. They have the most amazing cheese souffl├ęs and raspberry tarts for sale. And everyone is very kind, though very few people speak English. Some evenings, I go running. I love how the sun sets at around 10P.

I love France! I hope she loves me too. I love France so much, I might come here again next summer. Why not? I don't remember liking France so much in my other two trips here.

Other than that, I've been learning some French (not too much) and reading my Spanish on my free time.

But for now, I'm exhausted. 573 articles is a lot to go through. It took me three days just to organize all the information. Let's hope that it has an effect.

From the French Alps,


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