Monday, February 25, 2019

Reply Brief Filed at California Supreme Court

Noon Rest from Work by Vincent van Gogh.
On February 20, 2019, I filed the Reply Brief in the California Supreme Court. It took a lot of work, research, consulting, and revising. That's the reason I haven't wrote in awhile. I've been putting all my energy into brief writing. Statistically speaking, there's only 5% chance that the Court will grant review.

Anyways, I hope they do take it, because even though I've won six cases (one public records act case, three subsequent writ orders, my own temporary restraining order trial, and Greg Tuttle's restraining order trial) against litigating against the City of Baldwin Park, I only got paid on one of them.

In any event, I'm just resting now. It's a lot of mental and spiritual and emotional energy to write a high quality brief. It's hard, and I don't think it ever gets easy. It gets easier with experience, but it's never easy.

I read a book on how Kenyans train to run international marathons. In case you didn't know, they usually win the top 5 out of 6 places; that's the top 3 places in both the men's and women's races. The biggest factor that Westerners notice when they study the Kenyans is that they rest a lot more than Western athletes.

I think my cat already knows the importance of rest. I can take a leaf out of the book of my kitty, who incidentally got sick about 10 days ago. He also got a bite wound from some animal. I haven't figured out how.

He's all better now. I gave him some echinacea and vitamin C. But I think the biggest thing that helped in his recovery is all the sleep he got. Rest is important.

Rest doesn't mean being lazy though. I've been reading, meditating, praying, training, and running quite a bit. I feel richer for doing so. Maybe I'll post a reading list later.

Other than that, in my next post, I should make available all the briefing so far in This Supreme Court Case. 

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