Monday, October 21, 2019

Taxpayer Money Pays for Mayor Lozano, Council Member Pacheco, and Parks and Recreation Manuel Carrillo to get Drunk

Mayor Manuel Lozano (far left).
On October 12, 2019 - at Baldwin Park's Annual Senior Prom, Mayor Manuel Lozano, Council Member Pacheco, and Parks and Recreation Director Manuel Carrillo, got drunk at the open bar, which was paid by the taxpayer. According to sources, the Marriott serviced the open bar.

Manuel Carrillo with Ricardo Pacheco, both drunk.
These kind of illegal expenditures, approved by Lozano and Pacheco, have drawn the scrutiny from California's State Controller's office, who is now auditing Baldwin Park's books, which the Finance Director Rose Tam has cooked. Already, the State Controller's Office has criticized Council Member Ricardo Pacheco for using a government credit card for strip club expenses at his other job at the West Valley Water under-qualified for the job of assistant general manager - which he was paid approximately $200,000 a year for.

The Parks and Recreation Director, Manuel Carrillo, was also seen drunk on the job, while he was working. Reports are coming in that the audit is scrutinizing the separate accounts he is running.

Already, Carrillo has been caught accepting questionable money; filtering it through his nonprofit corporation, the Baldwin Park Community Center Corporation (BPCCC); and laundering that money into Walmart gift cards. Although the BPCCC was shutdown for its illegal operation, Carrillo started a new nonprofit called the Baldwin Park Charitable Relief Fund.

Manuel Lozano happy and drunk
on taxpayer money.
Carrillo has been a controversial figure, as he's received outrageous raises, while offering other employees a raise of 40 cents an hour after working for 20 years. After researching other directors' salaries, it appears that Carrillo is the highest paid municipal Parks and Recreation
Director in California.

Citizens are eager to see the findings regarding the audit against the City of Baldwin Park.

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