Monday, February 20, 2012

American Road Trip: Santa Barbara and Beyond

It was at breakfast that morning. My mom made us a light breakfast, with eggs over toast. She said, "Where you heading off to?"

I said, "Santa Barbara."

She said, "Oh, that should be fun. Why not also go to Solvang?"

"He does not want to go there." Its little Denmark in California.

She said, "Oh, I bet Europe is better looking anyways."

I told her, "We are going to take the Mustang."

She said, "What?! It is not going to make it. Take the BMW."

I looked at Paul's face and he looked sad. I could tell he wanted to take the Mustang.

"No, Mom. I think we'll take the Mustang."

Before we took the car, we hand washed it. I told Paul, I said, "This car, you hand wash. She needs a lot of personal attention and care."

So, after my conference talk at UCLA we went to the Ghettys Museum. Then we headed off in the Mustang.

We drove North on the 101 through the Southern California night.

We stayed at a small hostel in Santa Barbara. It was about a two hour drive. At one point, when we were filling the car, Julia my mustang wasn't starting. It was late at night and I was thinking, "Come on girl. For me. Please..." And I pressed on the pedal, and she started!

In the morning, we walked around Santa Barbara.

Then we took Julia up the Californian coast, up to Solvang. I had drank two glasses of champagne, so I was knocked out as Paul W. was driving. As the scenery on the road changed, he woke me up. This is what we saw.

Then, we did some wine tasting.

Here we depart between my lifestyle and the Europeans. My European observer saw me working at night. He saw me first thing in the morning. He saw me working at every opportunity I had. He often told me, "But you don't enjoy life." I couldn't help it, work was always on my mind. I could only think about the assignments and their deadlines.

It made me consider his comment, but in general, this is the American working lifestyle.

The next day, we went to the California Beaches.

Finally, we made it back to Los Angeles on California Highway.

And, we made it back safely to LA. We have Julia my car to thank. I told my friends, "See: she made it!" 300 miles. Yes. Now we're ready for the big roadtrip with her.

At home, my mom had made Korean BBQ for us. I called to my kitty Luka. He came to me, and I was back in East Los Angeles with Paul, Luka, Julia and Mom. Time for dinner.

I wish I had another classic car to restore. Maybe in another life and another time.

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