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Insights into Cancer: Luke's Hypothesis IV

Luke 13:12 "When Jesus saw her, he called out to her, Woman, you are free from your sickness!"

The summer of 2012 changed my life.  It was the summer where I spent a few hours everyday doing cancer research as a recent law graduate.  I was motivated because my cat Luke had cancer and FIV.  The FIV no doubt triggered the cancer.  As a dedicated pet owner, I embarked on a journey that changed my life forever.

Now, I wanted to share some insights for you.  But first some legal disclaimers.

First, even though I am not a PhD or a MD I have every right to publish my thoughts and opinions on a subject.  I live in a country that has a First Amendment, and I am now using the world wide web as my forum to speak my mind.  No one can stop me doing that.  I have the right to hold my own theories and views even though they going against the scientific and medical community.

With that said, I'm also no Joe Schmoe in the field.  My undergrad background is in marine biology, which further specialized in experimental design and microbiology.  I was trained by probably the best microbiologist in the world and was sponsored and conducted more fieldwork than a normal undergrad would have had the opportunity to do.

Second, these musings and insights are not to replace medical advice.  In fact, no medical advice will be given.  They're just theories.  You can draw whatever inferences from them that you will.

Third, you can steal my ideas - whoever you are my intellectual thief.  Except there's one problem.  I'm not going to publish the experiment you need to prove the theory.  I already know which experiment you need to prove each theory.

Fourth, I'm going to make this the most readable science for anyone.  As long as you can read at the sixth grade level, you should be able to understand this blog.  So, don't be intimidated because its a discussion on science.  Read.  It's meant for you!

Finally, if you enjoy the read or you think someone can benefit from it, pass it along and let me know personally.  Leave me a note or email me.  If I get enough or I find enough interest, I'll pass on the next part of the hypothesis.

Let's begin.

I.  Argument: Luke's Hypothesis IV: The Genesis of Cancer  (NB All my theories have been named after my Cat Luke, who gave me insight into the lifecycle of cancer).


Today, modern scientists such as James Bradner  say that there are 1000's of mutations.  Bradner's Ted Blog  According to Luke's Hypo IV that's just plain wrong.  All cancer begins with one!  Just one!  Say it with me: all cancer begins with one transformation of a healthy cell.  Not 100's or 1000's.  Just one!

1.  Warburg Effect

Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize for discovering the metabolism of cancer.  I love his paper.  It's one of the most brilliant experiments conducted and incredibly simple to understand.  Here's the link to the actual paper: Warburg Paper

It's a paper really worth reading because people so often misquote it.  So, here's what he actually found:

a.  Cancer survives without oxygen if it has food.
b.  Cancer survives without food for longer periods if it has oxygen.
c.  Hence, cancer always survives because its so adaptable.

Point c is what's not stated by people who advocate for their new diet, new fad for cancer.

Cancer always survives because YOU always need oxygen.  Understand?  To kill cancer you have to take away oxygen and food.  You basically have to starve and suffocate.  That's not going to happen.  Your brain needs oxygen!  You need food.  You die 10 minutes without oxygen.  Cancer will live.  Therefore, cancer survives!

2.  Linking Warburg's Effect to Luke's Hypo IV: Cancer Genesis

To understand how this links to the genesis of cancer, you have to understand healthy cells.  Healthy cells in general require both food and oxygen to live.  They need both at the same time. 

Therefore, pay attention here: CANCER CELLS DE-EVOLVE TO NOT NEED OXYGEN.  CANCER DOESN'T NEED OXYGEN.  Once again: CANCER CAN LIVE WITHOUT OXYGEN. Healthy cells need oxygen.  See the difference.  Bad = no oxygen and can live.  Good = no oxygen and dies.

3.  Luke's Hypo IV: Cancer Genesis 

THEREFORE: ALL CANCER MUST TRANSFORM TO LIVE WITHOUT OXYGEN.  That's it.  That's the universal factor that links breast cancer to brain cancer to skin cancer.  That's the first transformation.

Essentially, all cancer is selfish.  It learns to survive on it's own forever by not needing oxygen anymore.  It's selfish because it should die for the good of the body.  But instead, it wants to live forever and eventually kills you.  That's step 1 to the birth of the deadly disease. Now you know.

4.  So what?  What does this mean for you?  

Here's the million dollar question for this subject. Why is it that mainly adults have this problem and not children?  What happens over time that makes cells transform to a primitive state of eating and surviving?  Maybe, I know the answer.  =)

5.  What's next to publish?

If enough people enjoy this posting, tell me, I'll write to you on what the difference is between benign and malignant cancer.

In veritas,

Paul Cook

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