Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting a Russian Visa!

Yup, as you can see from the title, that there must a preceding condition before getting a foreign visa.  That condition is that I have to intend to go to Russia first.  I'm going to Russia - at least I think I am. 

The problem is the visa!  I've never had so many problems with a visa before.  It got rejected the first time because it wasn't typed; it was handwritten.  But it wasn't typed because there website for a pre-populated form was down.  So what was I supposed to do? 

In any event, want to hear something that's crazy.  The visa is supposed to arrive this Tuesday on Sept. 11th.  My flight leaves later in the evening.  I hope I get it in time.  Since I haven't heard more about rejections, it looks very likely that things should be smooth.   I don't know.

I'll let everyone know why I'm going on my next entry.

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