Monday, September 10, 2012

Reckless Traveling

As a veteran traveler, I tend to also be a reckless one.  You learn not to get upset when things go wrong.  You stay clam and try to work around the issue.  And when you've traveled around the world enough, you realize something always tends to go wrong.

I didn't make it that clear about how wrong my Russian Visa went.  Not only was it initially rejected on its first round.  It got rejected again because my signature wasn't in ink that was bold enough.  I then had to scan it in, and the lady told me, "It might get rejected again because it's not the original signature."  I asked her if she could trace my signature with a pen.  She said she would not, even though I authorized her to.  In the end, I used a black marker to sign my name and scan it in color.  That way, it's kind of hard to tell a copy with a signature using a black marker versus the original black marker signature.  The worst part was the robbery of the whole visa price: $266!

I then waited.  The scary part was I booked my flight for the same day I was allegedly going to receive my visa.  What if it didn't come?  Then I'd have an ugly mess on my hands.  I mean, no visa.  How would I rebook my flights when I knew that new flights were already overbooked?  I also knew I had to get to New York in October to meet some friends.  So, I was really letting the Fates decide if I would go to Russia or not.  Not to mention the non-refundable $266 fee.  =(

But my Muse of Wisdom and Creativity, as always, was in my favor.  I received the email today that said that my VISA was processed and that my passport would be mailed out today and received tomorrow.  Yes!!!!  =)

Perhaps that is why one of my favorite quotes states that: "Fortune favors the fearless."  It must be the alliteration in the quote I enjoy.  =)

I'm going to Russia!


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